Valentine's day gifts for friends: 47 original ideas.

February 14 is the day when it is fine to congratulate not only your beloved ones, but also your close friends. Many people want to choose and present Valentine's Day gifts that will be remembered for a lifetime, and express friendly warm feelings. Some, on the contrary, are embarrassed to confess their love to a person with whom they are on friendly terms only. We have collected many interesting ideas to help you choose something special!

47 gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day gift ideas for friends

1. Lightbox with photo

The modern luminaire can be placed on a table or hung on a wall. It may have a photo of the person you want to give this item to. Lightbox can be of absolutely any shape - from the classic square or rectangle to unusual solutions in the form of a heart or outlines of a face. These items, as a rule, are very thick, so they will not take up much space, while creating a unique atmosphere in the room.

There are a table lamp and a lightbox with a photo of a man, a woman and a child on the table

2. A glass with engraving

If your friend appreciates good liquor or just likes drinking beer at weekends, you can please him by presenting an original glass with laser engraving. The inscription or drawing may be chosen according to your friend’s taste. The most popular solutions are the name of the person whom you want to present the gift with, a catchy phrase or an original wish. The guy will definitely appreciate such a thing that will be not only useful, but also remind him of your friendship.

 Beer glass with white lettering filled with beer

3. Smartphone case

One more practical and stylish gift that any man will appreciate is a smartphone case. Almost everyone now has a mobile phone, and an accessory for this device will not only protect the gadget from damage, but will also please your friend with its original design. It may be either a dark flip case with a small heart on the back, or an original embossed belt case on the inner surface. Feel free to be creative!

There is a black smartphone case  with an emblem on a wooden surface

4. Photo collage

If you want your friend to remember the best moments you have had together when looking at a gift, make a photo collage. Choose the best shots for it, from posed to random, arrange them in chronological or random order. Anyone who wants to confide his love for the person with whom he has been friends for a long time can make a collage in the shape of a heart, and if you just want to please a friend, choose other shapes for a collage.

 Photo collage in the form of a heart on the wall

5. Glass holder

Is your friend a connoisseur of good alcohol? Without accompanying accessories, the taste of alcohol will not be so good. The original wall mount will delight those for whom drinking wine or brandy is not just drinking an alcoholic beverage, but a long-term pleasure akin to meditation. The holder will look very nice both over a regular table and around the bar. Many models allow you to tie up to a dozen glasses and at least one wine bottle on them.

A holder for glasses in the form of wine glasses and bottles hangs on the wall

6. Thermo mug

Ideally, Valentine's Day gifts for best friends not only create the appropriate atmosphere, but are also very useful. These things can be safely attributed to a tall thermal mug, in which the drink will maintain the desired temperature for several hours. In honor of February 14, the mug can be decorated with a print in an appropriate style or with an inscription of some sweet words.

A red thermo mug with a white inscription love stands on a wooden table

7. Multitool

Such a gift will be appreciated by any guy who often does some work with his hands or is fond of, for example, active sports (hiking, mountaineering, etc.). The composition of the multitool tools can be completely different, from several blades and screwdrivers to a wide range of devices, including hexagons, awl, corkscrew and other types. You can choose a dedicated multitool: for example, if your boyfriend is into model building or assembling furniture, he will like a model with hand tools.

Multitool on a log against the background of snow

8. Red heart socks 

Warm socks are a great gift for any winter holiday, including Valentine's Day. They can be decorated with hearts in honor of such an event, or they can have other ornaments, from cute snowmen to cartoon characters. You can choose a set of 2-3 pairs, made at the factory, or order hand- knitted socks. The latter option will not only warm your friend on cold days, but will also have a unique design.

Men's legs in black socks with fox prints

9. A basket with meat delicacies

Such a present will appeal to most men who prefer good meat to various sweets. On the Internet you can easily find ready-made kits that differ in size, weight, composition and design features. If you want to show the maximum originality, it is fine to assemble the basket yourself. In addition to sausages, ham, snacks and jerky, good wine or cognac will be perfect.

