7 Gift Ideas for Boss’s Day

Anyone who was lucky to work with a talented and kind-hearted boss is impatiently waiting for an occasion to thank them for their kindness. It may be a valuable gift or something practical which will remind them of your loyalty and respect. However, remember that it is important to take into consideration personality and tastes of the gift recipient, respect personal boundaries and subordination, and avoid giving meaningless trifles which will be kept in the furthest corner of a closet. We’ve made a list of 7 thoughtful ideas for Boss’s day gifts that will please any boss. 

1 Touch of Elegance

You might choose an expensive fountain pen as a perfect gift for any boss. This pen is so nice to hold and to show their business partners. Think what will suit your boss’s personality better: a classical design in silver or gold, a pen with wooden or even stone inserts for him or delicate decoration with semi-precious stones for her. 

Silver-tone fountain pen with gold details and carvings

Fountain pens can be sold in beautiful cases so you can order to put custom engraving on it. You can buy a stylish business card holder or a case for personal seal as well.

2 With Deep Respect

If you’re going to celebrate your boss’s retirement or a significant victory in business, you might need a larger and more appreciable gift. This could be a custom portrait. You can order your boss’s portrait as a Napoleon, Julius Caesar or an aristocrat and for creation of such an artwork you’ll only need to place your order and send a good photo of your boss. All the rest will be done by PopArtYou designers who will create a unique portrait which will become a true décor gem which will add chic to your boss’s office or home. 

Portrait of a man in a laurel wreath, armor and a red cloak hangs on a white wall above the sofaGreek & Roman Men Portraits

3 Cute Souvenir

In case you need to buy a gift for a Boss’s Day and your budget is rather tight, you can order a custom print or find some inspirational presents online. These could be:

· a mug with an inscription ‘Tears of my competitors’;
· a key ring ‘Medal for the Best Boss’;
· a poster or sign plate saying something like ‘You’re here due to your hard work, creativeness and managing skills. Well done!’

Choose your variant be it hilarious, sentimental or respectful, and your boss will love such a custom gift.

Sign with the inscription MAKE THIS DAY GREAT!

4 Peace and Quiet

A sure Boss’s Day gift option is a piece of beauty and placidity. Look for a nice bonsai for a meditation lover or a stylish wooden aroma diffuser if your boss is into aromatherapy. Another option maybe a smart squeeze stress relief ball with a related app included so they can track their grip strength via the hidden sensor inside. If your boss relieves stress by putting everything in order in their office, you can give them some ultra-modern or vintage office accessories which will definitely add inspiration to your superior.

There is a photo frame and a globe on the shelf, and in front of the frame is a book with a mug on it

5 Winner’s Drink

Bosses often have business dinners with partners so you can give a bottle of expensive whisky or bourbon as a gift. Another option is a set of beverage chilling stones or a wine set. If your boss doesn’t drink alcohol, you can give them a package of a rare coffee blend or green tea gift pack. It’s a great choice that will suit any person. 

Man's hand with a wristwatch pours brown liquid from a bottle into a glass

6 Memorable Jewelry

One of the best Boss’s memorable gifts is a piece of jewelry. A male boss will be happy to get beautiful and expensive cuff links or a watch, and a female boss will love a charm bracelet. You can order custom cuff-links with engraved boss’s initials or the name of the company, or add symbolic charms to the woman’s bracelet, for example a plane, the world tree or a triumphant wreath. 

A wrist watch with a brown strap lies on the dial of a larger watch

7 Funny Trifles

If you are in good relationship with your boss and are willing to give them a gift with a hint of humor, choose something symbolic:

• a gamepad for the boss who likes to control and monitor everything;
 • mood calendar with funny emoji for the boss who is often a bit down and exhausted;
• paper weight decision maker for the boss who feels that there’s too much weight on their shoulders;
 • moody cards as a perfect gift for bosses who love sarcastic comebacks, this flip pad comes with some hilarious retorts, as well as a wipe-clean blank page for their own brand of humor.

Black joystick on blue background

The best gifts for Boss’s day are those that have been chosen with attention and love to the business you do together. Inspire your boss and develop with them. Have a happy Boss’s day!