How to Choose a Gift for Mom: 49 Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom from Daughter

What can you give  your mother, who gave you life, carried you in her arms day and night, taught you to walk and talk, sat by the crib while you were sick, and read fairy tales, treated bruised knees and taught poetry? She also solved mathematical examples and physical formulas, helped to master the magic of chemistry and the secrets of the human body structure, spent hours choosing outfits for you and making the most beautiful hairstyles in the world. And on top of that, she cooked the most delicious salads in the world at her leisure, baked amazing buns and cakes, worried about your first love and rejoiced at your success at the university, found the right words of consolation. She provided any support in the most important moments of your life and told you as much as will not be included in any encyclopedia in the world. Who else can you trust with everything, without fear that you will be laughed at or humiliated? Who else is always ready to support you and open the warmest embrace in the world to you?

Woman in a brown sweater hugging an elderly woman

The bond between mother and daughter is invisible and strong, no matter what distance separates them. And therefore, mothers want participation and attention, the right words and touching gifts from their daughters.

And what daughter doesn't want to please her mom by giving her just such a thing that will be useful for her and will make her feel not just special, but literally a queen. That's how it should be, because it's her holiday! And what if, at the moment of choosing a birthday gift for the most important person on earth, your imagination and ingenuity suddenly failed?

It is for such cases that we have prepared this article about what birthday gifts for a mother from a daughter can be chosen. By the way, you can use the same list of ideas when choosing a gift for your mother for other holidays as well.

For your convenience, we have divided them into categories, but we have kept the general numbering, since we have a lot of ideas.

How to choose a gift for your mom

Green package and a wooden sign in the form of a house on a blue background

Giving gifts is an art! Before we go directly to the ideas of birthday gifts for mom from daughter, let's figure out how to choose them correctly and what needs to be taken into account.

- remember what your mom dreams about;

- think about what she likes – what books or music she prefers, what she does during her holidays, what performances she prefers to go to, whether she loves to spend all day long in the kitchen and in the garden, or does it out of necessity;

- if you want to make a practical thoughtful gift (a frying pan, for example), then give it with a twinkle;

- even if you have a limited amount for a gift, you can always find something original, albeit small;

- take into account not only dreams, but also the age and character of your mother, not everyone will appreciate a cheerful T-shirt with a cartoon print, and a parachute jump for her health may already be contraindicated, no matter how she dreamed of it in her early youth;

- do not overdo it, even ladies of advanced age do not like to feel like an elderly person;

- take a walk with your mom to the shops, see what she pays attention to, perhaps in a conversation you will hear a saving phrase for you: "Oh, I like this!". Even better, if your mom is already mentally planning how to deal with the things she likes, then consider that the best birthday gifts for her are already found!


A woman is such a woman! Every woman wants to be beautiful, and it does not depend on age, character, or goals that each of us has in life. However, every lady has her own style and tastes, and this should also be taken into account when choosing jewelry as a gift for your mother.

Remember that a woman decorates herself not only to please men, but also for her friends – to feel at a height in a female company is sometimes harder and more important than how many men will turn back to look at her.

Woman holding a box with jewelry

In addition, any decoration, including jewelry, carries its own symbolism and has its own energy, magic, if you want. And if your mother also understands what exactly you can say by wearing this or that kind of jewelry (a pendant or a ring), or what the stones are whispering about, then the choice becomes even harder.

So, the abundance of gold indicates a passionate nature, natural stones are preferred by women with a high level of intelligence, and silver is worn by refined natures with whom it is good to admire art or watch the sunset on warm evenings. Pearls are a sign of a romantic mood, but amethyst is considered a widow's stone, although its original meaning is loyalty.

So, let's get started!

1. Beads necklace with a birthstone

What woman doesn't love necklaces? Give your mother such a necklace with her stone (according to the horoscope), and she will be happy to wear it at home, to work, and in friendly companies, especially if it's women's gatherings (men are unlikely to understand the subtleties of star predictions). 

Pearl jewelry

2. Bracelet

A multi-colored bracelet will serve as a wonderful accessory for both a going-out outfit and a strict work suit, making the image of your mother brighter and more interesting. 

Bracelet made of beads on a green background

3. Collar necklace

Jewelry made of metal (gold or silver), with the design of previous years, is worthy of an evening out. Such a necklace will emphasize both the elegance of the image and the status of the owner of the jewelry. 

