29 Cool Ideas for a Modern Teenage Guy's Room

Teenager jumping on a skateboard

A child's teenage years are a headache for parents and a test of their nervous system. And yet, as adults, parents must find common ground with the teenage world of their child.Any teenager needs a refuge from the outside world, his own personal space where a growing up child could arrange everything to his liking. At the same time, it should also be a place of study, which means it's time to start finding compromises between adolescent requirements, aesthetics and functionality of the room. Even if your tastes and preferences are far from your son's preferences, his room is his choice. Of course, it is necessary to zone the space, make the work area bright and comfortable, and the storage area functional, but the choice of overall design and arrangement of the recreation area should be given to a teenage son. If, of course, you want to maintain contact and mutual trust with your child. Remember your teenage years, you also probably rebelled, but hardly did anything irreparable.

Remember that a teenage boy's room is his fortress, a place where he can be alone or invite a group of his friends, a space where he can completely relax and be himself.

Choosing cool ideas for a teenage boy's bedroom together with your son, especially if it's a small room, remember that tastes change quite quickly at this age, so offer your child restrained wall colors so that they can be decorated with any style. In any case, paint is just paint. So using it in the design of the walls will be more appropriate than buying wallpaper.

We have selected for you some ideas of how a modern teenager's room might look and we will be glad if our list will help you and your son to arrange an ideal personal space for him.

1. Vertical storage

A teenager in a yellow T-shirt sits at a desk with a tablet in his hands

The more things will be stored vertically along the walls, the less they will be on the floor and furniture. The space under the bed will help your child easily cope with making the bed, and a personal basket for dirty things will help to avoid scattering clothes. 

2. Original lamp

Square night light on the wall

An original floor lamp or ceiling lamp is an amazing way to create the atmosphere your teenage son needs without radically changing the room's furnishings. With the help of modern lighting systems, a teen will be able to adjust the power of the light himself for reading, doing lessons, playing games or meeting friends after school. To zone the room, you can combine ceiling lighting with local devices (floor lamp, sconces, etc.).

3. Posters

A teenager girl in jeans and sneakers lies on the sofa, posters hang on the wall behind her

And what was hanging in your room when you were at your son's age? Portrait of your favorite singer or artist? So why are you against it now?

Yes, modern singers sing different songs, wear different clothes and do strange hairstyles, dying their hair in all the colors of the rainbow. But this is just a poster depicting your son's favorite singer! Don't be afraid to think outside the box, maybe then it will seem interesting to you.

4. Desktop

Ноутбук, компьютер и планшет с розовым фоном на экранах стоят на столе

A teenager's workplace should be modern and functional. Choose compact shelves, racks and drawers so that the work surface and the space around the computer are free for homework and computer games. The depth of the shelves should be suitable not only for placing textbooks and notebooks on them, but also so that a teenager can place his trophies there – baseball caps, balls, etc.

5. Cool style

There is a white table with a laptop, three white pots with plants and a table lamp on it in a bright room

Teenage nature is contradictory, with complete disorder and an abundance of warm shades in the sleeping area, they often want to see their desktop made in the loft or modern style – using cold shades and metal parts. Do not interfere with the boy to show his individuality, even if in your opinion it is a complete eclecticism. The most daring experiments are worth it so that a teenager can understand what he really likes.

6. Original wall decoration

Hangers with clothes hang on a wooden bar

To avoid frequent repairs, you can try to convince a teenager to design the main background of the walls in a neutral color and style – use paint, wall panels or put up wallpaper in the form of a brick wall, tiles or with the effect of a concrete surface. Classic photos and challenging accessories will look organically on such a wall. 

 7. Room according to the teenager's interests

Since we are talking about a room in which the teenager will permanently reside, then the design of the room should meet his interests. If he likes privacy, add a curtain around the bed. Since he is still a child, arrange a small corner with lighting and allow him to cover the walls with posters interesting to him and fill the shelves with trinkets attractive to him. To complete the image, make a map of the starry sky on the ceiling, it will be both beautiful and informative.

8. Stylish furniture with youth design

Wicker hanging chair with white seat and white cushion

The furniture in a teenager's room can no longer be children's, any of them is just sure that he is already quite an adult and understands many things much better. Especially when it comes to his parents.

