Holiday is Coming Up: 55 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Wife

There is a large snowflake on a golden gift box

The season of searching for Christmas gifts is in full swing, and you are faced with the task of buying a gift for your wife. And here one has to admit that the task is not easy, but only you can cope with it in the best possible way, no one else knows your wife so well.

There are many Christmas presents ideas for wives – from a warm bathrobe and terry towels to jewelry and modern gadgets. But there is no more mysterious creature than a woman in the world. It is impossible to calculate what she wants, only if you are lucky and you manage to guess. And yet, try to please her and show how much you love and appreciate her. Close your eyes, imagine her image, find inspiration in it and go on the hunt for the best Xmas gift for your wife. 

You will see large shopping malls and small souvenir shops, brand boutiques and flea markets, craft stores and megamall discount departments. And while you are overcoming your personal obstacles, we will help you a little and share several Christmas gift suggestions for your wife. 

1. Clutch bag

A woman with a lot of jewelry holds a clutch in her hand

One of the gifts that your beloved woman will definitely love is a new high-quality clutch bag, because handbags are one of the weaknesses of a real lady. Just keep in mind that by presenting your wife with such a gift, you promise to take her out into the world – you will need to "walk" the handbag. At least that's what the lady will think.

2. A set of frying pans

 Checkered tablecloth, frying pan and vegetables on a wooden surface

Kitchen is one of the main places in the house where your wife spends her time. However, a beautiful serving of your favorite dishes hides painstaking work, mountains of washed dishes, dozens of kilograms of chopped products. And, of course, there are pots and pans, pans and pots. They can become a welcome Christmas gift. 

3. Deep fryer

Simplifying kitchen chores is exactly what a woman wants. A new multifunctional deep fryer will definitely make it easier for her to cook many dishes – brown crust, vegetables and everyone's favorite French fries. However, your wife may decide that you can cope with such easy-to-use equipment yourself.

4. Scarf

Girl with her face covered with a checkered scarf

A warm cozy scarf will warm your spouse during the Christmas frosts, turning the bad weather outside into a pleasant walk with your loved ones.

5. Scented candles

Cinnamon sticks lie on jars with candles

We have no doubt that your wife creates order and comfort in the house. Add her favorite fragrance to the environment – strawberry or caramel, orange or rose, ylang-ylang or sea breeze, and for Christmas night it's worth thinking about the smell of pine needles.

6. Knitted blanket

Knitted blanket on the chair

What could be better than home comfort on Christmas Eve. Give your wife a first-class quality knitted blanket that will keep her warm on a winter evening and a rainy autumn day and a cool spring morning. 

7. Face roller

There is nothing more pleasant for a husband and father of a family than when his companion is glowing. With the help of a jade crystal face roller, your wife's skin will shine all year round. Roller gently massages a woman's skin, relieves tension and stress and gives her face tenderness and smoothness.

8. Perfume

A bottle of perfume on a fleecy blanket

A new fragrance from a famous perfumer or luxurious perfume from a famous brand – none of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity will be able to refuse such a wonderful gift. Before deciding on such a purchase, sniff at her favorite perfume and try to make sure that your present does not differ too much from it.

9. Pajamas

A girl in pajamas sits on the counter in the kitchen with a bottle of champagne and two glasses

Cozy soft pajamas will provide the mistress of your house with an excellent deep sleep, and if the mother of the family is in a good mood, then everyone at home will be fine – all things will be cleaned, toys will be found, and favorite dishes will appear on the table. And if all the household members get the same pajamas, then during the Christmas holidays it will be possible to organize a funny photo shoot.

10. Thermo bottle or thermo mug

Four thermal mugs

Tea or coffee should always stay hot. Give your wife a bottle or mug that keeps warm, and she can enjoy her favorite drink all day.

The folding handle and leak proof lid will make it easy to hold it while walking.

11. Infrared sauna blanket

Does your spouse often go to the sauna? Most likely not, because her day is completely devoted to work and housekeeping. Give her a special blanket with which she can enjoy her favorite procedure without even leaving home. The modern model can fully control the temperature using a remote control (a remote control is included), an easily configurable procedure takes up to 60 minutes on average.

12. Watch

Black wristwatch

Time in the life of the mistress of the house plays almost a key role, because she has only 24 hours to do everything. Therefore, a Christmas gift in the form of a watch and an elegant bracelet will be appropriate. In addition, individual models can be disconnected from each other, then the bracelet will become a wonderful piece of jewelry for going out.