Jewelry pendant on a blue background

4. Earrings with a royal pattern

Another option is to emphasize the elegance of the image and a decent standard of living. Such earrings can be demonstrated in the afternoon, as well as put on in the theater. 

Earrings on a black background

5. Pendant

You can put any pendant on a thin chain – you can enjoy wearing it in the office on a daily basis, or you can wear it to a club in the evening. Yes, don't be surprised, moms also go to clubs. The versatility of the decoration definitely has its advantages. 

Pendant around the neck of a woman

Kitchen Story

It's no secret that housewives spend a lot of their time in the kitchen, almost most of it when they are at home. No matter how the media talk about emancipation, yet in most families the kitchen is considered a female kingdom. So make your mother feel like a queen there, and not a cook, waitress and dishwasher in one person.

A woman looks into the oven with a pie

Regardless of whether your mom likes to cook or does it on duty, her tools and accessories should be top-notch. Therefore, modern models of equipment, comfortable dishes or a cozy accessory will be a wonderful gift for any holiday. And if your mother also has a practical character, then such a present would be invaluable. 

6. Super frying pan

Convenient shape, light weight, non–stick coating - what other qualities are needed from the main kitchen tool?

Frying pan on a light background

7. Irreplaceable spoons

Measuring spoons should be in every kitchen. And of course, they should be stylish. And if you decorate each spoon in the set with the word "mother" in different languages, then they will become her favorite kitchen appliance. 

Clothes in a basket

8. Kitchen mittens

Mittens for hot pots and pans often go out of order; especially quickly they lose their external attractiveness. So let your mother always have beautiful things at hand, without traces of grease, dirt or burnt edges.

A girl in a chef's costume holds a dish of cake in her hand

9. Jug

The salads are made, the roast is simmering, and the pie is ripening in the oven – it's time to sit down and drink something cold. But don't expect your mom to drink from an ordinary cup (she's your queen – don't forget about it). Give your mother an elegant jug so that it can always decorate her moment of rest. 

A decanter and a glass of red drinks stand on a tray

10. Recipes are everything

Even the most experienced hostess, who knows how to cook everything in the world, will certainly find something that has not yet come out from under her sensitive hands. Out of recipes in cookbooks in the house? Give your mother another one!  

Woman leafing through a recipe book

11. Modern electric kettle

Black tea, green tea, coffee, cocoa... and so on the whole round. A large family needs a modern kettle so that loved ones are not forced to drink their favorite drinks in turn. 

Woman pouring water from a teapot into a small teapot

12. Original dish

Engrave your mother's best recipe on a smooth serving platter. Believe me, very little time will pass from the moment of the gift to the family heirloom in the form of this very dish. 

Red cake on a platter

Leather assistants

Of course, we will talk about bags and handbags. What else (let's not remember the endless shelves with shoes) can fill the closet of a modern woman leading an active social lifestyle, like an endless number of leather charms for all occasions, and even a little more. 

13. Suitcase

As you know, suitcases are not always the same. Therefore, even if your mother already has this device for a long journey, she will definitely not refuse a modern model with a convenient electronic lock and a large number of compartments inside. 

Two white suitcases of different sizes on the background of the sofa

14. Sling bag

A universal model that can be worn with almost any style of clothing is an irreplaceable thing. Moreover, it can be washed in a washing machine. 

Girl with long hair and black shoulder bag

15. Briefcase

A strict or elegant briefcase will hold documents, a laptop and many other things of not the smallest size. 

Black bag on wall background

16. Tote bag

Every woman whoc should have a universal bag for every day. 

Woman in black polka dot dress

17. Elegant clutch bag

Does your mom like to attend concerts, theaters, appointments and other social events? Then she will definitely like a stylish clutch bag made in an elegant design with a chain strap. 

Clutch on white background

18. Work bag

Every woman should have such a bag in her wardrobe – it is able to emphasize a business style or complement the image of a lady in jeans and a sweatshirt. 

A brown bag lies on a wooden table next to a magazine and sunglasses

For beauty and health

A gift that can emphasize beauty or improve health is the most popular gift, especially it is loved by women, and after all, representatives of the fair sex traditionally pay more attention to these aspects of their lives. However, when choosing such a gift for your mother, you need to pay special attention to many nuances – from the type and age of the skin to the state of health. And do not forget to specify the brand of cosmetics that your mother uses. 

