Valentine's Day is just around the corner: 37 gift ideas for Valentine's Day for him

Candies in the shape of small hearts form a big heart

Men, as we know, prefer practical gifts. They see no point in frills and ribbons that will eventually end up in the trash. The same goes for celebrating a holiday that is not the most significant of the year. If you have such a guy beside you, it's better to opt for simple packaging. Finding Valentine's Day gifts for your boyfriend that are not too sentimental, yet fun and sweet, might not be easy, but think about his hobbies and you will surely find something thoughtful, unique, and far from cliché that he will undoubtedly like.

To make it easier for you to choose a gift, we have selected several interesting and creative Valentine's Day gift ideas for guys, trying to take into account his possible favorite pastime, romantic options, everyday needs, and various financial possibilities. We hope this list will help you not to get lost and choose the perfect Valentine's Day gift for him, and that your man will appreciate it.


Men's wrist watch

The modern pace of life, with its myriad of tasks and responsibilities, dictates the need to keep track of time, especially for a business man. Modern multifunctional watches – with health monitoring, pulse and pressure indicators, and more – can help him manage everything. Remember, a watch is one of the most important accessories in a man's image. Its brand and quality speak of his reliability and life status. A practical and beautiful personalized gift for Valentine's Day, especially with a name engraving (no more than 12-15 words), will increase its value in your boyfriend's eyes.


Man lifting a weight

Does your man keep an eye on his physical form? Or maybe you'd like him to start doing so? Hint at it with this gift! An adjustable weight kettlebell will be a very thoughtful and useful Valentine's Day gift. Show him that you care about his health and want to stay with him for as long as possible, and he will exercise with much more enthusiasm and pleasure.

Fitness Tracker

Black smart watch

This bracelet is indispensable for anyone who exercises, even minimally. It allows your loved one, even if he is just an amateur, to receive personal information about his workouts, stress levels, need for rest, as well as monitor medical indicators like pulse and blood pressure. Your care and love will help him maintain and strengthen his health.

Wireless Charger

Smartphone on fast charge

As we've mentioned, men love practical gifts, so this wireless charging device could be the perfect solution for you. Even if your beloved has more than one phone, tablet, laptop, and a couple of other gadgets (all needed throughout the workday), this charger can handle the load, as it can connect up to three devices simultaneously.


Male feet in slippers

If your boyfriend works a lot and spends little time at home, his feet are sure to be tired by the evening. Give him soft, cozy slippers for Valentine's Day, allowing his feet to rest from strict office or outdoor shoes. The arch support layer and massaging effect of the sole will help his feet relax and recover faster.

Bluetooth Speaker

Red bluetooth speaker hanging on a tree

A stylish wireless Bluetooth speaker with light effects will definitely impress your boyfriend. It can work with a tablet or laptop, tune into local radio stations he constantly listens to at home, at work, or while driving. Modern models also have a disc for fast-forwarding or rewinding his favorite music tracks, so he can skip those that don't suit his mood.

Bluetooth Beanie

Another way to help your guy get rid of headphones is to give him a Bluetooth beanie for Valentine's Day. By getting used to it, he will, perhaps unknowingly, avoid the medically harmful effects on the eardrums and hearing loss. This ingeniously simple headwear will not only keep him warm but also allow him to work during his commute, play music while jogging, and more.


The belt is on the ground

Men's fashion is sometimes more mysterious than women's. Despite its overall business orientation, it sometimes allows for quite bright, even frivolous accessories. For example, belts... Even men dressed in business suits can afford to make a statement with their look. So, by giving your boyfriend such a bold gift for Valentine's Day, you will certainly please him and also let him know that you are not against some liberality in his appearance.

Exercise Bike

Man on an exercise bike

Exercising has long ceased to be a tribute to fashion, becoming a lifestyle instead. However, work does not always allow time for more than a quick workout or a jog in the park near home. At the same time, modern sports stores offer a wide range of exercise bike models for any budget – from multifunctional devices to simple gadgets. Assess your financial possibilities and buy your loved one the ideal option – think about it, he probably won't need many features of the expensive model, it will be enough to have a bike at home to pedal in the evening and relieve the day's tension.

Mug with Temperature Control

Technology in the modern world is advancing by leaps and bounds, and it's no surprise that pouring tea or coffee into an ordinary-looking mug allows one to enjoy a hot drink even hours later. Give your beloved a modern, convenient mug for Valentine's Day so he always has his favorite drink at hand."

Photo Frame

A modern digital photo frame is a very functional and convenient item. Its digital storage capacity allows for not only storing favorite photos but also continuously adding new ones. The same goes for videos. It doesn't matter how the photos and videos were taken, whether with professional equipment, a simple camera, or a smartphone. They can always be viewed to remember the most important, romantic, or simply funny moments. Moreover, the frame can be set up to not only display images but also allow you to share them with family and friends, even if they are on the other side of the world.

