Your Baby Just Turned One Year Old? Planning First Birthday Party

A little girl in a Snow White dress is standing near a balloon in the shape of 1

It seems like your little miracle was just born yesterday, but his first birthday is right around the corner! Yes, time flies so fast, and the whole family is already so eager to celebrate the big day. But before you start planning a party for your child’s first birthday, think about this: how much does your child need a noisy, crowded party? Won’t the large number of people scare him off? Won’t he get too tired of the endless hustle and bustle around him? Won’t he be surrounded by too many bright colored spots?

In addition, right now you can fully immerse yourself in planning a party for the baby’s first birthday, because due to his age he will not yet require the presence at the party of princesses with unicorns or Batman and Paw Patrol characters. Therefore, try to make sure that the choice meets your taste and desires. In a year or two, you won’t have that opportunity again.

A little girl in a festive dress against the background of a garland with the inscription one

We have gathered for you some tips and ideas on how to organize a 1st birthday party for your child, what little things should be considered and what should be avoided, so that the party will not be spoiled.

Planning rules

White cake on a saucer, green leaves around the base of the cake

1. Start thinking about how to celebrate the event, give yourself a few weeks to think about the details and nuances.

2. When planning the party, consider the kid’s daily routine. The party will be much more fun if the birthday child is not nodding off at it.

3. Don’t make the list of possible themes too overbearing, try to take into account the decor of the child’s room, this will not only help to avoid emotional stress of the child, but also save the family budget. In addition, the room where the celebration will take place should be spacious enough for the children. If the weather allows, you can hold it outdoors. There is also an option to invite guests to a children’s club.

4. Don’t make the guest list too big! Remember that the baby gets tired quickly from large crowds of people.

5. Make your life easier by sending out invitations electronically.

6. Don’t go overboard with the brightness and variety of decorations. Too much is not always good, especially for a small child.

7. Make sure the holiday menu includes snacks for both young guests and their parents.

8. Don’t drag out the party for more than a few hours. Neither the birthday child nor his friends can withstand the stress of the party due to their young age. Children will get tired, cranky, and the whole party atmosphere will immediately lose its charm.

9. Avoid too elaborate themed costumes and accessories. A child’s outfit should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable.

10. If you plan to invite clowns, think about whether your baby will be afraid of them.

11. When ordering a cake for your baby, make sure that it has no small parts that could harm him and his guests.

12. Let your child remain a child. You don’t have to make him pose for the camera or urge him to be neat at the table. “Live” photos are much more valuable than staged photos, and washing soiled clothes is not a big deal.

13. If there are a lot of children coming to the party, consider inviting a babysitter – there should always be someone to look after the little ones.

14. Warn the parents in advance about the theme of the party and the activities planned. They may need to bring extra clothes.

Treating guests

When planning a feast, it is better to give preference to light snacks, sweets, fruit, and non-carbonated drinks – children frolic more than they sit at the table. Also, pay attention to the composition of the products, there should not be anything that could cause an allergic reaction. Also, when thinking about the menu, consult with the parents invited, perhaps some young guests have any food restrictions, such as citrus fruits or chocolate.

Two balls of sweet sprinkles on sticks stick out of the glass

Place for relax

All children are different, some may be active for several hours, and some have short periods of activity and rest. In order not to take a tired baby away from a party which has recently begun, there should be a quiet room next door to the place where the party takes place, where the baby can rest. In addition, do not forget that one of the kids may still be breastfed, and the mother should be able to safely feed and change him, if such a need arises.

Little sleeping child


Such small children are not yet able to keep their attention on just one activity for a long time. Therefore, a variety of games and activities should be large and well thought out in advance.

You should have at hand a wide range of toys – dolls, cars, balls, whistles, caps, etc. Even guest animators cannot always equally captivate a large number of small children. Best help here is watercolor and such an unpretentious thing, like soap bubbles. These rainbow balls are liked by everyone without exception – both adults and children!

 Two children playing with cubes and soap bubbles


A one-year-old baby will not judge a gift by its value. Even the simplest trinket can please and capture his attention more than an expensive gift that can be forgotten five minutes after giving it to the birthday child. In addition, children cannot hide their emotions and holiday mood can be spoiled if they don’t like the gift. Therefore, it may be better not to open presented gifts at once, but to arrange a place where they could be put in order to unpack them later.

By the way, a great gift for the birthday child would be a ceremonial portrait of the child as a prince or princess. To order such a present, it is enough to give the artist a photo of your child and choose the desired image.

