It is Time to Think About the Holiday: 41 Ideas for Best Bulk Christmas gifts for Coworkers

We spend most of our time at work. We share joys and sorrows of the work process with our colleagues. Christmas is a time to present gifts not only to relatives, but also to coworkers. Booze and sweets are considered traditional options, but isn't that too boring? Maybe it is worth choosing an individual gift for each colleague? In this article we've gathered 41 Christmas gifts for coworkers. The review will help you find a good option for any taste and budget.

Small Christmas gifts for coworkers

Unfortunately, many employees have a limited budget this year. But don't lose heart! Here are some ideas for inexpensive Christmas gifts for your coworkers.

1. A set of engraved pencils

The gift will be appreciated by those employees who often have to make notes and lists. The subjects of the inscriptions may be different - mysticism, adventures, useful advice, motivational words. Such a set will make boring office work very pleasant. A notepad or a diary will make an excellent addition.

There is a transparent glass on top of a stack of books with colored pencils in it

2. Bottle opener

A bottle opener is a stylish and useful item - one of the best gift ideas for co-workers from Secret Santa. It will come in handy during festive celebrations. If the item is antique, it will make a wonderful interior decoration.

Silver corkscrew with a Viking ship handle

3. Christmas socks

A good pair of socks will always come in handy. Online stores offer many options for any taste and budget. Choose ones with Christmas motifs or those related to your colleagues’ hobbies.

Four legs in Christmas socks against the background of a Christmas tree

4. Fidget spinner

The popular toy is excellent for relieving stress and training fine motor skills of the fingers. It helps restore movement functions after a stroke. If your co-worker's job involves a lot of mental work, a fidget spinner is a useful and funny Christmas present.

White and black fidget spinners on the table

5. Lunch box

Is your coworker health-conscious and brings homemade food to the office? The lunchbox is the perfect option for coworkers gift ideas from Secret Santa! There are many varieties of lunch boxes on sale - in the form of a bag (perfect for ladies), multi-layer, with a large number of pockets, insulated. Your friend will certainly appreciate such a practical gift.

Multicolored lunchboxes on a light background

6. Coloring book for adults

Is your colleague knackered and looking for a way to relieve stress? A coloring book is a perfect inexpensive and useful Christmas gift. Geometric shapes and bizarre patterns remind of a carefree childhood and help to relax. Let your coworkers enjoy this pastime.

Five colored pencils lie on the coloring book

7. Unusual tea

No doubt there are tea lovers in your office. The best option among the ideas for Christmas gifts for such colleagues is high-end tea in original packaging. A flavoured present can be supplemented with sweets, nuts and delicacies. Tea, given with care and love, will strengthen good relationships in the team and increase efficiency of work.

Teapot with tea and jars with colored contents on the table against the background of a window sill with flowers in pots

8.Tiny desktop fan

A lovely gift for coolness lovers. Tiny desktop fans are the best Christmas gifts in the office. The device can be used at home while doing exercises. There are a variety of models on sale in any color.

Desktop fan on white background

9. French press

Modern coffee and tea making machines solved the problem of making hot drinks long ago. However, there are still lovers of brewing methods. Is it one of your colleagues? Then a French press is a great choice! When brewing a fragrant drink, your coworker will always remember you with a kind word.

There are french press, white mug and bowl on the table

10. Musical pillow 

This gift is suitable for music fans who can't fall asleep without listening to pleasant music. There is a built-in speaker inside of the pillow, which allows you to comfortably position your head without headphones. The sound can be heard only by someone who is lying on the pillow. So your loved ones are not annoyed with the music. The device connects to the player or the phone.

 There is a gray pillow and a black guitar on the brown sofa

11. Mug warmer

A unique Christmas present for a colleague who is often distracted at work. Just brewed a fragrant coffee and was summoned to a meeting? With a mug warmer, coffee or tea will always be hot. The device does not take up much space. This present will be appreciated.

12. Leather mouse pad

The product has a smooth surface that allows the computer mouse to be moved easily and quickly. Over time, the leather darkens and the pad takes on a sophisticated look. A leather mouse pad is a unique and practical gift.

Hand on the mouse on the background of the keyboard

13. Mini vacuum cleaner

No matter how well the office cleaning is carried out, unpleasant dust always accumulates on desks and in drawers. Colleagues with allergies suffer most. A mini vacuum cleaner will be an ideal gift for such coworkers. The device is made in the shape of funny animals. Such a gift will undoubtedly delight your friends. The item is powered by AA batteries.

14. Wireless speaker

Portable speakers are popular among fellow music lovers. Morning runs, beach breaks, and backyard cooking are much more fun with the wireless speaker. The functions of the device allow you to create surround sound while watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

Red and blue wireless speakers on the table

15. Desktop Punching Bag

A funny and useful gift for those who experience constant stress at work. The item is securely attached to the desktop by means of strong suction cups. A few good shots can help your coworkers de-stress and warm up. The modern rhythm of life requires letting off steam from time to time, doesn't it?

