6 Friendship Day Gift Ideas

If you’re lucky to have a best friend you’ve known for ages, you can make them a present on Friendship Day showing how important they’re to you. You’ve been together through thick and thin and it has always been great. That’s why we’ve collected 6 interesting gift ideas which can become a great friendship symbol which will keep your happy memories of being together. 

 Two men are sitting on the roof of a red mini-bus

1 Memorable Jewelry

One of pretty universal ideas of gifts for friends is memorable jewelry. You can buy friend necklaces or bracelets with pendants symbolizing friendship. These could be figurines of dolphins, dogs, your favorite flowers or objects that can remind you of each other, metal plates with your names engraved there and many more other cute accessories. 

Two horse pendants on chains

2 Portrait with a Friend

If you want to give your bestie a very special gift, then a personalized portrait of you two would be the best option. Choose nice photos, send them to designers at PopArtYou, and they will add your faces into an old-style portrait of your choice. This would be a great surprise for your friend and will become a perfect memento of your time spent together. 

A portrait depicting two women in antique Greek clothes stands on a blue table on booksFour girls sit on a bedspread against a background of flowers

3 Heartfelt Get-Together

Throwing a party for the two of you or for a small gang can also be a good Friendship Day gift. Have a barbecue in your backyard, a picnic in a park or an outing to a bar. Or you can go to the countryside at the weekend and spend quality time together enjoying your friendship to the fullest. 

Four girls sit on a bedspread against a background of flowers

4 Photoshoot With Friends

Make a surprise gift for your friend and have a professional photoshoot of you two together. Book a photographer and photo studio for Friendship Day and enjoy yourselves. What will you choose: wearing a cosplay costume of a superhero, pretending to be professional models or mobsters right out from Coppola’s Godfather? Use your imagination, surf the internet for funny ideas and be ready to create the best pictures ever which will keep your warm memories for the future.

Two girls in black clothes throw colored pieces of paper into the air

5 Memory Book

If your friendship has lasted for many years, you can create a memory book as a gift. Take out all nice photos as well as tickets from concerts and travels where you were together, remember your friend’s favorite saying or quote, add some other symbolic mementos. Having done all that, order a comic about your adventures from an artist and remember to add kind words why you love and cherish your friend so much. This would be the most heartfelt gift for your best friend. 

White notebook with a rose inside

6 Friendship Cake

Cook your friend their favorite cake and add a congratulatory inscription to it. It doesn’t matter if you won’t be able to create the same masterpiece as the ones you can see in Instagram pictures. As your friend will cherish your effort and enjoy the dessert. 

Cake with yellow cream stands on yellow and pink ribbons

Here are a couple more gift ideas for friends:

• T-shirts with inscriptions like ‘Besties’, ‘In one boat since 2005’, ‘Soul sisters’, etc.;
• Mugs with warm words written on them;
• Photo frame for friends;
• Movie collection about friends or all seasons of ‘Friends’ series;
 • Board game for playing together, etc.

 Value each other and don’t forget about making nice gifts. Happy Friendship Day!