 Basket with deli meats, bottles and cheese

10. Renaissance portrait

Do you want to surprise your friend, bring out a flurry of admiration and make him experience really vivid emotions? A Renaissance male portrait is exactly what will help you achieve your goal. Your friend will be amazed when he gets a picture where he will be dressed in the uniform of a gallant hussar, the vestments of the emperor of France or the king of Bavaria. Such a gift will please not only the best friend, but also a colleague, boss or a distant relative.

A man shows a portrait of himself dressed in a historical Ferdinand von Piloty costume
There is a portrait of a man dressed in a historical Ferdinand von Piloty costume on the table
The portrait shows a man dressed in a historical Ferdinand von Piloty costume
Ferdinand von Piloty male portrait
Ferdinand von Piloty male portrait
Ferdinand von Piloty male portrait
Ferdinand von Piloty male portrait
A man shows a portrait of himself dressed in a historical Ferdinand von Piloty costume
There is a portrait of a man dressed in a historical Ferdinand von Piloty costume on the table
The portrait shows a man dressed in a historical Ferdinand von Piloty costume
Ferdinand von Piloty male portrait
Ferdinand von Piloty male portrait
Ferdinand von Piloty male portrait
Ferdinand von Piloty male portrait

Ferdinand von Piloty male portrait

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11. USB flash drive

A universal gift that will please a person with any hobbies. Modern realities are such that everyone should have an information carrier on him. It can be used to store anything from work files and programs to movies, music and clips. It is better to select a USB flash drive by volume, and only then pay attention to its shape. Models in the form of a bullet, a car or one with a futuristic design will make a perfect choice. A flash drive in a wooden case with engraving will look even more interesting. The optimal volume is 16 GB or more.

Flash drive in the form of a heart on a white background

12. Keychain

A cute and pleasant souvenir that can be given to a friend for any occasion, and February 14 is no exception. Popular shapes for this holiday are heart, key, rose, crystal. In general, you can choose any design of the keychain, but it is better to focus on the tastes, hobbies and preferences of the person who will get the gift. For example, if your friend is fond of cars, you can give a keychain with the logo of his favorite car brand.

Two metal key chains, one in the shape of a heart, the other in the shape of a key

13. Smart watch

This is a great gift for an athlete, a fan of modern technology or someone who wants to always be in touch. Most models of smart watches have the functions of a phone, access to the network, they are equipped with a pedometer, heart rate monitor, some devices have the option of a smart alarm clock and sleep monitoring. When making a choice, it is important to consider which smartphone your friend uses: for example, if he has an Android phone, there is no point in buying an Apple Watch.

Black smart watch on white background

14. Powerbank

Another useful gift that will make life easier, because anyone can suddenly get a low battery. It is better to choose a Powerbank in terms of capacity, as well as dimensions: especially capacious models are usually heavy and not always easy to carry with you. To make the present look original, and not just practical, you can order a model with personalization.

A white smartphone is charging from a white power bank

15. Musical concert tickets

Is your friend a fan of rock or heavy metal? Does he like fiery jazz? Perhaps he adores a band that rarely performs live? Present him with a ticket to a concert of his favorite musician: this is a good way to please a person who will get the best of it and will remember the event for more than one year!

Crowd of spectators on the background of the concert stage

For a girlfriend

1. Handmade chocolate

Almost any female will definitely appreciate a sweet gift. It can be delicate milk chocolate, original bitter or airy white chocolate. It can be decorated with glaze, a beautiful lettering or a picture. Chocolate bars in unusual shapes, from a heart to a pyramid, look especially interesting.

Chocolate in the form of a heart with a picture and an inscription

2. Funny accessory

Funny Valentine's Day gifts for friends are immensely popular. Present your friend with a funny figurine, a stuffed toy in the shape of a heart that chuckles when pressed, or an unusual holder in the form of people intertwining in an embrace. A girl with a sense of humor will definitely appreciate your surprise!

 A metal holder in the form of people intertwined in an embrace on the table against the background of a bouquet

3. Magnet with joint photo

This souvenir can be a part of a gift or given separately if you want to please your friend for February 14th. A joint picture will remind your friend of you and increase positive emotions. The magnet can not only be used for decorative purposes, but also, for example, as a holder for a shopping list or birthday reminders. It can be made of acryl, vinyl, metal, wood, or other materials.