16. Perfume

Do you know your colleague well? His character, style, tastes? Then be sure to get him or her a flacon of perfume that matches his personality. If you are unsure what to choose, ask your coworker about his preferences. Choose a scent that your friend already likes. This is easy if you have made some connection or have been to his place.

Two bottles of perfume on the background of a glass on a saucer

17. Marshmallow for a sweet tooth

The dainty will appeal to real foodies. Handmade marshmallows are made with a variety of flavors - eggnog, bourbon, berry, fruit, coconut and others.

A jar with a bow lies on the table and marshmallows are pouring out of it

18. Umbrella

A practical gift if your area is rainy. When choosing an umbrella, consider the tastes of a colleague. The most reliable models are cane umbrellas. They look elegant and will last for many years. Men will appreciate monochromatic colors in restrained tones. Most women prefer bright prints.

Multi-colored open umbrellas against the sky

19. Paperweight

The paperweight is considered an aristocratic invention. This device is often unfamiliar to the modern generation. However, if your boss is an older man, he will surely appreciate it. A heavy tool serves to hold papers in a drafty room. So the papers will not fly around the office every time you open the windows.

There is a stack of papers with a paper weight on the table

20. Thermo mug

There are different designs, sizes and colors on sale. This is an irreplaceable thing for traveling by car or on vacation. A thermo mug is dishwasher safe. Your colleagues will undoubtedly appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

A hand with a red sleeve and a red nail holds a blue thermo mug

21. Essential oils

The past two years have been stressful and hectic for all of us. Do your colleagues lack harmony and joy? Present them with a set of essential oils! In addition to the pleasant aroma, the essential mixtures effectively relieve stress, cheer up and create a festive mood.

There are circles of citrus fruits, rammarine and two dark bottles on the table

22. Books

The book trend is back. Paper editions are becoming popular and desirable among book lovers again. For the modern generation it is an unusual and fashionable gift, for older colleagues it is nostalgia. If you know the person well, you will always find the best book for him. Such a present is easy to gift wrap.

 There are three books on the table, and an apple on the books

23. Retro Alarm Clock

Are some of your colleagues constantly late for work? Help them get up on time with a retro alarm clock! The antique will not only help establish a daily routine, but will also become a stylish decoration of the house. Connoisseurs of antiques will certainly appreciate this exquisite gift.

There is a retro alarm clock on the table

24. T-shirt with a funny print

A funny and practical gift for both men and women. You can buy a plain T-shirt, and order any print separately according to the taste and preferences of a colleague. A funny drawing will cheer him up and keep a good memory of you. Make sure to choose the correct size of the T-shirt.

Sweaters hang on hangers in the store, and a woman with red hair looks at them

25. Scented candles

Such a gift will create an atmosphere of comfort and magic at any home. Scented candles with the scent of pines, aromatic cinnamon, ripe pears, juniper, citrus, patchouli are perfect for Christmas. Designer candles will decorate any interior, cheer up, and fill the room with winter freshness. Candles have three wicks. When burning, a slight flicker is observed.

Multicolored candles on a white tray

26. Succulent plants.

These unpretentious plants become more and more popular. The variety of species, original shape and minimal care provide opportunities for creative florists. The following types are very common:

● Echeveria,
● Crassula,
● Haworthia,
● Sedum,
● Aeonium,
● Portulacaria,
● Lithops.

You can arrange a festive composition for Christmas. The original pot will surely add refinement to the gift.

Multi-colored succulents in one pot

27. Gift certificates

Have no time and energy to look for a gift? Not sure what to buy for a colleague? A gift card is an excellent solution. You save your own time and offer your coworker the right to choose the suitable gift. Purchase his gift card well in advance. The certificate is usually valid for a year. Such a present is like a little adventure for your colleague.

Blue gift box in the form of a heart with a red ribbon on a blue background with the inscription gift card

28. Business card holder

In the era of smartphones, these classic items have not lost their relevance. Settings of a mobile device may get reset, among hundreds of numbers it is not possible to immediately find the needed contact, and quite often the correspondence is deleted. A business card holder will come to the rescue. A useful and stylish item will become an exquisite decoration for a business person's desk. The organizer for business cards is useful for everyone - mothers, teachers, creative people, fathers of a family, retirees. When choosing a business card holder, spaciousness, appearance, compactness, and durability play an important role.

Opened business card holder with black cover on white background

29. Scalp massager

Such a device will help relax and revitalize the skin on the head. Stimulation of the scalp boosts active hair growth, purifying from toxins, relieves headaches. Scalp massagers are available in different shapes and sizes, depending on the purpose and the desired effect. This item will help save on visiting beauty salons.

Scalp massager on white background

Substantial Christmas gifts for coworkers

Do you want to impress your colleagues, leave a good impression and move forward in your career? It may be worth choosing significant gifts for colleagues.

30. Smartphone projector

The optical device is used to project an image from a mobile phone onto a large screen. This can be a special canvas or a regular wall. LED-projectors are able to broadcast images with a diagonal of up to one and a half meters. Such devices are convenient to use for presentations, watching movies, and playing games. Joysticks may also be used.