Electronic Book

E-book in hand

The human brain is forced to absorb a huge amount of information every day. It's amazing that people still love to read. But they do, and books, especially for an enthusiast, are a very precious gift, especially if it's their favorite genre. Is your boyfriend one of these people and prefers reading a book over watching TV or playing computer games? Give him a modern model of an e-reader! This way, he will always have his favorite reads with him, and he won't need to keep work notes on constantly lost pieces of paper.

Personalized Barbecue Gift Set

Grilled sausages and corn

Does your group of friends traditionally enjoy barbecue parties with fun in the backyard, and everyone loves the meat prepared by your loved one? Give him such a practical and useful present as a festive barbecue set for Valentine's Day. With it, his dishes will become even tastier!

Pizza Oven

Two pizzas on round trays

Another gift for a culinary wizard – a pizza oven. Who would refuse a piece of pizza prepared by your beloved – thin crust, appetizing filling, and hot cheese, mmm... Give your boyfriend a pizza oven for Valentine's Day. This device can bake delicious pizza in just a few minutes, so all friends and family can appreciate your beloved's skills and more readily accept your fiancé, recognizing you as a couple.

Grooming Kit

Two bottles for care products

Men's cosmetics are just as natural a phenomenon as women's. Therefore, such a gift will not only not offend your boyfriend but will please him with its practicality and everyday nature, especially if you understand that your relationship lacks the strength for commitments.

Fashionable Boots

Man in brown boots

Classic boots with scuffs and scratches represent style, status, image, and prestige. He will definitely like such a gift, as men are no less fashion-conscious than women, they are just more restrained emotionally and do not tend to highlight their preferences.

Travel Bag

 A man in gray trousers with a bag in his hand crosses the road

A spacious bag made of quality leather, given by you on Valentine's Day, will become an indispensable assistant for your loved one in long trips, business trips, outings to nature, or travels abroad. Durable and wear-resistant material will ensure not only the longevity of use but also a neat appearance.


Digital camera in hand

Frequent business trips and vacations, trips for hunting or fishing – in these and other situations, he will definitely need a shockproof and waterproof modern digital camera with a large number of functions and settings. Give your beloved man a modern camera for Valentine's Day, and quality romantic photos are guaranteed.


Pencil in an open notebook

A notebook with a leather cover will become an indispensable assistant for your man. Thanks to its small size, it does not necessarily have to be carried in a bag, it can easily fit in the pocket of a jacket or jeans. And the leather cover will certainly elevate his status in the eyes of others.


Cufflink on shirt sleeve

Cufflinks, silver or gold, and a tie clip to match will be an excellent addition to the image of your beloved man. Make your Valentine's Day gift unique by engraving his initials on them, then your boyfriend will treat the gift especially carefully and will not part with it for long.

Headphone Case

Headphones in a case

Decided to give your boyfriend new headphones for Valentine's Day so they stop lying around everywhere – don't forget about a travel case for them. A convenient lock and carabiner clip will help protect the contents of the small box, and among a dozen color options, you can choose the one he likes most.


Pen on the table next to a book with a red cover

Non-romanticism, thoughtfulness, and practicality are the main characteristics of the ideal gift for most men. Several colors, a built-in flashlight, a screwdriver included – there are so many models of what seems like a simple item like a pen presented in modern stores.


Man putting money in wallet

There are a few accessories by which others judge a man's worth – his potential, status, etc. One of these indicators is a wallet. The ideal men's wallet should be made of quality leather, with no scuffs or cracks, and should fit everything a businessman needs – business cards, cards, bills, etc. In short, a wallet should be such that it's not embarrassing to take it out of a pocket while in the company of business partners. And if his initials or name are beautifully engraved on the back, then your gift will not just be memorable, but will become valuable.

Alarm Clock

Digital alarm clock on the counter next to the paintings

Does he have a hard time waking up in the morning and often rushes to work, risking being late? A multifunctional digital alarm clock will definitely help him wake up on time. But it will do so gently, as it has calming sounds, tracks with ambient sounds, meditation programs, breathing exercises, and a soft nightlight function."


Mug, flower in a pot and laptop on the table

It's hard to imagine a man without a computer these days, as the lion's share of any work, often combined with entertainment and communication with friends, is concentrated in this device. But why not delight your loved one with a technical novelty? If your financial means allow it and the occasion is as wonderful as Valentine's Day, it would be a perfect gift.

Tool Belt

Worker with tool belt

Are you lucky to have a boyfriend who's a jack-of-all-trades? You're fortunate; the main thing is to keep his enthusiasm alive. If he really loves and knows how to work with his hands, he won't refuse a large and quality set of various tools – from screwdrivers to hatchets, from nails and screws to electric saws. So feel free to give him this super tool set for all life's occasions on Valentine's Day, especially since it's not a standard suitcase, but a convenient belt that leaves his hands free while working.

