Cherish The Bright Moments: Family Photo Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is not the biggest holiday of the year, but it is the most romantic. Despite the fact that it is traditionally celebrated mostly by couples in love (age does not matter here), it is a great excuse to celebrate the holiday with the whole family and to arrange a photo shoot on this occasion. Ordering the services of a photographer during the holidays is quite expensive, although the professional photo studio has not only quality photographic equipment, but also many ideas for family photos on Valentine's Day and other holidays. However, if you have not taken care of ordering in advance or want to save money, then you can make high-quality, beautiful and soulful photos by yourself.

 Man and woman in red sweaters and headbands with hearts

It is not difficult to find the necessary equipment, and it is not necessary to buy it, you can ask friends or rent it. It remains to identify the ideas for a family photo shoot on Valentine's Day, to choose appropriate props and think about how to decorate the background.

In this article we offer you to pay attention to the tips on selecting the angles, lighting, props and accessories for the shooting as well as some ideas for family photos for Valentine's Day.

Choosing your camera and lens

To get high-quality "lively" photos, when choosing photo equipment you should pay attention to the frame rate per second, the allowable expansion (saturation and detail of the picture), the speed of focusing and the picture itself (buffer).

The next important step is to choose the right lens - with a fixed focus or the ability to change it. Not only can you get better results with both types of lenses, but you can also get a set of filters and a cleaning kit.

Which light is better

There's no simple answer to this question. If you prefer to take staged pictures indoors, you'd better use studio light. But when shooting on the street in natural light, you can use a remote or built-in flash.

This question is especially relevant if young children take part in the shooting because they might be frightened of a sudden bright light.

 Canon camera on a white background with red hearts

Choosing props and accessories for creating a background

Since the shooting takes place on Valentine's Day, you can't go without hearts. You can buy them in specialized stores or make them yourself - cut them out from paper or colored cardboard, draw them on the wall, find or sew them yourself cushions, buy balloons in the shape of hearts or with their image, etc. You can make pendants and garlands from glittering hearts. You can also use flowers or capital and small letters of the word "LOVE", fairy wings, kisses, figures of Cupid, etc.

Love Foil Balloon lies on the bed

Photoshoot ideas

Once you've decided on the photo equipment and chosen the entourage, you can start shooting.

Balloons everywhere

Picturesque decorations made of themed balloons are the most popular way to decorate a photo shoot for Valentine's Day. Different colors and sizes will help to make an original garland from balloons, different inscriptions - "Happy Valentine's Day!", "Kiss you" will diversify the photo. If you leave your kisses on a few balloons, it too will look funny and in the theme.

Red balloons in the form of hearts

Your own photo area

Decorating a photo area for Valentine's Day with your own hands is not as difficult as it seems. Large letters are fashionable to cut out of cardboard and strengthen them with slats, fixing a few themed balloons and garlands of hearts of different colors and sizes also hardly requires much work. But your background is sure to turn out unique.

Hearts of different colors on a pink background and a bouquet of roses

Flowers are a classic

At all times men have given flowers to their women - sisters, mothers, wives and daughters. In some photos you can capture exactly those moments. You can weave wreaths from flowers or simply make beautiful compositions from them and take pictures of the family on their background. And the pictures of your loved ones in winter on the petals lined with hearts can be a delightful culmination. In general, the use of plants in such photo shoots is a winning move.

Couple on the background of a flowering tree

Staged compositions

Such frames are better for portrait photos. You can take them both in the photo area, and surrounded by flowers, and with balloons in the hands, and in the house, and outdoors. The main thing is that the photo should show your love for your family and loved ones.There can also be photos of individual body parts - eyes, lips, intertwined hands or fingers, etc.

 Couple in matching jeans holding hands

"Live" photos

Undoubtedly, the most skillful, cute and interesting will be photos that catch movement, gesture, look. "Let the photographer go free, surrender to his imagination. Just have fun, fool around, sing songs, kiss and cuddle, play with children or pets, communicate with loved ones. For such photos, it's best to use a technique with a telephoto lens, as a fleeting movement will tell you more about your feelings than any staged scene.

A man throws up a baby against the sky

Culinary photoshoot

Take a photo shoot of the whole family preparing a holiday meal. The same aprons with cupids and hearts, children's faces covered in flour, and finished culinary masterpieces like cookies, gingerbread, etc. will look funny, cozy, and very organic in these pictures. Pure fun!

A woman in an apron kisses a girl in an apron and a pink cap

Costume Story

A creative idea would be a shoot where all family members would be dressed in costume and a series of photos would tell a touching and romantic story.

Hearts and kisses

For these photos, you only need bright red lipstick. You can draw a heart on someone in your family and take a picture of your husband or baby with a kiss print on their cheek.

 Lipstick in a black case stands on a sheet of paper with a lip print


Standard, but not any less popular, photos with big letters "LOVE" can also be included in your photo shoot.

 Hand holds the Love Foil Balloon

Custom Portrait

A custom portrait can be made from one or more of your successful photos. It can be a shared family photo, a funny portrait of children playing or a touching portrait of an older couple.

Portrait of three children dressed in historical regal attires hangs on a white wall above three vases
Gameplay personalized portrait of children
Gameplay personalized portrait of children
Gameplay personalized portrait of children
Gameplay personalized portrait of children
Portrait of three children dressed in historical regal attires hangs on a white wall above three vases
Gameplay personalized portrait of children
Gameplay personalized portrait of children
Gameplay personalized portrait of children
Gameplay personalized portrait of children

Gameplay personalized portrait of children

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Whether you take our suggested family photo ideas for Valentine's Day, or come up with something else, it doesn't really matter. The main thing is to love your friend, take care of your loved ones and don't hesitate to confess your feelings.

Happy Valentine's Day!