11 Gift Ideas for Labrador Lovers

Labradors are one of the friendliest and most kind-hearted dog breeds. Even if you don’t have a Lab lover among your relatives and friends, you must have met them in parks and dog playgrounds nearby. Such people can be divided into 2 groups: those who love dogs and all the trifles connected with them and those who prefer useful accessories as gifts for their dogs. We’ve collected 11 great gift ideas for Lab owners and lovers. Get your inspiration here to choose the best gift for your loved ones and for new acquaintances. 

Yellow and brown labradors in party hats and garlands

1 Clothes with Prints

If you want to surprise a lab lover, give them a piece of clothing decorated with Labrador print as a gift. This can be:

· a stylish scarf or shirt with small dog patterns;
· a hoodie or T-shirt with a large dog picture (you can order a personalized design);
· socks or shorts with a funny print.

Some people like funny pictures, the others prefer cute pattern with their furry friends. Take your friend’s personality into consideration and remember to check the clothes size before making a purchase.

The print of Labrador retriever with crown on his head

2 Stylish Portrait

A stylish modern artwork made by PopArtYou will be an ideal gift for those who love Labrador retrievers. You can use a photo of the dog to make a surprise gift to its owners or use any suitable picture found on the internet for creating an attractive piece of art for a Lab lover. 

Portrait of two dogs in Santa Claus costumes hanging on the wall above glass jars with red bowsPortrait of two dogs in Santa Claus costumes hanging on the wall above glass jars with red bows

3 Designer Wall-Art

One more variant of a perfect gift for a lover of retrievers is a unique picture. Order an artist to create a pencil or water-color portrait of a dog. The style could be hyper realistic, comical or even pointillism. Such a stylish piece of work will perfectly fit any interior and become a pleasant gift for its recipients. 

Labrador retriever watercolor painting

4 Small Home Décor Items

Lab’s mom or lover of this affectionate dog breed will value small items made in a form of the dog. You can order cushion covers where a Labrador will be printed or embroidered, buy a napkin holder or salt and pepper shaker set with a lab holding both pots, baking cups for making Labrador cupcakes and many more adorable little things that will bring joy to a Lab lover. 

Black home decoration with labrador

5 Office Decorative Items

You can make a Lab lover’s day by presenting them some decorative items for their offices which will remind them of their beloved dogs during their busy day. You can choose figurines, paper-weight, or some stationary with pictures of these wonderful dogs. If you choose classic style, the décor items won’t look ridiculous in a busy office. 

Black Labrador sculpture lies on the book

6 Gift for Everybody

If you want to choose something that will fit any Labrador lover, buy them a key ring or picture stickers with funny furry friends. If you can’t find any variants that suit your style, such items can be done to order. These stickers can be put on a fridge, phone, laptop, school accessories, even dumb-bells. And it’ll be an inexpensive yet very pleasant gift for those who love Labs. 

10 prints of different dogs on a white background

7 High Spirits Every Day

If you want to make a cute gift for the whole family, buy a calendar with Labrador pictures or an interesting book about dog care. This gift will make Lab lovers’ life better. 

8 Outdoor Activities

If your child or close friend is dreaming about getting a dog, you can take them to a doghouse or café where they’ll be able to meet Labradors. It’ll help them to get a better understanding what it means to adopt a dog or will work as a nice way out for those who can’t take a Lab home. And communicating with these kind-hearted pups will surely raise everybody’s spirits and relieve stress! 

Labrador Retriever peeks out from behind a fence, putting its front paws on it

9 Useful Accessories

A set of practical dog products like leek proof portable dog water dispensers, food bowls, shampoos or a dog brush can become a perfect gift for a Lab owner. Secretly find out what they’re actually lacking and put these items into a gift set. 

Two food bowls with the words FOOD and WATER stand on a bamboo mat

10 Welcome

Lab owners are usually as affectionate and kind-hearted as their beloved dogs. So you can make such a personalized gift for them as a sign for entrance, post box or even door mat with an inscription ‘Caution! Lab may lick you to death’. 

A dog seats in the doorway, and there is a rug with the inscription WELCOME in front of it

11 Care for Companion Dogs

If your gift recipient is physically challenged and they have a Lab as a companion dog, then you can look for special accessories like a dog halter, harness, collar with contact information, etc. Make sure that your gift will fit the dog. 

A dog in a red collar sits on a background of autumn trees

Make gifts with all your heart and you’ll bring joy to their recipients! 
Looking for a gift for a dog lover? We've put together 12 of the best gift ideas for your dog-obsessed friend!