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Regal Portraits

Everything You Need to Know

Regal Portraits are a new hit source for modern commissioned art. Retro and vintage art are the songs of the summer, but these artworks go even further, and imitate the style of ancient paintings.

What are Regal Portraits?

Regal Portraits are personalized paintings in the style of royal families’ portraits. The idea is to imitate artworks you would normally see in museums. Through our website, you can commission a similar painting, created from your photos. As a result, regal photo portraits look like a real drawing of a royal family. The rules for creating such artwork are pretty simple. You just have to take  good photos of your family members. The costumes and the entourage are pre-prepared.

How May I Customize a Royal Portrait?

There are many options available for those who desire to order such a photograph-based portraits in the USA and overseas. First of all, there are several variants for printing. For example, you can request an easel-back canvas for display on your table. However, the most popular option is to order wrapped canvas prints,  as they better suit modern interiors.

Royal portrait are based on digitally processed images taken from photos which allows you to suggest corrections to your commission artist. For example, if you are a couple in the USA who want to order personalized canvas art to immortalize your love, first of all you need to place your order and attach a photograph or several separate pictures. After that, our designers will prepare a custom portrait for your approval and subsequent delivery.

Price Ranges

If you want to buy personalized royal portraits in the USA, prices may differ based on several factors. These are chiefly as follows: number of people in the photograph; type of portrait print (Canvas Wrap, Poster or Easel-back canvas);

The commissions may vary for different designs, but we can present average starting prices. A portrait for a single person usually starts from $49. For loving couples with 2 faces taken from photographs, a starting price is $78, while for families it is $107.

DIY, with professional help!

In case you are good at drawing, it is always a good practice to create self made regal portraits. You will need a portrait photo as a reference for your artwork. The main idea is to replicate the royal atmosphere, so you will probably need several illustrated guides as well .

Our website allows you to create a fully-customized, self-made royal portraits exactly matching your creative vision. Just select the photos you wish to use and the royal portrait that will act as a template, and our team of craftsmen will help you create a unique illustrated masterpiece totally distinct from and superior to our competitors' copy-paste royal portraits.


These portraits are sweeping the USA, and their popularity is growing day by day. It's easy to see why. Wall portraits from photos are a great idea for gifts. Regal portraits are the perfect present for anyone who loves the atmosphere and romance of royalty.