How to celebrate Christmas in a fun way:
57 Christmas decoration ideas

 Living room with decorated Christmas tree

Christmas is the warmest time of winter in every sense of the word. The season of hustle and bustle prevails both at work, in shopping centers, and at home. Amidst all the piled-up problems, decorating the house for the holiday is the most pleasant.

Hanging garlands and trimming wreaths, adorning fireplaces and stair railings with cute trinkets, preparing festive porch lighting, and choosing colorful ornaments for the Christmas tree decoration—what could be better to immerse oneself in the spirit of Christmas and dive headfirst into childhood memories? Decorating the house for the holiday allows you to delve fully into your imagination and inspiration, selecting any style that suits your taste—be it the tropics or the North Pole, the Wild West or refined antiquity, the choice is yours. Take stock of the decorations you already have, think about and acquire whatever else you might need—and begin creating your holiday.

Bringing your dream interior to life, don't forget about the key Christmas symbols—such as the Christmas tree, the Star of Bethlehem, angels, candles, bells, festive wreaths, snowmen, and, of course, stockings for gifts.

Can't decide on the décor? Take a look at a few ideas for decorating your home for a Christmas party or for a cozy family dinner

Wreath on the door

Christmas wreath with Merry Christmas inscription on the door

A colorful wreath is a classic Christmas decoration. You can buy one or craft it yourself, using elements you already have—ribbons, bells, etc. Create your own original wreath that will joyfully welcome your guests

Christmas tree

Balls on the Christmas tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is a fun and joyful activity for the whole family. It will have a place for any decoration—vintage glass baubles and whimsical wooden figurines, glamorous silver sticks and snow-dusted artificial snowflakes, sparkling ribbons, and an original tree topper.


Ribbons, balls and light bulbs on a Christmas tree

The motif for holiday decoration ideas for Christmas can be simple ribbons. Hung in every room, they beautifully tie all decorations and ornaments together into a cohesive composition, creating an atmosphere of a cozy home nest.

Highlight Your Collection

Do you have a collection of items dear to you (unique vases, cups, glasses, seashells, etc.) gathered from different corners of the world? Display them in a dedicated space (fireplace, sideboard, old trunk) and adorn them with sprigs of evergreens (fir, pine, magnolia), ornaments, ribbons, etc. Just be mindful not to overdo it, ensuring that the holiday decorations don’t overshadow the charm of the items.

Greenery on Chandeliers

Certainly, in your apartment, there are numerous chandeliers, lamps, sconces, and other light fixtures. Decorate them with Christmas crafts, berries, greenery, etc. However, be cautious and arrange them in a way that eliminates the risk of fire 

Poinsettia Tree


Poinsettias, also known as the Christmas Star, bloom in the wild towards the end of December and have long been a popular gift for this magical holiday. According to Native American legends, it was Montezuma's favorite plant, and it was the Franciscan monks who first started adorning churches with poinsettias during Christmas.

You can create this festive tree with your own hands. To do this, cut the largest flowers with stems of about 6 inches, singe the stem over a flame (the sap should start to bubble but not drip), and insert each into a water-filled flower tube. Then, arrange the flowers in the base of the ivy topiary. Repeat this process with medium and small flowers (their lengths should be around 4 inches). Place the larger flowers at the bottom and the smallest ones at the top.

Your poinsettia tree is ready and will serve as a beautiful decoration for your living room. Just remember to add water to the tubes every few days.

Blanket and a pile of gifts

Gifts, candles and a toy snowman under the Christmas tree

You can emphasize old Christmas traditions by laying a classic checkered blanket under the tree and artistically arranging various-sized gift boxes, all decorated in the same style, upon it.

Handmade pomander tree

In the Middle Ages, a pomander was an ornament worn by members of wealthy classes on a belt or necklace. It served as a container for aromatic herbs or oils, much like the predecessors of modern perfumes. A unique Christmas decoration in the form of a pomander can be crafted at home. Simply take an orange, pierce it in several places with toothpicks, then insert cloves with ornate heads into the holes and allow the composition to dry. After that, you can apply an elegant pattern with any type of paint — and your decorative ball is ready. For an even more impressive effect, create a tree from these pomanders by attaching colorful balls to a foam cone (available at craft stores) using toothpicks and hot glue.

Christmas on the porch

Мужчина и женщина идут к двери в дом, украшенной рождественскими гирляндами

Create an ambiance of festive Christmas spirit before your guests even step inside your home. Decorate your porch with Christmas bouquets, arrangements, a wreath, a small Christmas tree, ribbons, and garlands.

