7 Benefits of Cat Ownership

If videos about funny animals and encounters with neighbors’ pets make you smile, you already know what benefits four-footed companions give us in everyday life. These pussies have protected houses from rodents keeping families healthy for centuries, and now they’re our endless source of adoration and calmness. We’ve decided to find out more about the advantages of owning a cat to help you with making your choice whether to adopt a cat or a dog. 

A ginger tabby cat lies on a white cat bed

1 Your Personal Couch Doctor

Sociological surveys showed that cats helped their owners overcome serious emotional distress be it a loss of their loved ones, lack of companionship or toxic work or home environment. Your furry friend will always listen to you, appreciate your love and care and will return your affection a hundredfold. 

2 Social Warrant

As a matter of curiosity, pet adoption wins the support and approval of society. People who do this are considered friendly, sensitive and reliable. And cat owners are loved a bit more as their pets are usually quiet, calm and tidy so they don’t usually cause trouble to guests and neighbors as energetic and loud dogs sometimes do. Having a purring companion can help you find pet-loving friends. But remember that a cat is your friend and family member and not the means of getting social approval. 

Black and white cat lies on the hand of a girl in a brown sweater

3 Home Healer

Several research which have been carried out throughout years showed that cats are beneficial to physical and mental health and can also be a source of emotional support for their owners. Petting or playing with your cat can release all the right chemicals in the brain. There is also evidence that a cat’s purr can help lower blood pressure and relax the nervous system. They also help relieve stress and provide anti-anxiety benefits for their owners. Cats are generally low maintenance pets, which mean less stress for their owners, making them ideal pets for those who can’t deal with a pet’s rigorous care.

 Cats can also help kids overcome their allergies. Cat hair is considered a common allergy; meanwhile, early cat exposure for kids will help them develop a strong immune system not only against cat allergies but other types of allergies as well.

 Gray tabby cat with green eyes licks its paw

4 Household Protection

You probably already know that cats like to hunt rodents. But they’re also natural insect killers, too, offering the kind of household protection that Venus flytraps promise but rarely deliver. Many cats thoroughly enjoy exterminating bugs such as house flies and spiders, almost like they’re being paid for it. Moreover, cats have a reputation of being aloof and not caring about their humans, but they have saved countless lives over the years warning humans about gas leakages, suspicious people entering the house and many other dangers.  

5 Source of Esthetic Pleasure

One of benefits of having a cat is tons of cute information content. You can film funny videos about how your pussy is chasing a feather teaser or starting a fight with a robot vacuum, make tons of memes with a kitten watching a wall or state that surely your tabby is liquid basing on the places where it fits. Bit what’s more important that not only your Instagram page but also your life will be full of this beauty, grace and fun. Every day your furry companion will bring you positive emotions becoming a true source of inspiration and pleasure. 

 White cat in a hat in the form of a cow's head

6 Feline Mentor

Cats are very sensitive and responsive animals. They show care and love to people who they trust, they always remember your warm attitude. But if you behave in a rude or indifferent way, a cat may become naughty, start breaking and spoiling things and not allow you to touch it. This way your pet may teach you how to express love, care and respect private space not only of pets but of people as well.

 The act of caregiving helps us build healthy habits. Cats need to be fed and taken care of on a regular schedule. Thus, help cat owners create a routine to take care of them no matter their mood. They give people a reason to get up and take care of them and, in extension, take care of themselves. Caring for your pets can serve as a reminder to care for yourself too.

Gray cat lies on the grass

7 Wide Range of Entertainment

Cats often have a proud and picky personality. They rarely like all the toys you offer them so it’s sometimes useless to buy something special for them. However, they can turn your personal belongings into toys in order to entertain themselves. Therefore, if you have things on open access which are precious to you, you need to lock them down somewhere. To help your kitten from getting bored, you can create a toy with your own hands. For example, a yarn ball that won’t unravel and that’s infused with catnip to keep your cat transfixed! Or you can make a feather and string cat toy by yourself as well as a DIY whack-a-mole from an extra soda or cardboard box. No matter what you do, your cat will cherish things you created yourself. And those who want to have a portrait of their beloved pet, we can offer to create a personalized artwork. You can choose a royal family portrait with all your family members and pets or a single portrait of your cat in Renaissance attire. Or you can turn your pussycat into a maritime officer, aristocrat, fireman or superhero. The choice of templates you can choose is wide and will fit any cat. Send good photos of your pussy and we will create a beautiful wall art that can become a focus point of any room.

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