6 Labor Day Gift Ideas

Hard work and professionalism should always be encouraged, and Labor Day is a good reason to compliment your colleagues and family. Usually companies give their employees small souvenirs as gifts, staff give presents to their bosses, and thankful clients make gifts to their favorite managers. We’ve made a list of 6 useful recommendations of how to choose gifts for Labor Day that your gift recipient will like. 

1 Energy for New Horizons

One of the most symbolic gifts for Labor Days is the one connected with coffee or tea. Choose a stylish thermocup, package of rich coffee or unique tea blend. Days which start with a tasty energizing drink will be full of inspiration and efficiency.

A white cup stands on a white saucer, a drink in the cup with the inscription Good Morning

2 Care for Travelers

If your colleague or friend often goes on business trips, accessories for comfortable travels will be an ideal gift. Depending on the money you’re planning to spend this could be a travel pillow, moisturizing travel collection for planes or even a watch with several clock faces. 

Men's wristwatch in silver color

3 Personalized Gift

If you want to bring attention to professional accomplishments of a person on Labor Day, there’s a great gift idea from PopArtYou: you can order a personalized pet portrait showing their beloved pup or cat wearing their uniform. All you need is to send a pet’s photo to a team of designers, and they will use it for creating an attractive and funny artwork which will become a memorable Labor Day decoration paying honors to your friend’s hard work. 

Shepherd dog lies on a red sofa, next to the sofa there is a portrait of a shepherd dog dressed as a policemanShepherd dog lies on a red sofa, next to the sofa there is a portrait of a shepherd dog dressed as a policeman

4 Good Rest

Those who work hard need to have a good rest. That’s why a picnic set is a great Labor Day idea. Another variant is that you can present a set of spices for a barbecue, bottle of good wine or delicious cake with a congratulatory inscription for all guests who have gathered to celebrate this holiday. 

Picture of picnic basket with different products inside

5 Attention to Details

A gift which will make working life of a person easier is also a wonderful variant of corporate giftware or a present from family and friends. Think about the downsides of your friend’s work and choose one of the following gifts:

· Massaging foot insoles or relaxing lotion fighting varix dilatation for those who spend their whole days standing up or on the run;
· Ear plugs for those who work in a noisy office; ·
 Music selection for those who spend lots of their working time driving or doing creative tasks.

A gift made with attention to their needs will please anybody and will allow them enjoy their work a bit more.

A hand holds a plastic container containing earplugs

6 Memorable Moments

You can make a personalized plate with a list of your family member or friend’s victories to show how much they’ve achieved. Include the years of education and work, a number of successfully accomplished tasks and other details of career progress. You can also celebrate Labor Day wearing personalized T-shirts or caps and flags with prints like ‘Love my Job’, ‘Proud to be a … (Teacher, Doctor, etc.)’, ‘Hard Working American’, or other motivational slogans you like.