Simple and elegant

Three cones lie on a wooden surface

Large decorations may stand out as solitary spots in the interior. Fill the voids with simple handmade elements made from berries and pine cones, tied with velvet ribbons in contrasting shades

Wreath Made of Pom-Poms

Another original Christmas wreath you can craft yourself is made from pom-poms, which resemble snowballs, especially if you use white yarn and fur to create them.

Garland of Dried Oranges

Oranges make a wonderful Christmas accessory. Whether you use them to decorate the holiday table or hang garlands of dried orange slices on the walls, they will add a special touch.

Stockings Everywhere

Red socks for gifts

Don't forget to hang stockings above the fireplace for Santa's gifts. No fireplace? No worries! Hang a stocking on each chair around the holiday table, decorate them with additional ribbons and bright beads, ensuring that the white-bearded magician doesn't miss a single spot.

Mini Decorations on the Table 

Wooden calendar, bowls with marshmallows, Christmas mini decorations and mug with drink and marshmallows

The holiday table should not be left without Christmas decor. Create a Christmas atmosphere by artistically placing pine, cypress, or rosemary sprigs between the tableware. Complement the setup with mini-wreaths on the plates, small fabric bows in red checkered patterns, and decorative pine cones.

Christmas Lighting

Светящиеся рождественские гирлянды

Naturally, no Christmas decoration is complete without proper lighting—twinkling garlands and paper lanterns, artificial candles mysteriously flickering here and there in the garden, pine cones and artificial flowers with glowing designs that illuminate in the dark—all of these elements will wonderfully convey the Christmas spirit to your guests and within your home.

Tropical Vibe

To create a tropical Christmas atmosphere in your hallway or living room, you can arrange compositions of brightly sun-kissed fruits such as lime, pineapple, mango, kiwi, citrus, and bananas. Attaching all these fruits to a foam cone, covering them with a silver or golden sheen, and adding scabiosa pods, hydrangea twigs, and sheet moss will complete the ensemble.

Marble Ornaments

Golden balls on a Christmas tree

Make the primary Christmas decorations more unique by taking regular nail polish and covering the shiny surface with a marble pattern.

Two-Part Wreath

Create an unusual door Christmas wreath by making it in two parts. This would be an especially interesting solution if your entryway has two doors.

Christmas Lanterns

Decorative Christmas lantern with candle inside

These will serve as a lively component of festive home decoration. Furthermore, they can seamlessly connect outdoor decorations with indoor embellishments.

Outdoor Decorations

Glowing garlands against the background of the night sky

When the house is aglow with lights, the emptiness in the garden becomes evident. This can be rectified by using Christmas decorations and garlands on the garden plants, creating an additional mood.

Christmas on the Terrace

Patio decorated for Christmas

Decorating the terrace isn't the same as adorning the porch. Here, you can comfortably sit and gather with friends, especially if the weather on Christmas turns out to be mild. The open space can be adorned with wreaths, glowing ornaments, garlands, and candles.

Golden Christmas

Golden Christmas balls

If traditional Christmas hues have become monotonous and you're seeking something new, consider decorating your apartment in gentle golden tones. Completely avoiding splashes of green and red hues might not be possible, but the shine of silver and gold will make your interior stylish and unique.

Vase Compositions

Glowing garlands in a jar

Bright Christmas bouquets will look best in vases shaped like transparent glass cylinders. To make the composition even more minimalist, the vase can simply be filled with pine cones, colorful beads, and pieces of sheet moss. This simple touch will complement any Christmas decoration.


Shiny balls and other Christmas decorations can be handmade by purchasing unfinished sets from seasonal stores. By experimenting with patterns, you'll create an original Christmas interior for a little princess or prince.


Staircase with red carpet and Christmas tree

If your Christmas home decor looks incomplete, ensure you haven't forgotten to adorn the handrails of the stairs in your house and on the porch with garlands, ribbons, and Christmas greenery.


Tinsel and decorations on the Christmas tree

In every family, there are Christmas ornaments passed down through generations. While decorating your home for Christmas, it's the perfect time to take out the vintage box and adorn the green beauty with decorations holding precious memories of the past.

Additional Christmas Tree Accessories

Oh, these traditions! It's hard to part with the familiar Christmas tree decorations from childhood - the round, shiny baubles, figures of reindeer and Santa, the golden star atop the festive tree. However, sometimes such decorations don't quite match the modern interior of the room. Don't be afraid to change the style of the Christmas beauty's attire; try creative decorations made from wire or intricate ribbon bows.

