Top 10 Personalized Gifts

If you ask me why personalized gifts are better than other presents, I’d tell you that such gifts help in expressing your deep love to somebody. Be they handwritten letters or cards or favorite cakes on their birthday, such tokens of appreciation solely made for them really make a huge difference. We’ve prepared a list of personalized gifts that might suit a man, a woman, a kid or even the whole family so that you could have a choice in how to make someone feel special about themselves.

A regal portrait of a family hangs on a white wall near two armchairs

1. Personalized Family Portrait

No matter how many members there are in a family, PopArtYou will fit them all (and pets too) into fully customizable Renaissance backgrounds. Moreover, there’s a wide range of outfits for everybody that will make a family portrait truly unique and the result will surely impress the recipient.

Heart Necklace on a pink background
Heart Necklace on a pink background

2. Personalized Heart Necklace

It’s a great gift for your loved ones as it symbolizes the joy of being together. A heart necklace will be personalized with your names and a beautiful Swarovski crystal charm to represent the month you met, became a couple or got married.

T-shirt with a photo of three girls printed on it

3. Personalized T-Shirt

Show the whole world that you are friends! Such personalized T-shirt with faces of your best buddies will be absolutely unique and is sure to move your friends’ hearts.

Above are three mugs with picture of a man, a woman and a child, below are three mugs with the words

4. Personalized Mugs

Immortalize cartoon likenesses of your family members or close friends on customizable mugs. There are plenty of styles available so you can choose the one that you like best and that will surely make your loved ones smile every morning. 

A book with print a jar with kitchen utensils and the inscription

5. Personalized Recipe Book

Create a custom recipe book full of the family’s favorite dishes, organized into one beautiful binder. You can add the name of the family on the cover so that this cook book will become your cherished collection of secret ingredients. 

Portrait of a woman in a royal dress hangs on a white wall over a gray sofa

6. Personalized Portrait

Make your friends or family members proudly look at their own Renaissance-style personalized portraits every day. Bring out the best in your loved ones by turning your girlfriend into a gorgeous lady of the XIX century or your brother into a brave knight. Lots of templates will provide you with a wide choice of portraits for all ages and styles.

4 beer glasses with beer and a package with the words

7. Beer Gift Set

If your dad is a great beer lover, why don’t you give him a personalized beer glass set with a custom gift box. This will warm his heart and make a long-lasting gift. Similarly, such a gift can be customized for anybody who finds tossing a glass of beer the best rest ever. 

Clock with a portrait of a family of women, men and children on the dial

8. Personalized Clock

A photo of a couple or a family added to a clock can also be a great gift. There can be just one photo or twelve of them for each hour. Styles and designs also differ a lot so you’ll be able to find something that suits your taste. 

Blue teddy bear on a white background

9. Personalized Cuddly Toy 

If your friends have a newborn baby, one of the best gifts for them would be a personalized teddy bear with the baby’s name, date and time of birth along with his or her weight. For parents and their grown-up child this toy would no doubt become a cherished memory. 

Three paintings with Night Sky Prints hang on a white wall

10. Personalized Night Sky Print

This might be a romantic gift which shows the stars exactly as they were at the location and on the date which was important for your recipient: Maybe it was the day they were born, the day you two married, or even just the day they submitted the 400-page dissertation that earned them a PhD. You can also include quotes, names, dates, and locations for text that complements the composition.