13. Portable speaker

JBL wireless speaker

Does your wife, like many women, like to do household chores to music? Give her a modern wireless portable speaker, and she can take it with her to the yard and enjoy gardening. Moreover, the speakers of the latest models are equipped with a waterproof case.

14. Necklace

Woman wearing golden necklace and bracelet

What kind of woman will remain indifferent to fine jewelry? Give your wife a necklace for Christmas with intertwining hearts, your initials or her birthstone according to the horoscope. It will perfectly match an evening outfit or complement a casual office look. It can be worn alone or with her other chains or necklaces.

15. Fitness tracker

This original ring does not look like a tracker at all, so it will not interfere with either casual clothes or festive attire. Staying on a woman's finger almost constantly, the tracker will regularly track the quality of sleep, the work of the heart, and the activity of its owner's movements. This elegant device is available in silver, gold (black or pink), and platinum.

16. Slippers

 Feet in fluffy slippers

Your wife's graceful legs deserve careful treatment and rest. Slippers made of natural sheep's wool will help you take care of the well-being of a woman's feet. She will be happy to wear them every day in autumn and winter.

17. A set of containers

Jars containing berries, chia seeds, granola

You can't do without containers for storing food or ready meals in the kitchen, they make kitchen chores easier and more pleasant. With the help of a set of plastic food containers with lids, it is easy to update part of the kitchen utensils, make the kitchen interior more aesthetic, and the culinary cares of the hostess more pleasant. 

18. Instant camera

Hands holding polaroid

A high-quality modern device that not only allows you to take cool instant photos, but also print them right away, will definitely please your wife, because she probably likes to photograph her loved ones - family, friends. The small size of the device allows you to put it in a small purse or pocket, which means you can carry it everywhere. The printing paper has a solid base, resistant to tears, water and stains. 

19. Moisturizing balm

Open jar with white cream

Is there a lady in the world who doesn't like to take care of herself? Give your spouse a set of care cosmetics, and she will be happy. And even if for you it's just a bunch of tubes and vials, for a woman's heart they are very expensive. Just before buying, try to carefully find out what type of skin all these creams and balms should be suitable for.

20. Shoulder bag

A woman in a dress, with a handbag on her shoulder, holds a hat in her hand

A shoulder bag is a must-have accessory in a women's wardrobe. You can never have enough of them, like shoes. This accessory is universal, you can go to visit, to work, and to a friendly or business meeting with it.

21. Daily planner

Woman writing in a notebook

Have you ever been surprised how many things your wife does in a day, how many seemingly simple actions she performs, how many little things and nuances fit in her head. Make her daily life a little easier and give her a stylish, beautiful diary where she could write down her schedule for the day, week, month.

22. Hair dryer

Red hair dryer hanging on a hook

A woman's hairstyle is a great art, and she does it every day, despite the weather outside and the lack of time for getting ready. Give your spouse a hair dryer and with its help, the waiting time of the spouse before leaving the house will be significantly reduced.

23. Earrings

Gold earrings on a black background

Try to count how many pairs of earrings are in your wife's jewelry box, and you will definitely lose count. And you don't need to ask her why so many. Just give her another elegant and original piece of jewelry – she'll love it! 

24. Bath set

Jars and bottles of skin care on a shelf

This set includes everything that a woman may need in the shower for gentle self-care - a safety razor, cream, magnetic holder and lotion.

25. Face masks set 

Three white jars of cream and a woman's hand

A set of masks with moisturizing and cleansing effects will certainly appeal to your spouse, thanks to the large amount of nutrients, as well as different flavors and enzymes – cucumber, pumpkin, 24-carat gold.

26. Hair drying brush

 Woman combing her hair

One of the most useful and successful gifts will be a hair drying brush. This way your wife will be able to handle her hair more carefully, not damage their structure and save valuable time no worse than if she had an ordinary hair dryer in her hands.

27. Soft bath towels

Three rolled towels

What could be better than a soft fluffy warm towel after a fresh shower or a relaxing bath. Such a gift will definitely appeal to your wife, making her vacation even more restorative.

28. Wallet

A red open wallet lies on a white napkin

Christmas is a great reason to give your wife a high-quality elegant purse so that it will serve her for many years. It is roomy enough to combine the functions of a wallet and a business card holder, and the bill placed inside, according to the assumption, will not allow it to be empty.