Two magnets with photos of a man and a woman

4. Name mug

A great personalized gift that will be appreciated by a tea, coffee or hot chocolate lover . A beautiful cup decorated with your friend's name will create a cozy atmosphere at home, and the dishes are always useful. When choosing the mug, you should pay attention to the following points:

 ● the size of the mug;

● shape, convenience of the handle;

● material of manufacture;

● method of drawing the image.

White mug with the inscription Amelia

5. Photo cube

Such an accessory can be decorated with photographs of relatives and friends, it will be an excellent decoration for a table at home or in an office. Your friend will certainly appreciate this item, because the souvenir not only reminds of the closest people, but also looks very unusual. You can unfold and fold it like a classic Rubik's cube, training fine motor skills and developing spatial thinking.

Disassembled photocube on a wooden table

6. Handmade soap

If your friend loves spa treatments, hand-made cosmetics, then she will definitely appreciate such a present. Before choosing, be sure to find out what scents the girl likes, whether she is allergic to any herbal ingredients: handmade soap is often made of natural ingredients. A particularly nice solution would be to assemble the kit yourself, rather than buying a ready-made one.

Gift box with gift soap inside

7. Heart shaped Board 

A magnetic or slate board is not only a beautiful accessory for the interior, but also a convenient tool for planning and time management. You can write reminders, a to-do list, motivating quotes on it, or just draw something hilarious for coping with stress. The board may have a chain, string or loop for securing, and some models can be attached to a magnetic backing.

Black board in the form of a heart, on which a heart pierced by an arrow is drawn

8. Fortune cookies

They are not only delicious, but also inspiring! A set of fortune cookies, decorated in Valentine's Day style, will certainly delight your girlfriend. You can pick up ready-made items or order baked ones with predictions that you will create yourself. This way, you can cheer up a loved one, give her a compliment, and also hint about your deeper feelings.

Pink fortune cookies in a white box

9. Embroidered scarf

A beautiful snood, an elegant stole or a classic-style knitted scarf- the choice is yours. The item can be decorated with floral or geometric patterns, figurines of angels, beautiful inscriptions. Your friend will appreciate such a gift, because in the winter season, such accessories warm not only the soul, but also the body, which means that you can express your feelings and demonstrate care.

Gray scarf with floral print

10. Perfume set

This can be her favorite perfume, incense sticks or candles, bathroom aromas or any other similar product. The set usually includes 2 to 4-5 positions, additionally you can attach a classic valentine card. Choosing such a set is required based on the girl's preferences, so you need to know your friend's tastes not to take a wild guess.

Set of four bottles of perfume and colored pebbles on a white background

11. Painting in the Renaissance style

The Renaissance portrait of a woman is an unusual creative gift that will delight your friend and make her admire your ingenuity! She will receive a picture in which she will be depicted in a luxurious royal dress or the attire of a duchess, and stylization under the canvases of famous artists will give the portrait a special allure.

Portrait of a woman dressed in a royal dress with a crown stands on a green table next to a flower in a pot
Charlotte of Belgium Empress of Mexico personalized female portrait
Charlotte of Belgium Empress of Mexico personalized female portrait
Charlotte of Belgium Empress of Mexico personalized female portrait
Charlotte of Belgium Empress of Mexico personalized female portrait
Portrait of a woman dressed in a royal dress with a crown stands on a green table next to a flower in a pot
Charlotte of Belgium Empress of Mexico personalized female portrait
Charlotte of Belgium Empress of Mexico personalized female portrait
Charlotte of Belgium Empress of Mexico personalized female portrait
Charlotte of Belgium Empress of Mexico personalized female portrait

Charlotte of Belgium Empress of Mexico personalized female portrait

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12. Blanket with sleeves

This gift is perfect for a holiday in the cold season. A blanket with sleeves is an opportunity to enjoy comfort without the inconvenience of a regular blanket. Such a product is often made of terry cloth or fleece, it is very pleasant to the touch and easy to use. Popular shades for this gift are red, pink, rich yellow, and orange. For Valentine's Day, the blanket can be decorated with embroidered hearts.