To flatter his self-esteem, this, by the way, is not the worst character trait, replace a children's bunk bed with a modern bed, and replace small tables and stools with comfortable chairs or fashionable hanging chairs.

A comfortable leather swivel chair and a table with a removable table top are perfect for a teenager's room, where a company of his friends often gathers.

For the secondary processing of furniture, you can use chalk paint to organize a kind of bulletin board on the door of one of the cabinets. 

9. Everyone needs comfort

 The sun shines through the curtains on the window

Plush blankets and cozy little pillows are not the best option for a teenage boy's room, but the space still needs some elements of comfort. Light tulle curtains will be suitable for softening the brutality of the atmosphere.

10. Sleeping place at height

There is a bed with a huge model of a sailing ship hanging above it in a room with large windows

Even in a desire to appear quite grown-up, your son has not stopped loving to swing on the swing. This activity remains one of the favorites of almost everyone since childhood. Therefore, your initiative to make a sleeping place suspended will certainly be enthusiastically accepted. If a teenager still finds your idea too girly, then take care of a sufficient height of the mattress. In the future, such a bed will surely become a favorite place for gatherings with friends and just a favorite place to spend time of any kind, whether it's vacation or study.

11. Bright accents 

Room with yellow walls and brown sofa

Children in adolescence, as a rule, prefer bright colors, so the use of saturated shades in the interior of a teenage boy's room will be most welcome. But the main thing here is not to get carried away too much, so that it would be comfortable to be in it for a sufficiently long time. 

12. Lots of seats 

There are two armchairs, a small wooden table, and a black square is drawn on the white wall in the room

If you have a teenage boy in your house, then you are guaranteed a noisy company of guests. This means that there should be a lot of seats in his new room, and it is desirable that they are more or less mobile and do not occupy the entire room while the child is doing homework or spending time alone. Bag chairs, poufs or folding models may be suitable here.

13. Adult sleeping place 

Bed next to a large window

Turning a children's room into a room for a teenager, you will somehow face the need to replace the sleeping place. If the area allows, it is better to buy an adult bed right away – kids grow up very quickly and begin to consider themselves adults early enough. True, for some time a teenager will clutter up the second half of the bed, but even in this you can find a plus – according to the objects in this pile, you can always understand what is more relevant for your son at the moment.

14. Blank canvas 

Woman and child in white shirts doing repairs

Give the teenager the opportunity to express himself creatively – just paint the walls of the room with a simple white paint and allow your son to repaint them to his liking. Most likely, for several years you will periodically get into an unfamiliar room, but sooner or later the teenager will grow up. He will decide on his preferences and stop at some single style in interior design. 

15. Male approach 

The bed stands near a matte gray-green wall, at the other end of the bed there is a large window

Gray, dark blue and dark green shades will look awesome in the bedroom of the future man. Such a color palette will always remain relevant, especially if you persuade a teenager to add geometric patterns to the design. Although you don't have to. Time flies fast, children grow up even faster. Sooner or later, a grown-up teenager will make the interior of his bedroom more restrained. 

16. Choose double furniture

If a teenage boy lives in your house, then it will be most relevant to purchase such furniture for his room that can perform two or even three functional tasks with a lot of drawers, shelves and other hidden places.

17. Add bright lighting

 Room with vintage furniture and yellow lighting

With the help of the original lighting and illumination system, the teenager's room will acquire even greater individuality – a ceiling lighting system, individual light sources (floor lamps, table lamps, etc.), and neon lights, presented in such a variety on the shelves of modern stores, can be used here. 

18. Zoning

Zoning in a bright large room

We have already mentioned the need to zone the space, now we will focus on this in more detail. Dividing a room for a teenager into separate zones (work, recreation area, sleeping area, etc.) makes the room more comfortable and functional. A little effort and the child will learn not to throw textbooks and notebooks in the recreation area and not to carry chips and sandwiches to the desktop. The need to observe the boundaries between the zones will help the child to become a bit more organized and minimally maintain order in his room. 

19. Attic 

Bright room in the attic with large windows

Teenagers at all times sought to escape from home to some basement or attic. It is worth giving their future bedroom features similar to these popular places, as your child may well prefer to stay at home, and even shelter a motley company.