Decorations for the mailbox

Red mailbox with Letters to Santa inscription

Did you decorate your mailbox in front of your house? After all, it's the first thing that will greet your guests before the Christmas party. Decorate it with pine branches, pine cones, or a voluminous bow. If that seems too elaborate, you can simply attach one of your remaining Christmas wreaths to the box.

Cactus Christmas Tree

Don't be afraid to experiment and bring to life the most unexpected creative ideas. Instead of a fluffy Christmas tree, you can decorate a cactus with Christmas ornaments, add virtual spurs, and imagine that this Christmas, you're celebrating it in hot Mexico.

Tree in a Basket

Christmas tree in a wicker basket in the living room

Another essential part of Christmas decoration is the tree skirt. This costly item can be purchased from one of the seasonal stores. Alternatively, you can cover the base of the tree with cotton and white fabric, mimicking a snowy blanket. However, there is also the possibility to go further and completely abandon traditional methods by simply placing the tree in a regular wicker basket or on a simple tree stand.

Fruits and Greens

Fruits in a glass vase are one of the oldest home decoration techniques. For Christmas, you can layer fruits with colorful ribbons, add a few beads, pine cones, and bright ribbons - and here's a quite festive element of Christmas decor before you.

Disco Ball

Disco ball on a dark background with light dots

Are you expecting a fun, young crowd over for a great Christmas party? Then you'll hardly do without a fabulous disco ball hanging from the ceiling. And if you dare to add a flocked Christmas tree to the decorations, your guests will remember the celebrated Christmas in your home for a long time.

Christmas in Thematic Setting

Christmas balls lie in front of a bouquet in a vase

Hung a wreath on the door and that's it? Don't stop there; create a thematic decoration in the style of a royal reception or in the spirit of the early settlers who just arrived in a new land.

Chair Decor

There are many places in a house that can be decorated for Christmas. But dining chairs in the dining room, for some reason, rarely come to mind for festive attire. If you dress up the chair in the dining room with burlap sashes, add traditional fabric in red plaid, and decorate with bright baubles and peacock feathers, it will become an original element of Christmas decor.

Christmas Bouquet and Arrangement

A lush bouquet or a Christmas arrangement can be handmade using pine cones, berry branches, and bright flowers collected from the street. For softness, you can add dusty miller greenery and magnolia leaves. The resulting wonder can be placed in a regular vase or take another idle container at home, such as a family cup.

Floating Candles

A shallow container with floating lit candles will bring an air of mystery and a festive mood to your dining room.

Window Decorations

Without decorated windows, the Christmas decoration of the house won't be complete. What could save the situation are Christmas motif appliques or winter patterns done with a spray.

Sparkling Holiday Lights

Glowing garlands against the background of the roof and the night sky

Lighting is an essential part of Christmas decorations. Quickly add sophistication and sparkle to the exterior of your house and garden under the windows using various types of garlands. Hanging a few between trees or along the fence creates a bright accent on the porch alongside the traditional Christmas wreath on the door.

Small Accents

Christmas wreath, basket with Christmas balls and a box with pine cones on the table

Even if you don't have the opportunity to use a wide variety of decorations for Christmas home decor, you can create a mono-decor using ribbons in traditional Christmas colors, slightly diversifying the design with pine cones and berry-laden branches collected from outside. If you have ribbons with fringe or pompoms, you can use them to decorate the tree by wrapping them around or attaching them to the top and allowing the ends to hang down to the floor.


A Christmas decoration crafted with absolute symmetry will captivate your guests' attention for a long time. You'll only need to observe as they repeatedly go from one composition to another, looking for, but not finding, any differences. Placing additional mirrors in the room can extend the process of comparison well into the night.

Outdoor Furniture

Don't forget to include outdoor furniture in your Christmas decoration. Decorating chairs similarly to the interior, wrapping the table legs with green garlands, and hanging Christmas lanterns in the pavilions will add to the festive atmosphere. In addition, string bright ribbons among the lanterns to make your Christmas decoration even brighter and more festive.

Berries and Eucalyptus

Pine cones, a sprig of rosemary and red berries on a wooden table

Handmade holiday ornaments made from natural materials will captivate your guests and relatives. By using berries, pinecones, and branches, you can fill several outdoor lanterns (without lighting them, of course) and hang them in the garden, pavilion, or porch in between the lit fixtures.