A woman in a red blanket with sleeves lies on a sofa

13. Bouquet of sweets

An unusual option, ideal for a sweet tooth. The composition of the bouquet may include chocolates, marmalade, caramel, candies and much more. For originality, add unusual shapes of chocolate, for example, edible roses, caramel in the shape of birds or bees. You can hide a small card in the bouquet, with a few warm words on it.

Bouquet of sweets in a red wrapper

14. Valentine's notepad

This is not only beautiful, but also a practical thing that comes in handy for personal notes, from to-do lists to diary. If your friend is fond of drawing, you can choose not a simple notebook, but a sketchbook with dense unlined sheets. A valentine card can be part of the cover or pasted onto the flyleaf and unfold into a three-dimensional picture when opened.

White notebook with heart and flowers on the cover

15. Certificate for SPA procedures.

Does your girlfriend work hard? Is there a lot of stress in her life or a constant routine, which is very difficult to break out of? Does she value a relaxing break? A certificate for a salon is an excellent solution for such a holiday. The girl will be able to choose procedures, from massage to skin care, and spend time with health benefits. Your care will not go unnoticed!

Gift certificate with personal data forms on the left and a photo of a woman getting a massage on the right

Generic gifts

1. Breakfast table

This item is good for both men and women. It can be used not only for serving a romantic breakfast in bed: the table is ideal if, for example, you are planning an evening with popcorn and cola in front of the TV. In honor of the holiday, the tabletop can be decorated with declarations of love in different languages of the world or with a beautiful pattern applied to the base. The coating should be moisture resistant and easy to clean.

Wooden breakfast table with many inscriptions on different languages

2. A set for creativity

Do you want to wish Happy St Valentine’s Day to a creative person? Get him a themed set! For an artist, it can be an album, a sketchbook and a set of pencils, for a sculptor - a supply of polymer clay and tools for processing, and for a pyrography - a functional device for burning out and a lot of wooden blanks. With such a set, you will not only please your friend or girlfriend, but also show that you are interested in their hobbies too.

A set of pencils and paints in the form of a suitcase

3. Inscription Sweatshirt

A universal solution for both men and women. The inscription is usually applied to the chest or back area, you can also make an original patch on the sleeve. It can be a symbol of Valentine's Day, the name of the person, love confession quotes, or something else. Sweatshirts with images not only on the outside, but also on the lining look especially interesting.

White sweater with Happy Valentine lettering

4. Fruit gift set

A lovely option for those who do not really like sweets, but love natural treats. You can put citrus fruits, pomegranates, mangoes and other fruits in a box, fresh or dried berries will also be appropriate. Additionally, you can combine such a set with champagne or wine. The box itself is usually made of thick cardboard or wood: the second option is preferable, as it looks more impressive and more durable.

Gift box with martini bottle and fruits

5. Pet portrait

A funny portrait of a friend's pet is a truly original gift that will appeal to anyone who keeps a cat, dog or any other animal at home. The image can be made with photographic accuracy or stylized in classicism, impressionism or other genres of painting. If your friend or girlfriend loves to talk about the antics of the pet, constantly shows his photos and hilarious videos, then a funny portrait is what you need!

A dog near a portrait of a dog dressed as a king
Canvas painting of a cat dressed as a king
Portrait of a dog in royal style, painted on canvas
A cat in King's attire and a Dog in Queen's attire on canvas
Regal portrait of two dogs, dressed as a KIng and Queen
The King male pet portrait
The King male pet portrait
The King male pet portrait
The King male pet portrait
A dog near a portrait of a dog dressed as a king
Canvas painting of a cat dressed as a king
Portrait of a dog in royal style, painted on canvas
A cat in King's attire and a Dog in Queen's attire on canvas
Regal portrait of two dogs, dressed as a KIng and Queen
The King male pet portrait
The King male pet portrait
The King male pet portrait
The King male pet portrait

The King male pet portrait

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6. Photo shoot

Do you want your friend or girlfriend to remember the holiday? Arrange a joint photo session! It is better to carry it out after thinking over the style, choosing a place and a professional photographer. Perhaps you want to arrange it in the features of boho, country or ethnicity, or maybe you prefer shooting on an unusual plot in an abandoned building or forest - the choice is yours. The event will allow you to get maximum emotions not only from the result, but also from the process.