19. Curling iron for hair

Hairstyle is one of the main elements of appearance. By giving your mom a modern model of a curling device for her birthday, you will greatly ease her life, because this device will do almost everything by itself at the touch of a button. 

Hair tools hang on hooks

20. Hair dryer

Salon hairstyle at home is possible. Both convenience and various drying modes will help your mother to manage it even faster than in the chair of a master. 

Black hair dryer on wall background

21. Magic mirror

Give your mother for her birthday a model of a mirror that can change her reflection - zoom it in or out at the right moment. Now her makeup will always be flawless. 

A wicker mirror with a basket below stands on a table surrounded by jars for skin care

22. Lipstick

A daughter, like any mother, knows how important it is for a woman to have many shades of lipstick in her makeup bag. After all, what else can so clearly reflect a woman's mood change, other than the shade of lipstick on her lips?

Open lipstick stands on the table

23. Lip gloss

Does your mom not like lipstick, but prefers to use lip gloss? Fine, the variety of glosses in different colors, smells or tastes is endless in stores. 

 Lip glosses on a blue background

24. Skin care

Aging skin is more in need of care than it was a few years ago. 

Skin care products and candle

25. Bath product

Where else can a person completely relax, but in the bath. Give your mom a bath kit, let her body rest and meditate more often. 

A woman in a bathrobe puts a wooden tray with a candle, a brush and bottles on the bath

26. Restoring hair

Unfortunately, with age, many things are changing; the hair structure also changes, especially when it comes to the appearance of gray hair. Give your mother a hair strengthening complex; let her hair stay strong and shiny for a long time.

Hairpins and bottles on the background of hair

27. Taking care of nails

Women's hands are especially prone to aging; they are always washing and washing something. Make sure that mom's hands do not change for as long as possible. 

Woman squeezing cream on her finger

28. Sheet mask

Surely when your mother was young there was no such convenient device yet, and she used to make face masks in the old-fashioned way. Add simplicity and lightness to her beauty treatments.

A woman in a white coat, with a towel on her hair and circles of cucumber on her eyes

29. Favorite fragrance

Oddly enough, not everyone loves the same fragrance. Try to find out what smells your mother prefers, whether it's the same smell that you remember from your childhood or it has changed. And make her a surprise, give her the favorite bottle! 

Three bottles of perfume

30. Perfume

Perfume water and perfume are different things. And as an experienced woman, your mother probably understands this difference. 

Round mirror reflecting women's hands with a bottle of spray

31. Taking care of the face

This is one of the most vulnerable parts of our body. There is a mass of muscles and nerve endings under the facial skin. There are even several skin types here. Therefore, facial care should be multifaceted. 

Skin care products on the table

To make the house cozy

When a mother lets her children go into adulthood, she finally has time for herself. The next few items on the gift list are those that will help her relax and feel at home easily and comfortably. 

32. Pajamas

Sleep is very important. And how often we can't afford to prolong this state any longer – there's always something we need to do right now. But even if such an opportunity appears, we automatically get up and change into a daytime outfit – that's exactly at this moment our body wakes up completely. Give mom super comfortable pajamas so she doesn't want to take them off, especially if she doesn't need to leave the house or meet guests. 

Woman in green home dress

33. Slippers

Soft fluffy slippers will give your mom's feet a full rest. 

Women's feet in white slippers

34. Soft towels

How great it is to wrap up after a shower or bath in a big fluffy towel and soak up a little more in it, indulging in idleness. Give a couple of these to your beloved mother. She deserved a few extra minutes of rest and bliss. 

Two white towels

35. Plush bathrobe

This is a dream gift! Wrap yourself in it, sit on the veranda and slowly sip coffee – a picture from a movie, don't you think? Make your beautiful mother such a wonderful cozy gift! Movie or not, but she will definitely get pleasure! 

Woman in white bathrobe holding cream

Personalized gifts

Birthday is your mother's day! On this day she is a queen and a goddess, on this day everything is for her! And if so, then the gifts should be personal to her! 

36. Family portrait

Mother is the mistress of the house, the keeper of the family hearth. Give her a portrait of everyone who is close to her, everyone she has cherished and loved for many years. Moreover, the portrait is not simple, but costumed. 