20. Rustic style 

 Small room with wooden boarded walls

Finishing with dark woods is one of the best ways to decorate a teenage boy's room in a masculine and rustic style. The latter is not only characterized by its environmental friendliness, but also captivates with a combination of simplicity and elegance. This style of interior is suitable for a teenager who likes to spend time outdoors. 

21. Garage

Motorcycle in spacious garage

Garages are also the place of attraction for teenage boys as attics and basements, so the corresponding interior of his room, imitating garage floors, shelves mounted on a bare wall and a shabby, rusted surface of the walls, is likely to be welcomed by the student. And stylized vintage metal furniture and a small motorcycle as a seat will only add the right atmosphere. 

22. Library

Book spines on the shelf

If your teenage son likes to read, then having an extensive library in his room will only please him. Books on racks and shelves, books on bedside tables and chairs, books at the head of the bed and on window sills, books everywhere are a paradise for a teenager who is passionate about reading. And yes, the parents of your teenage boy's classmates will envy you. 

23. Film enthusiast 

Hairdresser's chair against the background of a shelf and a wall on which a large mirror and posters hang

Modern films for teenagers are made in such quality and with so many special effects that it is almost impossible to protect them from the hobby of cinema, and it's not worth it, because the forbidden fruit is the sweetest. It is better to support this hobby of the child. Firstly, this is one of the most harmless hobbies, and secondly, so you can keep your finger on the pulse and, even if not much, but still control his ideas and impulses, and in some ways even predict. So let the teenager surround himself with posters of famous movie actors, figures of favorite characters and recordings of popular films. 

24. Athlete's room

Orange ball with black pattern

It is unlikely that there will be many teenage boys who would not be interested in any kind of sport, be it chess or football. And, of course, when designing his future room, a teenager will not resist and will drag there a variety of objects with sports symbols – skis, balls, boots, etc., not to mention posters with famous athletes. The color shades in the design of the room will of course belong to his favorite team, but the bench from the team's home stadium may well come as a surprise to you.

One of the few and most obvious tips in this situation can only be a recommendation to place such trophies not in cabinets shared with books and textbooks, but on separate shelves. 

25. Rock star 

Man in jeans and a plaid shirt holding a guitar

If your teenager is a fan of rock music, be prepared for noisy companies of like-minded people, loud music and the appearance of musical instruments and other attributes of passion in the interior of his new room. 

26. Future scientist 

A teenager in a yellow T-shirt sits at a white table against a gray wall

A teenager who is fond of science is fine, it is, at the present time, a rarity enough to rejoice at his appearance in the family and provide all possible support. And to organize a wall with a chalkboard so that the future scientist has someplace to write down tasks and equations should not make problems. 

27. Hanging furniture

A super idea for decorating a bedroom for a teenage boy is a comfortable and functional hanging furniture. The suspended bed can be used both for sleeping and for his favorite entertainment – swinging on a swing. When arranging hanging furniture in a teenager's room, take care of his safety and buy chains in the store – then the bed will definitely remain "on the fly" for a long time. 

28. Personal souvenirs 

Everyone has their own sentimentality zone, a teenager in this regard is even more vulnerable than an adult due to the lack of life experience. Therefore, you should not immediately throw out all the children's trinkets that occupied the shelves in his children's room. Sooner or later they will lose their relevance anyway and they will need to be removed. But even then, do not rush to throw them out. Turning into fully grown adults, they will still be able to appreciate this opportunity to plunge into their carefree childhood. 

29. Portrait 

A unique decoration of a teenage boy's room will be his custom portrait made according to one of his best photos. If your son is interested in history, make a portrait of him in a costume of one of the epochs, if he wants to become a scientist or a doctor, dress him in a white coat, and if he dreams of space travel, then a portrait in a spacesuit will perfectly fit into the interior of his room.

Portrait of a boy dressed in blue regal attire hanging on a blue wall
The Blue Boy personalized portrait
The Blue Boy personalized portrait
The Blue Boy personalized portrait
The Blue Boy personalized portrait
Portrait of a boy dressed in blue regal attire hanging on a blue wall
The Blue Boy personalized portrait
The Blue Boy personalized portrait
The Blue Boy personalized portrait
The Blue Boy personalized portrait

The Blue Boy personalized portrait

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