7 Hairless Cat Breeds
That Will Charm Even Dog-Lovers

Hairless cats are distinguished not only by the lack of hair and characteristic wrinkles. They are interesting and playful pets that are loyal to their owners and make excellent jolly companions. 

Sphynx cat

Sphynxes are considered to be one of the most popular bald cat breeds. They were bred back in the 1960s in Canada and are naked due to a recessive genetic mutation.

Sphynxes are wonderful pets, thanks to their playful and sociable nature. They like to be in the company of people and meow, "communicating" with their owner.

 Sphinx cat on a lilac background

It’s better to keep in mind that they may have patches of hair on their muzzles, paws and tail that need to be shaved off. And you can't write off the abundance of meowing just because the cat is sociable - they can have heart problems, so you'd better show your cat to the vet from time to time.

Bambino cat

Bambinos are the result of a mixture of Munchkins and Sphynxes. Their trademark is short paws and high upright ears. You can say that this breed is a perpetual kitten who remains small and playful even in adulthood.

Gray bambino cat with a black muzzle and a pink spot around the nose

Bambinos may also have some hair on their paws, muzzle, tail, and ears, but there are some that are completely bald. These will definitely not shed.

Donskoy Sphynx (aka Don Sphynx) 

An alternative name for this unique breed is the Russian Hairless. They have wrinkled skin, big ears, and long toes on their paws. But the most interesting thing is that in winter they gain a light coat, and when the heat returns they shed it and become completely bald.

Don Sphynx lies on a bedspread

Because of this, the Don Sphynx won’t be a good choice for those cat lovers who do not want to deal with fur on the furniture at all. But it is easier to take care of them in the cold season compared to other bald cats, because of their small fur they are not so cold.


The St. Petersburg Sphynx or Peterbald is a cross between an oriental short-haired cat and a Don Sphynx. The result is affectionate and faithful pets, which are often compared to dogs. The fingers on their front paws are incredibly flexible, so that cats of this breed can actually hold objects and open doors.

Their delightful appearance combines the best of crossbreds - big ears of Oriental and almond-shaped eyes of Sphynx, as well as bald skin or light "fluff". There is only one minus - the breed is very rare, and to get such a kitten is extremely difficult.

But if you succeed, consider yourself lucky. To capture the beauty of your pet and not to miss the opportunity to show off in front of guests, you can even order his portrait in the historical style. A picture that depicts your pet as Napoleon or Queen Victoria would be the best way to highlight his majesty and admirable beauty.

Napoleon in green - custom cat portrait
Napoleon in green - custom cat portrait
Napoleon in green - custom cat portrait
Napoleon in green - custom cat portrait
Napoleon in green - custom cat portrait
Napoleon in green - custom cat portrait
Napoleon in green - custom cat portrait
Napoleon in green - custom cat portrait
Napoleon in green - custom cat portrait
Napoleon in green - custom cat portrait

Napoleon in green - custom cat portrait

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Ukrainian levkoy

The Ukrainian levkoy differs from other bald cat breeds by its unusual ears. The breed was obtained by crossing Don Sphynx with Scottish Lop-Eared, and from the Scottish they inherited ears, which seem to be folded inside. They also have a very muscular build.

Levkoys love to play, they are very friendly and get along well with other pets. If you have other cats or children, fun is guaranteed for everyone.

Elf sphynx

Another variety of cute bald cats with unusual ears are elves, a hybrid of the sphynx and the American kerl. Whereas the levkoy's ears are bent inward, the elf's are, on the contrary, kind of bent outward. Because of this, they are as a joke recommended to Harry Potter fans who liked Dobby the elf.

Elf sphynx lies on a blue blanket

Elf's fur feels fluffy like a peach, and there may be patches of hair on their ears, nose, paws, and tail. Elves are playful and sociable, love to be the center of attention and are happy to play with children.

Dwelf cat

The dwelf is a cross between three breeds: the Munchkin, the American Curl, and the Sphynx. In other words, a dwelf is an elf with short, Munchkin-like legs. It is a very loyal, adorable and playful breed whose character is often compared to dogs.

Because they were bred through many crosses, these cats are prone to health problems, including skeletal problems. Be ready to take your pet to the vet if necessary. But they will return the favor with expressions of love and affection.