Best gifts for dog lovers: TOP 12 gift ideas dog owners will love 

Everyone who has ever met true dog lovers knows the way admiration looks. Sweet chat with a furry friend, a pet’s photo in a wallet, fitting out home for pup’s needs, wearing a couple of outfits during walks… If you want to make friends with a dog owner, hold their pet in thrall. We’ve decided to make a selection of 12 gift ideas for dog lovers: a cute custom portrait for dog owners, stylish and useful accessories and treats for canine friends. Get your inspiration and bring joy to each other!

1 – Always by Your Side: Print on Little Things

Girl in a black T-shirt with a print of a dog, blue jeans and glasses in black frames

Every dog owner loves their pet so much that they are ready to endlessly contemplate over its cute image, show their furry friend to other people and of course discuss it. That’s why one of the most pleasant and affordable presents to a dog fancier is souvenirs with their dog’s picture. Nowadays it’s easy to order a print of a photo or a sketch of a pet on custom coffee mugs, T-shirts, caps and mouse pads. This way their pup will always be by their side, even on the way or on a business trip. 

2 – a VIP: Extravagant Picture on a Wall

A portrait of a dog in royal clothes hangs on the wall, and the dog sits on the bed next to the portraitA portrait of a dog in royal clothes hangs on the wall, and the dog sits on the bed next to the portrait

Renaissance lovers will value a portrait where their pet’s head will be placed on a body of a brave military man, refined aristocrat or a superhero. Such a wall art can be framed or put on the wall as is. Such an exquisite portrait of a dog can be added on clothes and accessories, home textile and kitchenware. Unorthodox people with a sense of humor will certainly like funny cushions or wine glasses with their pet’s portrait.

3 – Creative Approach: Book of Life

You can make the effort to create a perfect gift for a dog owner which is an album of their dog collecting touching moments and interesting facts about it:

- breed information;
- a family tree;
- a crossword where you have to guess the pup’s preferences;
- an actogram of the name of the pet or the breed with the pet’s traits;
- comics on the adventures of a furry friend;
- a photo collage on key moments of the family's life.

Such a gift can be shown to all friends and passed to later generations as a souvenir. 

4 – Stylish Merch: Personal Designer Pattern

Print of a miniature schnauzer on a background of multi-colored stripes

A pet can be transformed into a fashion star. For this matter you need to contact an artist or a designer and discuss an unusual suggestion:
- a Cubism or Abstraction pet’s portrait;
- a hilarious cartoon sketch;
- an embroidery adaptation.

A ready pattern can be used on clothes, a custom phone case or on stickers with the pet’s portrait. They can be put on gadgets, mirrors, office stationery and other surfaces.

5 – Dog Wave: Canine Trifles

Pillow with print of a dog in a motorcycle helmet and goggles driving a motorcycle

If your friend, although being a big dog lover can’t become an owner of one, give him a set of furnishings with faces, legs and tails of four-legged friends. Let the canine design of home things rule the day. Search marketplaces for something funny: silicone bakery molds with ‘bones’ or ‘dogs' paws’, a kigurumi or cosplay dog jumpsuit, a selection of films or cartoons about dogs. Such gifts for dog lovers will be cherished by kids, teens or adults with a good sense of humor. 

6 – Teamwork: Couple Outfits for Pets and their Owners

Girl in a sweater holds a dog in a sweater in her arms

One more great gift for dog moms and dads is a common outfit for walks or a ‘family look’. You can order a nice pair of raincoats, hoodies or hats as well. These outfits for couples that can be worn by males, females and their pets might have some hilarious sayings on them:‘I’ve created a monster’ – ‘Monster’, ‘I don’t bite but my owner does’;·‘Soul’- ‘Mate’, 'Police’, ‘FBI’ and others. For a dog mom and her furry girl, vests decorated with rhinestones, headbands with ears, butterfly knots or bracelets with the same style will make them look like a real team. Pay attention to key features of the pet and its owner and choose a suitable style for them. 

7 – Lucky Charm: Mold as a Memento

You can give a paw print mold of their family member to a sentimental dog owner. Such a present will be good for those who’d like to keep something as a memory of their ageing pet. A paw can be scanned, and then a print can be molded in miniature in silver, gold or epoxy resin and be worn as a pendant. A beautifully decorated print mold in its original size can be used as part of a home's décor. 

8 – Hygiene for Fashionista: Dog Cosmetics

Dog paws, towel, brush and white bottle on brown floor

A set of grooming aids including a shampoo, brush, towels, dog wax and a portable dog paw cleaner will be among the best generous gifts for a dog owner. Cosmetics should be chosen in accordance with vet recommendations and negotiated with the owner. A variant for those who don’t do dog care themselves is a certificate of a grooming shop. 

9 – Everyday Comfort: Useful Trifles

White dog in red shoes lies on the floor

Useful everyday accessories will be a good present for a dog owner as well. Marketplaces offer things which are not so common, yet functional: 
- dog boots for protection from mud and slush;
- portable drinking bottle for picnics and travels;
- microfiber towels and rags which can soak up moisture;
- dog carriers and feeders;· small bathtubs with adjustable height.
All these things will make life with a dog more comfortable and will bring joy to furry companions. 

10 – Daily Entertainment: Toys for a Pet

Man holds a toy bone, black dog looks at it

Any good boy or girl likes a good play! A rubber, durable plastic or fiber toy will be a great gift for a four-legged fidget. A toy may make noses, be rather hard for teeth training or very soft for sweet hugs. A stylish and witty thing will bring joy not only to a pooch but to its owner as well.

11 – Remedy from Melancholy: Personalized Gift

A small dog sits in a white kennel with a blue roof against the background of a white wall

A rug with the owner’s name or a cushion with their image can be a good gift too. This way a pet won’t miss its owners so much while their human friends are away or at work. You can also make the dog’s day by presenting it a dog’s house made from wood, plastic or with a soft frame.

12 – Fancy Delicacies: Treats for Pets

Different dog treats lie on the floor

If you want a dog to enjoy your present for a long time, buy it a natural bone for nibbling. Zoo-markets offer organic elk horns and others, eco-products which are produced in a safe way. 

Also, puppies like dog cookies with essential food fibers and crunchy cheese lactose-free balls. If you’d like to make your gift striking, order a 3-month supply of upmarket dog food having consulted with the owner or a vet. In ConclusionPersonalized gifts for dog lovers are a pleasant, memorable and versatile choice of present. They can be presented as a token of appreciation, a treat or a gift for a special occasion, be it a dog’s birthday, birthday of an owner, Animal Protection day or any other event. Buying a present, it’s important to pay attention to its origin and content. It should be safe and nontoxic. If it’s food or cosmetics, make sure that the dog won’t be allergic to it. While choosing clothes and accessories, pay attention to the size and quality. Stitches and accessories should withstand everyday pet activities and cause no discomfort. And what gift ideas for dog lovers do you have? If you know how to do something by hand: a drawing, an embroidery or a wooden dog house, make your friends happy with a DIY gift. This would surely become a unique present as well.

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