Grill Gloves

Cooking signature ribs or baked vegetables on the grill is great, but it can be unsafe. To protect your boyfriend from cuts and burns, gift him protective gloves. This will not only help the chef stay unharmed but also allow guests to timely enjoy a well-grilled steak.


A glass with a drink, a neck, a mug and a lemon stand on a book

Think about how often you go out – to a restaurant or bar, for example. Lacking energy after work or financial means? However, there's no need to give up the pleasure of occasionally spending a quiet evening accompanied by a couple of tasty cocktails. Gift your loved one a shaker, and he'll be happy to join you.


If your beloved hardly ever puts aside his headphones, gift him a new pair – with high noise cancellation, powerful sound, touch sensors for controlling music playback, pausing, and skipping tracks that are not of interest at the moment.

Match Tickets

Man holding tickets in his hands

There are few men in the world who don't follow any sports. And most likely, you even know the name of his favorite team and the player he idolizes. Gift him tickets to a sports match featuring his favorite team! And, since it's Valentine's Day, go to the stadium with him. It will definitely be a surprise for him, and who knows, you might like it too!


Silver men's bracelet

If you think that men don't like jewelry, you are deeply mistaken. They do, indeed... How else to explain signet rings, cufflinks with stones, and tie clips with intricate patterns. Add to your beloved man's collection of 'trinkets' by gifting him a wide, massive bracelet, on which you can engrave his initials, the date of your acquaintance, first date, joint trip, start of cohabitation, etc.

Car Charger and Holder

If your boyfriend's work requires him to spend a lot of time behind the wheel, then two things will help him feel comfortable and not get distracted from the tense work process – a charger (or better, several) for gadgets and a neat tray. Gift him such a device for Valentine's Day, on which he can place a coffee cup without worrying about it spilling at the most inopportune moment.

Water Bottle

According to doctors, a person should drink a certain amount of water daily, not including other beverages – tea, coffee, juices, etc. And if your loved one goes to the gym or regularly runs, he will definitely need a water bottle with a special valve.


A man with a backpack walks along the road

A stylish, high-quality backpack will become your beloved man's companion in all his travels – whether on the way to work, on a business trip, or traveling abroad. The material it's made from is waterproof and characterized by high durability. This model is also equipped with several hidden pockets where all the necessary traveler's trinkets can be securely stowed away.

Household Appliances

Household appliance with 6 operating modes

Is your husband a cook? No? Then, most likely, left alone at home, he'd prefer to order unhealthy food rather than try cooking something himself! Of course, one household appliance, like a fryer or toaster, won't solve the situation, but you have to start somewhere!


Headphones headset hanging on an open laptop

The modern rhythm of life leaves no choice and forces a person, both men and women, to spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a car. Considering the number of cars and the tense atmosphere on the road, a quality headset is simply necessary for the driver to avoid distractions and unexpected situations.

Portrait of Your Beloved

A portrait of a man dressed in regal clothes hangs on a white wall
Christ the king male portrait
Christ the king male portrait
Christ the king male portrait
Christ the king male portrait
A portrait of a man dressed in regal clothes hangs on a white wall
Christ the king male portrait
Christ the king male portrait
Christ the king male portrait
Christ the king male portrait

Christ the king male portrait

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Your beloved boyfriend certainly deserves to be immortalized in a portrait, perhaps as a king, for example. Custom-made, it will surely decorate one of the walls of your home.


A man holds a portrait of himself running on a huge dog in historical royal attire
A portrait of a man dressed in historical royal clothes running on a huge dog hangs on a white wall
A portrait of a man dressed in regal attire running on a huge cat hangs on the dark wall above the books
The second variant of a portrait of a man or woman on a pet-horse
The second variant of a portrait of a man or woman on a pet-horse
The second variant of a portrait of a man or woman on a pet-horse
The second variant of a portrait of a man or woman on a pet-horse
The second variant of a portrait of a man or woman on a pet-horse
A man holds a portrait of himself running on a huge dog in historical royal attire
A portrait of a man dressed in historical royal clothes running on a huge dog hangs on a white wall
A portrait of a man dressed in regal attire running on a huge cat hangs on the dark wall above the books
The second variant of a portrait of a man or woman on a pet-horse
The second variant of a portrait of a man or woman on a pet-horse
The second variant of a portrait of a man or woman on a pet-horse
The second variant of a portrait of a man or woman on a pet-horse
The second variant of a portrait of a man or woman on a pet-horse

The second variant of a portrait of a man or woman on a pet-horse

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You can go further and order his portrait with his favorite cat or dog. For instance, he could be depicted on his pet as if it were a horse. After all, the ability to love an animal can give a person a hundred points ahead.

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