29. Electric blanket

Woman in white pajamas sitting under a blanket

An electric blanket will warm its owner both in winter and on a cool spring evening, and if she suddenly wants to watch a movie in the basement home cinema. The velvet fabric texture will keep her cozy, and several heating modes will allow her to use the blanket in any weather.

30. Plush bathrobe

Woman holding a jar of cream in her hand

Wrapping up in a cozy plush bathrobe after a shower is a real bliss. Only a caring husband can make such a gift for a Christmas holiday to his wife, trying to show how much he loves her.

31. Laptop Case

 Your wife skillfully combines the role of mom, housewife and businesswoman. She's just a heroine! Give your spouse a new laptop case. This way, expensive equipment will not only last longer, but will also be able to arouse some envy among colleagues with its elegance and convenience.

32. Travel jewelry case

Small Travel Jewelry Case

Do you know where and how your wife keeps her jewelry during business trips or trips to the resort during her vacation? Give her a small travel case, unique, thoughtful and practical, which you can safely put in your carry-on luggage and not be afraid for their safety.

33. Necklace

 Necklace with large stones

No girl will refuse another piece of jewelry, especially if it is an elegant gold necklace decorated with precious stones.

34. Coffee machine

Coffee machine and coffee grinder

Espresso, cappuccino, ristretto, latte, macchiato, americano, frappe, raf, bicerin, glace...marocchino… And these are not all types of coffee that your wife can enjoy if you give her a modern coffee machine for Christmas. Having comfortably arranged it in the kitchen space, the hostess of the house will be happy to enjoy the taste of her favorite drink at any free moment.

35. Lipstick

Two lipsticks in an orange background

There is no such woman who would not use lipstick, and even more than one. You can, of course, try to count cylindrical tubes and remember the color, but try to choose some new shade, imagining how it will look on the lips of your beloved woman. Color fastness, moisturizing effect, matte texture or shine will be additional advantages of a Christmas gift.

36. Exercise bike

Woman on an exercise bike

Widespread sports activities, which a few years ago were just a fashion brand, are now taken for granted. It usually takes a lot of time and finances to visit gyms, so an exercise bike will be a wonderful gift for Christmas, which will allow you to practice at a convenient time of the day and save money for the family budget.

37. Wireless charging station

The number of gadgets in our lives is increasing faster than we master the previous device. And, as often happens, they are discharged almost simultaneously. Give your spouse a wireless charging station for Christmas, with which you can charge several gadgets at the same time. You can also take it with you to work or to nature, so that there is no risk of being left without communication.

38. Wireless vacuum cleaner

Finger turns on robot vacuum cleaner

Cleaning is one of the most basic duties of the mother of the family and the hostess of the house. A modern model of a wireless vacuum cleaner will be a wonderful Christmas gift. And even if this is not the most romantic Christmas gift, your wife, having freed herself from the need to waste time on a broom and a mop, will be delighted.

39. Mixer

Mixer and spatula over bowl with cream

Pies and buns, cookies and cakes, croissants and biscuits – all these delicious pastries require a homogeneous, well-beaten batter. Give your wife a kitchen assistant – a modern mixer with several modes of operation, which will save the hostess from unnecessary work and make her dishes divine. And several color options in the product line will make your present not only useful, but also funny. 

40. Pendant

Chain with large pendant

A thin chain with an elegant pendant in the form of her initials, intertwined rings or hearts will definitely touch her heart. And if the pendant has the date of your first meeting, wedding or birthdays of your kids, then a storm of emotions and happy tears in her attractive eyes are provided for you.

41. Bracelet

Gold bracelet and white ribbon

Is your spouse crazy about bracelets? So make her a gorgeous gift for Christmas – give her another favorite piece of jewelry. And it is not so important whether it is an elegant interweaving of several thin chains or a single rim made of precious metal or a semi-precious mineral, or an expensive kind of wood. Presented with love for the most home holiday of the year, it will always remind her of your love and care.

42. Juicer

Cup with orange drink, oranges and hand juicer

Do you like fresh juices and smoothies?

43. Laptop

Laptop, smartphone, flower pot and mug on the table

A new laptop with a powerful processor, a modern video card, capacious memory and high-quality sound as a Christmas gift will definitely please your wife.