A portrait of a family dressed in historical royal clothes hangs on a white wall above three vases
Family template U24 - Partially customizable portrait
Family template U24 - Partially customizable portrait
Family template U24 - Partially customizable portrait
Family template U24 - Partially customizable portrait
A portrait of a family dressed in historical royal clothes hangs on a white wall above three vases
Family template U24 - Partially customizable portrait
Family template U24 - Partially customizable portrait
Family template U24 - Partially customizable portrait
Family template U24 - Partially customizable portrait

Family template U24 - Partially customizable portrait

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37. Queen portrait

The same wonderful custom-made portrait, but only her personal one will be the perfect gift. 

Portrait of a woman dressed in regal attire stands on a gray table next to a black vase
Princess Augusta personalized female portrait
Princess Augusta personalized female portrait
Princess Augusta personalized female portrait
Princess Augusta personalized female portrait
Princess Augusta personalized female portrait
Portrait of a woman dressed in regal attire stands on a gray table next to a black vase
Princess Augusta personalized female portrait
Princess Augusta personalized female portrait
Princess Augusta personalized female portrait
Princess Augusta personalized female portrait
Princess Augusta personalized female portrait

Princess Augusta personalized female portrait

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38. Playful portrait

Does your mom have a favorite pet and a sense of humor? Then order a costumed portrait of her four-legged mischief. All you need is just to give the pet's photo to the artist. 

Portrait of a woman and a dog with a human body dressed in historical royal attires stands on a wooden shelf near books
Josephine with her Pet in attire portrait
Josephine with her Pet in attire portrait
Josephine with her Pet in attire portrait
Josephine with her Pet in attire portrait
Josephine with her Pet in attire portrait
Portrait of a woman and a dog with a human body dressed in historical royal attires stands on a wooden shelf near books
Josephine with her Pet in attire portrait
Josephine with her Pet in attire portrait
Josephine with her Pet in attire portrait
Josephine with her Pet in attire portrait
Josephine with her Pet in attire portrait

Josephine with her Pet in attire portrait

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39. Diary

Does your mother keep a diary all her life and has already filled more than one notebook? Give her the next volume and let all future entries in it be filled with only positive impressions. 

Notebook in black cover

40. Notebook

Unfortunately, our memory deteriorates with age. As the person closest to mom, you can afford to give her a notebook. If you engrave or emboss her name or, for example, a favorite poem on the cover, your gift will be one of the best. 

An open notebook lies on a table in front of a vase of flowers

41. A set of original mugs

You can personalize them in different ways. If you give mom a set of mugs with the image of each family member – parents, husband, children and grandchildren, then she will be even happier to wait for everyone to visit. 

To a modern woman

Life goes on, changes and dictates its own rules. It's the age of high technology and your mom will absolutely not be hindered by modern gadgets or new accessories. 

42. Phone

Before giving such an intimate thing, find out what she likes more – a smartphone or an iPhone, and only then go to the store. 

The hand is holding a smartphone

43. Phone case

When buying a new phone case for mom as a gift, choose an original pattern to her taste, or even place her photo or family photo on it. 

Hand holding a smartphone in a case

44. Laptop

It is unlikely that your mother does not have a computer; a rare family can now do without this miracle of technology. But if you have a financial opportunity, then please your mother with a brand new laptop. The light and powerful model will surely appeal to her. 

The laptop stands on a wooden table against the background of balls of threads

45. Laptop case

If your mom already has a laptop, then get a case or a special bag for it. So she will be able to take it with her to the park or to the cottage without the risk of harming something.

Laptop and case lie on the bed

46. Charger

Often staying long in the city on business, we find ourselves almost without communication if the charging of the smartphone is at zero. Give your mom a powerful mobile charger for her birthday, so that in the future her everyday life could no longer be overshadowed by such a nuisance. 

 Charger on a white surface

47. Laptop stand

Does your mom already have everything? And what about mobile laptop table? Outside the house it will be very convenient to have it on hand. 

48. Watch

Modern watch models have many functions that we did not even dream of a few years ago – mobile communication, weather forecast, the ability to find a lost gadget and much more. Give your mother such a necessary thing, and she will be able to feel confident in any situation. 

Black clock lies on a white background

49. Headset

Does your mom feel confident driving a car? Then she just needs a high-quality headset so as not to be distracted on the road and avoid unexpected situations. 

Laptops and headphones are on the table

Whatever gift you choose – big or small, expensive or economical, practical or sentimental – it will be valuable for your mother! This is how you express your care and love to her, because, no matter how banal it may sound, still not a gift is expensive, but attention!