Changing Traditions

Stage decorated with curtains, glowing garlands and flowers in a wooden building

It's sometimes beneficial to change traditions. So, don't be shy if the idea comes to you to replace wreaths made of pine or magnolia with the same accessories made of willow branches painted white. Your home's Christmas decorations won't be any less festive due to this change.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

White Christmas ball with patterns

The market for Christmas decorations is incredibly extensive, and Christmas shopping is one of the most popular pastimes leading up to the holiday. However, decorations made by hand will bring no less joy, especially if you craft them together with the whole family. Using unfinished ornament kits, ordinary glass jars of different sizes, super glue, and various odds and ends, you can create colorful decorations that will delight everyone in your home on Christmas Eve.

Festive Wrapping

Gifts wrapped in craft paper and decorated with fir branches

To make gifts look more interesting, it's important to pay attention to their wrapping. For this simple but crucial detail, attaching a decorative reindeer figure, glowing initials of the recipient, or even just a small bell to the ribbon is sufficient.

DIY Drink Coasters

Add flair to your decor while protecting your beloved furniture from stubborn stains with handmade drink coasters. You can choose the design yourself, from traditional patterns to a winter forest or an image of Santa with his reindeer team.


White ball with snowflake print on the Christmas tree

Don't rush to throw away old Christmas decorations accumulated over many years; you can simply freshen them up and give them new life. For instance, excessively decorated items can be simplified, and those overloaded with details and color can be made monochromatic—for example, painted white, gold, or any other color that you prefer. These changes won't make them worse; on the contrary, they might look even better than modern ones.

Jingle Bells

Bell on a chain

Christmas is incomplete without the cheerful jingle of bells. Hang them in various parts of the house, create jingling garlands, add greenery and flowers, and Christmas will step into your home.

Illuminated Sign

A drill and a few lanterns, and you've got yourself a cute illuminated display that can be placed on a sideboard, fireplace, or hung on the wall—a unique, shimmering Christmas greeting.

Tabletop Wreath

White circle wreath decorated with fir branches and red balls

Wreaths don't have to be limited to doorways or walls. This key Christmas symbol can be the centerpiece of any decoration by simply placing it in the middle of a large table in the living room.

Decorative Cushions

Bring Christmas motifs to regular sofa cushions. You can embroider your favorite scenes or patterns, or purchase themed holiday pillowcases from seasonal stores.

Cardboard Christmas Trees

Your Christmas decorations don't have to be limited to just one Christmas tree. Craft tree companions from cardboard and place them in all the rooms in your home. It's simple, affordable, and fun, especially if you involve children in this activity.


There are decorative snowflakes, Christmas decorations and a mug with marshmallows on the table

Cutting out snowflakes and hanging them all over the house is as much a Christmas tradition as baking a turkey on Thanksgiving. You can find plenty of templates online to create beautiful handmade snowflakes. While you get carried away creating lace-like paper cutouts, don’t forget about the holiday itself!

Rustic Decorations

 Scenery in the form of a silver deer and a golden fawn under the snow

Back in the days when metal, let alone plastic, wasn't as prevalent in households, nearly all Christmas decorations were made from wood. Surprise your family and friends by creating decorations in the style of the first settlers.

Pom-Pom Stockings

To add some more originality to your Christmas decorations, create gift stockings made from pom-poms. Such an addition is bound to bring heartwarming smiles to your entire family.

Christmas Scented Candles

Candle in a glass flask and incense sticks

Any Christmas decor needs an appropriate fragrance. Light up scented candles that bring in the festive aroma.

Christmas Portraits

Canvas painting of a dog with a human body dressed in red Santa Claus clothes stands on a wooden table near a glass vase
The first Santa Claus male pet portrait
The first Santa Claus male pet portrait
The first Santa Claus male pet portrait
The first Santa Claus male pet portrait
The first Santa Claus male pet portrait
Canvas painting of a dog with a human body dressed in red Santa Claus clothes stands on a wooden table near a glass vase
The first Santa Claus male pet portrait
The first Santa Claus male pet portrait
The first Santa Claus male pet portrait
The first Santa Claus male pet portrait
The first Santa Claus male pet portrait

The first Santa Claus male pet portrait

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Every family has its own story—ask grandparents to share significant events, go through family photo albums. This will help you create a unique Christmas decoration for your home. Order portraits of all family members in a Christmas ambiance based on the photos, and don't forget about the pets; they also love Christmas. Hang the portraits, adorn them with green garlands and elegant Christmas compositions. Believe me, when entering a room decorated in such a style, your family and loved ones will experience such an emotional surge that they won't forget it for a long time.