The ordering process is broken down into a few simple steps:
 Choose your product and style.
 Select your options (number of faces/pets, size)
 Upload your photo on product page
 Add your product to your cart and proceed to checkout
 Include any color or artistic comments during checkout and complete your order
 Send us your photos by email - support@popartyou.com (if not already uploaded before)

You can check your status anytime using the link sent you by e-mail or Track My Order Page. You can also contact customer service via email support@popartyou.com or live chat, and we will provide you with a status update.

We store all designs on our database as long as we can. If we already have the design, you can order a copy of that product with a discount. Simply use THIS COLLECTION or contact us via email - support@popartyou.com

Yes! You can ask for any special requests and we’ll do our best to make your portrait exactly the way you want it.

In some instances, we are not able to make big changes - for example, we cannot close your dog's mouth if the photo you provide is of your pet with their tongue hanging out or we can’t make a man who is widely smiling look serious.

Don't hesitate to ask for whatever customizations you want and we will be upfront with you about whether we can or cannot make the adjustments.

Yes, we have fully customizable templates that allow the insertion of numerous people and/or pets. Please contact us at support@popartyou.com and we’ll advise you about/on which template to choose. Such templates are presented in the Family collection.

Our artists take 1-3 days to complete your artwork in the off season (January-March, July-October) and 2-4 days in the high season (April-June, November-December).

Our PopArtYou styles are tailored for each customer. However, we don't draw the face from scratch: we just take the face from your photo, process it on the computer as if it were painted and place it in the chosen attire.

The resulting picture looks as if it were painted for you from the beginning, but we neither change the face angle nor the facial expression.

The Digital File is an electronic version of your portrait which is, if ordered, sent to you via email. We offer digital portraits as an alternative to canvas prints if the client wants it delivered faster or printed on any other material. Please note that if you order a Digital File, no physical portrait will be delivered to you.

Once your artwork is created, we’ll send it to you for approval. You have unlimited revisions should you want to change anything, and we don't send your order out to print until you're 100% satisfied.

There are two ways to send us your photos.

1) Upload your photos directly to our website from any Product page during the ordering process. You can upload more than one photo if desired. We offer direct upload from your device or using any services like social networks, online file storage, etc.


2) If you have photos to email to us, the address is support@popartyou.com Please make sure to include your name and order number so we know who the photo belongs to.

We require all photos to be clear enough to distinguish details of the face, particularly the eyes, nose and mouth. The better the photo, the better the detail we can see and translate into your artwork

Please follow our photo guidelines:

• Make sure the photo is taken in good lighting (outdoor daylight is best)
• Try to take the photo at eye level with the subject
• The subject(s) don't need to be looking at the camera
• Try to get the photo at approximately arm's length
• Make sure the photo is not blurry
• Make sure no features are out of frame - we can't add them if they aren't in the original photo
• Ensure that the hair color in the photo is not affected by bad lighting. If the hair in the photo is not accurate to real life, the hair in the design won't be either!

Don't worry if you're unsure! Upload the photo anyway, and our team will contact you if we need any other photos.

Please find our Photo guide on How it Works Page.

If you upload photos on the website, it should be formatted as .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or .tiff images. By e-mail we can accept photos in nearly every format. When sending photos, be sure that you give us the best quality pictures that you have, in the highest resolution possible. If you need further help determining whether the picture you have is suitable for a print please send it to us support@popartyou.com. Besides the photo in your e-mail, please provide us the Art style and Product(s) you are interested in.

Yes, we can crop the photo to work only on the person, pet or object you desire.

We can incorporate various faces from different photos into a single artwork. You may send us multiple photos of individuals or pets you'd like included in the portrait. Our artists will then skillfully blend these different faces together.

No, we do not currently offer expedited shipping options. However, we offer next business day design proof with a 'Skip queue' option

Yes, we deliver portraits all over the world! We are headquartered in the United States, and by default our portraits are produced there.  We also have production partners in the UK, Canada, Australia and the EU (Germany), and can print and ship locally in those countries.  We can ship to any other country from the United States, but please keep in mind that overseas deliveries may take longer than usual.

Shipping times:
  • Standard US: 5 to 7 business days (but historically ships within 3 to 5 business days) - FREE!!!
  • Standard Canada: 5 to 12 business days (but historically ships within 3 to 7 business days) - $10-$20 (per item)
  • Standard UK: 5 to 9 business days (but historically ships within 3 to 7 business days) - $10-$35 (per item)
  • Standard AU: 5 to 12 business days (but historically ships within 3 to 7 business days) - $10-$20 (per item)
  • Standard EU (France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland): 5 to 12 business days (but usually ships within 3 to 7 business days) - $10-$20 (per item)
  • Other EU countries and the Rest of the World: For worldwide Canvas Prints shipping prices and time, please contact us!
Business day mean Monday to Friday, except holidays. For shipping costs to other countries please contact us at support@popartyou.com and we’ll provide you with a quote.

Once your order is printed and shipped, the tracking information will be entered into your order on our website and an automatic email/message with a tracking number will be sent to your email address.

If your order doesn't end up arriving, be sure to let us know! We’ll contact the shipping company and check the whereabouts of your order. If your order is lost, we’ll immediately send it for reproduction.

If your artwork is damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately by email: support@popartyou.com, and we will be happy to replace your damaged artwork. We do not require damaged items to be returned, however, we need you to provide photos of the damage so that our managers can handle the claims process with our carrier properly.

If you are unhappy with your design proof after all the changes, you have a few options. We can recreate your artwork using a different template and/or photo at no additional charge, or we can cancel your order and issue you a full refund.

If your artwork has not been shipped, and you don't want to continue your artwork project with us, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We will cancel your order and issue you a full refund.

You can frame both (we don't offer exterior frames).

Canvas Poster will be easier to frame - just place it into the frame, against the frame backing. It is generally designed to be displayed behind a glass facing.  Without one, it would become wavy unless steps were taken to stretch it. 

The Canvas Wrap is pre-stretched, and is designed to be displayed without a glass facing. However, you will need special  clips to affix the stretched canvas to the exterior frame.

We would recommend taking the following steps to prolong the life of your artwork:

1. Avoid touching the canvas or paper surface.

2. Do not hang your artwork in direct sunlight to avoid fading caused by prolonged exposure.

3. Do not hang your artwork in a hot or humid area, such as above an active fireplace or in a bathroom.

4. Feather dusting is recommended. Do not use water or cleaning agents on your artwork.