Movie projector on a dark background

31. Backpack

The popular accessory is used not only by travelers. Every day hundreds of people go to work, school, dates or business meetings with a backpack behind their shoulders. The variety of models allows you to choose both an elegant item and a practical bag for every day. This versatile gift will surely please your colleagues. When choosing remember to consider the preferences and tastes of a coworker, otherwise the gift will gather dust in the far corner.

A man in a yellow jacket and with a black backpack on a background of mountains

32. Humidifier

A useful device creates a favorable indoor climate, eliminates excessive dryness of the air, and removes unpleasant odors. The gift will especially appeal to anyone allergic suffering from lung diseases. When choosing a model, consider the following criteria:

● Compactness
● Noiselessness
● Deep cleaning function
● Necessity to change filters

White and pink air humidifier on a dark background

Regal Portrait

Regal Portraits become more and more popular. An unusual piece of art will spice up your life and help delight your colleagues. If you have the necessary equipment and skills, you can make such a portrait yourself. But it is better to leave it to the pros, for example, the PopArtYou company.

33. Portrait of a colleague in an aristocratic / royal attire

Regal Portraits are personalized paintings stylized as royal families’ portraits. A well-known work of art is taken as a basis. The customer chooses the museum exhibit. It is necessary to take photos of colleagues in advance. Then the face in the painting is replaced by the face of your co-worker. The portraits look like real canvases depicting the royal family.

A man stands next to a portrait of a man in a historic royal costume and points his fingers at him

34. Coworker’s pet portrait in Christmas outfit

Another great Christmas present for co-workers is a portrait of their pet dressed as Santa. An individual portrait of your colleague's beloved pet will bring a lot of joy and will keep their memories for years to come. Photos of pets are converted into an image in the painting. The Christmas outfit is selected taking into account the character and all the peculiarities of the pet.

Portrait of Santa Claus with a dog's head stands on a white background with fir branches

35. Portrait of a colleague with a dressed pet

An original and memorable gift will become an unusual element of the interior, and will delight your colleague for many years. When making a portrait, designers take into account the temper and personal characteristics of the owner and the pet. When choosing attire, looks play an important role. Paintings are made on canvas, and can be arranged with an appropriate baguette frame.

A portrait of a girl in a royal dress and with a cat's head and a man in royal clothes hangs on a gray wall, next to which there are two yellow armchairs

36. Family portraits of colleagues

Take a photo of a colleague and his family. Send the image to the designers and agree on the project. Then the experts will start creating digital artwork. A draft of the future painting will be sent to you for approval. You can make corrections if needed. You approve the project and the artists start working at the image on the canvas.

On the wall next to the lamp hangs a portrait of a man, a woman, two girls in royal costumes, and a dog

37. Female Portraits

Dozens of templates are available: elegant ladies, princesses, women in royal dresses and more. Most of the design ideas are similar to famous paintings of women. To order an individual painting of a portrait of a woman, choose one of the templates, have it customized and upload a photo. There are several print options for portraits and paintings of women. The most popular of these is a large canvas that can be hung on the wall. It will represent a perfect contemporary design. Another option is a small easel canvas that will look perfect on the desk. The last option is a 24x36 poster on canvas, which your colleague can also hang on the wall.

A portrait of a woman in a historical aristocratic dress stands on a table near the wall next to notebooks, books and a stand for stationery

38. Portraits of your colleague's cats

Pictures with cats are becoming more and more popular among pet owners every day. A great idea is to order individual portraits with your beloved kitten. As you may have guessed, paintings with cats are non-standard feline portraits. The picture is printed on canvas and can be hung on the wall. Since the artwork is custom made, you can update the details before printing. Such portraits are becoming more and more popular as they present a fresh and interesting idea for decorating any room. The popularity of feline portraits is not surprising: canvas prints are trendy in modern design, and people have loved cats since the days of the pyramids. Personalized artwork featuring your favorite animal is a great gift and an eye-catching element of your home decor.

Portrait of a gray cat in a crown and aristocratic costume hangs on a white wall

39. Portraits of your colleague's cats

The technology for creating drawings of cats is quite simple. The customer sends his favourite image of his cat to the designers. Once the design is approved, the painting is printed on canvas and shipped to the customer in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and most EU countries.

Portrait of a fluffy gray cat in a royal dress stands near a dark gray wall

40. Portraits of your colleagues’ superhero pets

Templates for portraits of domestic superheroes are available in the catalog. The final version of the portrait will feature one of the most popular comic book characters. Once you've chosen a portrait design, you can decide on the details. A complete list of options for personalizing pictures with cats is as follows:

● Color scheme;
● Canvas size;
● Details of the entourage;
● Outfit and other details.

 A variety of customization options allows you to find the perfect design for your room.

A portrait of a husky in a superhero costume stands on a table near the wall next to books and a lamp

41. Portraits of pets in the biker image

If your colleague is an avid biker and pet owner, we recommend ordering a portrait of his pet in the image of a biker. You can even have several animals in one picture. The paintings are individual, so the designers will carefully reveal all the distinctive features of the pet.

Portrait of two dogs in biker costumes sitting on a motorcycle with a sidecar hangs on a gray wall above the sofa