7 Ideas For Making Your Living Room Stylish and Attractive

Do you agree that the living room is a place to get all your family together to spend some free time watching movies, having dinner on some special occasion or just having a chat? However, it is also a room where most guests form a lasting impression of your home. So, let’s try to find ways to make it really personal and full of tenderness, care and comfort at the same time. That coffee table, sofa, a stylish spot for the TV and bookstand or bookshelves are some of the standard elements that make your living room elegant, but there is a huge choice of other details that can transform your living space into something really stylish.

Portrait of a family of four members in royal attires hangs on a white wall

1. A personalized canvas of your family.

Well, it is a great conversation piece and a way to create a unique atmosphere in your home. From a vast variety of templates based on royalty portraits, you can always choose one to become a personalized canvas art piece for your family revealing the best of you. It is a well-known fact that every carefully designed room should have walls that exude some sense of love and personality, which can be achieved using large pieces of canvas wall art of your family.

Moreover, here is a good hint for you that is bound to sweep your guests off their feet. Your pet portraits on canvas always bring out lots of emotions, which is especially true when it comes to children who see them.

So, why not send us a couple of pictures of your beloved family or pets to let us make a portrait from a photograph to make you and your guests smile and admire this custom portrait hanging in your living room?

Please also keep in mind that while you may desire to work with accent colors on the wall, make sure you identify a color scheme that you will work and make sure what you settle on is your first love. And we are always here to help you with the best color scheme when designing your personalized canvas prints.

There is a white sofa with brown fur and a carpet of white fur on the floor in the room
There is a white sofa with brown fur and a carpet of white fur on the floor in the room

2. Faux Furs

Any designer knows and takes advantage of the effects that additional texture can have when trying to create a nice-looking room. Faux fur throws or hides add that feeling of tenderness and softness against the hard edges of the walls, floor, and furniture. Have you ever noticed that layering the hide over the back of the sofa creates a welcoming illusion? 

Black tray with candles, book, flower and ashtray

3. Trays

Trays are commonly used to accommodate small items and accessories, but these are also useful extras worth having in your home and not just in the kitchen. You can use various designs to decorate your living room, placing the trays on your coffee table and using candles, a vase of flowers, travel memoirs, or books. Mix up the items playing around with their size, thickness, height, color, and textures so that you have a creative and exciting display on your tray.

Two white candles stand on the table and one candle stands on a stack of books

4. Candles

When long autumn and winter nights come, you can opt not to rely on the electric light and switch to the old ways of the candlelight. Who can ever deny that candles can be used to create different moods as the sun goes to bed? If you decide on aromatherapy candles, these will also make you feel relaxed after a long and busy day. The market can offer you a vast range of different styles, colors, and scents; the same goes for the candleholders. 

Stack of books on the table against the background of the bookcase

5. Books 

Do you love books the way we do? In this day and age, people are much too addicted to electronic devices and mobiles. Well, placing a few classic and captivating literature on the coffee table will become such a nice touch for your guests. And here’s another splendid idea for you: why not let your guests flick through the books when they are seated at the coffee table as you brew them a hot cup.

Plants in white pots against a blue wall

6. Plants

Have you noticed that house plants are always a trendy element used in design? We have! From leafy greens to colors bloomers, some plants in the living room will not only add some comfort and pleasant atmosphere to any style but will also help to purify the air. Just remember to water them and show them some care.

Orange sofa with colorful cushons against a black wall

7. Cushions

We adore them! Cushions are now an item of everyday luxury that accomplish spaces ranging from living rooms and bedrooms to outdoor seating areas.

Mixing and matching these decorative pillows actually requires a little bit of know-how to get them looking just right. So just ‘Throw cushions’ won’t work.

So, try to experiment and you’ll see that once arranged in a perfect way, cushions will not only make your sofa or bed look great, they will make it look so cozy too. And needless to say that cushions are one of the most cost-effective ways to refresh your home.

BTW, you can always ask us for a digital version of any portrait from a photograph to print it out on cushions making your interior look so special.