Portrait of a girl dressed in historical royal attire stands on a white shelf next to books
Little princess personalized portrait
Little princess personalized portrait
Little princess personalized portrait
Little princess personalized portrait
Portrait of a girl dressed in historical royal attire stands on a white shelf next to books
Little princess personalized portrait
Little princess personalized portrait
Little princess personalized portrait
Little princess personalized portrait

Little princess personalized portrait

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Party theme

In choosing a theme for the celebration of the child’s first birthday everything is in your hands. We will only give you a list of possible options.

1. Fruit party

If your child has a favorite fruit – apple, watermelon, etc., the theme and design of a special holiday can be done in the appropriate style. Warned animators can also modify the games a bit, making the favorite delicacy of the birthday child the main character of the stories and games.

Pineapple in sunglasses and party hat

2. Air decoration

Balloons are loved by children of all ages. Therefore, the use of such decorations is sure to please the child. And there should be a lot of them, because the balloon can pop unexpectedly. And if little tomboys like this confusion, the decorations can quickly run out – because it is so much fun to compete to see who can pop more brightly colored balloons.

We recommend hiding some of the balloons to present to each guest at the end of the party.

Balloons hang from the ceiling of a building

3. Winter land

If your baby is born in winter, you can decorate the party with snowflakes, artificial snow, and cotton balls as snowballs. And the decor can be supported by frosted sugar cookies and a story about the Snow Queen.

Cup with ice cream on a background of snow

4. Dolls world

If your little girl is crazy about dolls, then you don’t have to make up a style for the party. Everything about the little beauties will be fine. However, in this case it is better to invite the same fans of princesses, Cinderellas, mermaids, etc.

Dolls in different costumes

5. Forest story

Another great idea would be to decorate a children’s party in a forest theme with cute little animals – hedgehogs, foxes, hares and even wolves and bears. In this environment you can tell almost any tale. And there will be no problems with choosing costumes for kids – a cap and a toy gun – and the kid is a real hunter. Well, the masks of forest animals are easy to buy at any toy store. Kids will surely like to growl like a wolf or puff like a hedgehog. In addition, you can offer kids to think up how fox or bunny talks.

By the way, animals can be not only forest animals. The images of elephants, giraffes, lions or kangaroos are just as good for children.

Toy elephant and raccoon on a chair

6. Favorite cartoon

At the age of one year, children already have their favorite cartoon characters – it could be Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Mowgli, etc. It’s easy to throw a party based on your favorite cartoon, and children will have a lot of fun watching familiar characters.

Yellow teddy bear behind glass

7. Prehistory

If your child is a fan of dinosaurs, the prehistoric world is your theme. By the way, treats for the table can also be made in the form of ancient lizards.

Children near dinosaur figure

8. Disco

Mobile babies will enjoy dancing to the melody of their favorite songs and even singing along to them. Make a selection of songs from cartoons, and the kids will be fascinated by the fun melodies for a long time.

Children play outside under a colorful awning

9. Creative Arts

There is hardly a child who does not like to draw. Of course, a one-year-old baby is not yet able to draw complex patterns, but no one will refuse to lead a brush on paper. And if you allow kids to draw with fingers or hands ... Just warn parents of young guests to take with them T-shirts and pants that are not a pity to stain, especially if the baby came to visit in a smart suit or dress.

Child holding painted palms in front of his face

10. Rally

A car party can be appreciated not only by boys. Girls can even beat them at riding cars.

The child sits on the floor and plays with a big toy car

11. Sea, sea…

You can decorate the first children’s birthday party in an interesting way with a nautical theme. Sailors and water games, treats in the form of ships and fish, sea adventures from the animators will please the curious little ones. 

Three children and a man playing water games outside

12. Bird’s hubbub

A one-year-old baby can't talk yet, but making different sounds is one of his favorite things to do. Make a selection of bird voices and encourage the babies to repeat these trills. This fascinating activity will captivate the little ones so much that it may be hard to switch their attention to something else.

13. House is a good thing

All children are known to love making their own shelters. Have a children's construction boom with everything they have at hand - tables, chairs, pillows, and blankets. You'll be surprised what castles you can make with such simple materials in a fairly limited space.

And remember that children are unpredictable creatures in many ways and like to fool around. They will not behave in an orderly and calm manner, on the contrary, you are guaranteed disorder, confusion, and fun. But the happy eyes of the little ones are worth enjoying the party with them!