44. Headphones

Woman holding wireless headphones

Your wife will be able to use these modern high-quality headphones in almost any occasion of life - working out at the gym, walking in the park with children, jogging in the morning, while on public transport, while cooking or cleaning the house, for work or on vacation. The modern model has three noise reduction modes and about two and a half days of battery life when fully charged. 

45. Illuminated makeup mirror

Woman applying makeup to her eyes while looking in a backlit mirror

If your wife likes to apply makeup and skin care products, this dressing table will allow her to show her best side. A mirror with 21 built-in LED lights will highlight her beauty and allow her to see her unique facial features up close.

46. Massager

A good massage will not hurt anyone, and if your spouse complains of daily muscle pain, it's time to think about a modern massager. Make her a special Christmas gift – a deep tissue massager with 10 massage heads and several modes of operation between which you can switch, adjust the frequency and speed of strokes. The kit also includes a carrying case.

If your spouse's daily routine includes working in the office, traveling with children to school and additional clubs, walking the dog, playing with children and cooking, then at this pace of life, a cool multifunctional massager is simply necessary for her!

47. Sling bag

 Woman in a white top, jeans and a black sling bag

The stylish sling bag is made of vegan leather and recycled fabrics and holds all the things she needs.

48. Manicure/pedicure kit

Manicure set and cardboard envelope

Do everything so that your lady can keep her nails clean and tidy with this chic manicure and pedicure kit. Stainless steel and an original case will add to the impressions of such a caring Christmas gift.

49. Tripod and selfie stick - two in one

Smartphone on a selfie stick

Does your wife work as a videographer or just likes to travel alone? Then a portable tripod for your phone and a selfie stick combined in one device will be a great gift for Christmas. The easy-to-use and compact device will help your spouse take great pictures or shoot interesting scenes without the help of hands.

50. Hobo bag

Woman in a gray raincoat with a black bag on her shoulder

A roomy and practical bag model in the style of a tramp will be able to fit her favorite books, a snack, and various women's trifles. 

51. Foot spa massager 

A modern model of a foot spa massager with multiple water nozzles, motorized rollers and multifunctional settings will take care of the ankles. Your wife's feet and fingers will stay healthy and beautiful. 

52. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses on a yellow surface

Stylish sunglasses will be useful to her not only on hot summer days, but also at the ski resort, where you will definitely take her. In addition, these aviators have another important and useful quality – they block blue light, which is important for people who spend a lot of time on a computer or laptop.

53. E-book

Man holding an e-book

A lightweight compact e-book that will not only fit in the carry-on luggage, but will even fit into a small women's handbag, will be a great Christmas gift for your beloved girlfriend. And the high screen resolution and anti-reflective coating will allow your wife to read her favorite books without interference and eye irritation.

54. Wife's portrait

Portrait of a woman with red hair dressed in bronze regal attire hangs on a gray wall near the globe
Medici Woman #10 personalized female portrait
Medici Woman #10 personalized female portrait
Medici Woman #10 personalized female portrait
Medici Woman #10 personalized female portrait
Portrait of a woman with red hair dressed in bronze regal attire hangs on a gray wall near the globe
Medici Woman #10 personalized female portrait
Medici Woman #10 personalized female portrait
Medici Woman #10 personalized female portrait
Medici Woman #10 personalized female portrait

Medici Woman #10 personalized female portrait

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Your spouse is a queen at any time of the year! A custom portrait of your wife based on her best photo will serve as an ideal, and even a unique personalized gift for Christmas, able to show the hostess how much she is loved and appreciated.

55. Pet’s portrait

Portrait of a dog with a human body dressed in red clothes Mrs. Claus hangs on a beige wall near two vases
The first Mrs. Claus female pet portrait
The first Mrs. Claus female pet portrait
The first Mrs. Claus female pet portrait
The first Mrs. Claus female pet portrait
The first Mrs. Claus female pet portrait
Portrait of a dog with a human body dressed in red clothes Mrs. Claus hangs on a beige wall near two vases
The first Mrs. Claus female pet portrait
The first Mrs. Claus female pet portrait
The first Mrs. Claus female pet portrait
The first Mrs. Claus female pet portrait
The first Mrs. Claus female pet portrait

The first Mrs. Claus female pet portrait

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Did you ever give her a fluffy pet? So be consistent and present a costumed Christmas portrait of your pet for this Christmas.