Three photos of a man and a woman against a white brick wall and a heart

7. Quest Participation

You can choose one of the ready-made scenarios, or you can come up with arranging a quest yourself. A zombie invasion on Valentine's Day? Excavations of an ancient city, where you need to find the key to the heart of a loved one? A romantic date with many obstacles? You decide!

Card with bears holding a heart in the center

8. Bracelet with engraving

You can find both male and female engraved models on sale. It may be an inscription, a pattern of hearts, dates of the first meeting, or just some patterns. Paired bracelets are particularly popular: you wear one, and the other is for your friend. The strap can be either metal, leather or polymer.

Two blue bracelets with metal inserts

9. Box of nuts

An excellent solution for fans of forest gifts. The set may contain almonds, peanuts, cashews, pine nuts, hazelnuts and other varieties. They are usually packaged in canvas bags and arranged in compartments. If the box contains hard-shelled nuts such as macadamia, you should make sure to include a cracking key.

Gift set of nuts in a box

10. Desktop organizer

A practical item that may be very beautiful. For example, organizers made of plywood with carvings or burnt patterns look very original, as well as decorated in the style of scrapbooking. More expensive models can be made of solid wood, have a brushed pattern or embossing.

There is a wooden organizer, a flower and a wristwatch on the table

11. Statuette

A ceramic or porcelain accessory will be a great decoration for a table, shelf or windowsill. The most popular figurines for February 14:

● love couples;

● angel;

● Gummy Bears;

● birds;

● heroes of cartoons and comics.

Figurine in the form of a bear in a dress and a bear in trousers and a jacket

12. Glasses

A set of wine glasses, glasses for brandy or whiskey will be appreciated by almost any person, with the exception of real teetotalers. Most often they are made of glass or crystal; a standard pattern or individual engraving can be applied on the surface, for example, with some nice quotations. It is good to present the Glasses in a sturdy box, for example, made of wood.

There are two glasses, sweets and an apple on the table

13. Elite tea or coffee

A fan of such drinks will be happy to receive a rare species or a set of their favorite varieties, beautifully packaged in a box. In addition to tea and coffee, you can add other treats: for example, aged coffee varieties go well with chocolate and pepper, and white tea with fruits.

A set of coffee, syrups, a mug and a French press in a gift box

14. Portable speaker

Has your boyfriend or girlfriend long dreamed of such a technique or just loves to listen to music at full volume? A portable speaker will allow them to enjoy their favorite tunes in the best way. The modern assortment is very wide, and you can find both models decorated in a bright style and devices in the shape of a spaceship.

Green portable speaker with sony logo

15. Headphones

Another great gift for music lovers. They can be wired or wireless, open or closed. When choosing headphones, be sure to ask what player or smartphone your friends use to listen to music. It is important that the model supports wireless technologies or has a jack that is compatible with the headphones they like.

Black headphones and plush red heart

16. Engraved pen

A practical and pleasant gift that looks expensive, and may be used every day. If a friend or girlfriend holds a respectable position, such a pen will underscore their image.

Two elite pens in an open package

17. Traveling abroad

An expensive gift that is guaranteed to be remembered for years. You can go with a friend or girlfriend abroad, where you will experience a lot of exciting moments, see the sights that you previously saw only in the photo. Tour to romantic Paris? Traveling to Vietnam? Trip around the world? Everything determines only your desire and budget!

Male and female hands hold glasses with a drink and a straw against the background of the beach and red hearts


Valentine's day gift ideas for friends are quite various. Consider the wishes and tastes of the friends, express creativity and ingenuity, and your efforts will certainly be accepted with enthusiastic exclamations and smiles of happiness!