14 Best Baby Shower Gifts

A newborn baby makes the world brighter and that’s why we love Baby Shower parties so much. Gifts for such a big event will make future parents’ life easier and will entertain a baby. As it’s not so easy to find cute yet useful presents, we’ve made a list of 14 great Baby Shower gifts which will bring joy to most families. 

Male hands hold female hands and female hands hold baby feet

How to Choose a Gift: General Advice

If this is your first Baby Shower and you don’t know the basics, here are a few tips:

 • Useful gifts which can help parents with a baby during the first months of their life are more than welcome;
• Close people can make a heartfelt present with a symbolic meaning:
• A gift can be made not only to a baby but to a mom to be as well;
• A beautiful gift that will last for long and not only be relevant for the nearest few months of baby’s life is a good idea as well.

 Try to find out if there is a wish list made by parents and if they already know the baby’s gender. You should also take into account religious traditions that are followed by the family. Try to make a nice all-in-one gift that both parents and a baby will like. Don’t buy anything big without prior discussion with the parents as well as any interior design items, too private or gender oriented gifts (in case you still don’t know the baby’s gender). A gift should be pretty, useful and neutral. Here are our examples of Baby Shower gift ideas.

1 Photo Album

Families love to record every movement and every step of their babies and put all these precious pictures into a family album. That’s why such an item would be a perfect gift for a Baby Shower. Choose a cute album tailored to keep baby’s pictures. 

A woman and a child are holding a photo album and watching it

2 Family Portrait

In case a family decided to hold a Baby Shower after a baby is born, you can create a unique personalized family portrait with a newborn baby with the help of designers from PopArtYou. A refined Renaissance artwork will become a focus point in home décor and a great gift for the family. In case the baby is still expected, you can order a portrait of a happy couple. 

A portrait of a woman, a man and two children in royal costumes hangs on a brown wall next to two vasesThe man has a child in white clothes on his lap, and the man holds a book

3 Parenting Book

A textbook for new parents will definitely be of great help. Look for a book with latest advice on baby feeding, bathing, walking and parents doing house chores without going nuts. There are plenty of books on child-rearing, traditional or modern, witty or encouraging, informative or entertaining. Choose the one which suits your friends’ tastes and they’ll surely be happy to get it as a gift. 

The man has a child in white clothes on his lap, and the man holds a book

4 Storybook for Little Children 

It’s a great gift which can be kept in the family as these stories can be read not only to babies but to older children as well. Choose classical fairy tales or new stories with colorful pictures which will make a book shelf more attractive for children. 

A child in a striped shirt and a gray hat lies on the sofa and looks at a book

5 Baby Bedding

A set of cot sheets and a comforter made from 100% organic cotton and decorated with a cute pattern will always come in handy in a nursery room. It’s a good gift for a Baby Shower even if you’re not close friends with a new mom and dad. And even if somebody else will make a similar present, it won’t be so bad as cot sheets are always needed. 

Toy elephant sits on a stack of towels

6 Bathing Set

Choose a cute set of baby care containing soft towels, delicate baby lotion, safe baby powder and a cute bath ducky. Set your eyes on care products containing natural extracts of chamomile, lavender and mint which will calm a baby and relax their tired parents. 

Hands with red manicure wash baby's feet in a baby bath

7 Toys for a Babe

If you can’t find anything practical, a toy is a great way out. You can look for a soft toy or silicone teethers to help a baby with their new teeth. There’s a wide range of such toys in the shape of funny animals, fruit and goodies. 

Plastic blue-yellow sheep

8 Cute Clothes

Dads and moms to be will always welcome baby clothes as there’s never enough of them. Choose some zipper pajamas, rompers and hats with funny prints which will become a perfect addition for baby’s essentials. If parents are expecting a baby boy, you can look for clothes of calm blue and green shades, and if it’s going to be a baby girl, go for pink and lilac colors. Anyway, stylish and practical clothes will be a great Baby Shower present.

Baby clothes lie on the changing table against the background of a crib

9 Giving a New Mom a Bit of Comfort

Present a new mom with a body care kit. She might need a body lifting cream, a stretch mark cream or even relaxing massage oils. Make sure that all body care products are hypoallergenic. Pregnancy spa treatment for a mom to be can be called a truly unique gift. Let a future new mother take time to nourish her body and mind with a pre-natal spa retreat or pre-natal massage. Each of such pregnancy treatments has been carefully designed to the ultimate care of mommy-to-be allowing her to calm down and be ready for the birth of her child.

Brown cosmetic bottles are next to the sink

 10 Nice Trifles for New Parents

If you’re just an acquaintance or a colleague of any of parents to be, you can make a small gift:

• T-shirts with inscriptions like ‘First time dad’, ‘First time mom’, ‘Daddysaurus Rex and Mommysaurus Rex’, etc.;
• Mugs ‘Keep calm and drink tea’
• Candles with relaxing scents.

 If you’re not invited to a party, you and your colleagues or friends can gather nice and useful trifles for parents to be into a basket. They’ll be happy to get such a present even if they’re not going to throw a party.

 Postcard with the inscription Mom and a gift bag on a pink background

11 Educational Toys

Babies grow by leaps and bounds and very soon a toddler will need educational toys. Look for colorful wooden shape sorters, rock-a-stacks, and wooden cubes. These simple structures made of large elements can be built and then dismantled. Natural materials and forms of such toys are in great trend right now. 

A woman lies and looks at a laptop, a girl sits next to her and plays with toys

12 Basket of Healthy Food

If may be a lovely idea to care about future mom’s health and give her a basket of fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks as a gift. Check whether your pregnant friend is allergic to something and exclude this from the basket. Such a gift is a good way out for last-minute invitations when you don’t have time to look for something special for a baby. 

Basket with fruits and berries

13 Everything Under Control

If you’re a close friend or a family member, you can discuss with parents to be a purchase of latest gadgets for baby surveillance. These could be newest models of baby monitors, CCTV cameras, paid applications or any other applicable gadgets and IT novelties.

A baby in a white sweater lies on the bed

14 Nice Trifles for a Baby

During the first months when a new baby is born, parents aren’t ready for a shopping spree as they will have other things to worry about. That’s why baby tableware, a comfortable baby-carrier and other small things will make new parents’ life easier. You can make a gift which is not too private, and it’ll come in useful.
Useful tip: if a mommy-to-be already has children, find out what she lacked when her first baby was born and buy it for her.

Children's food table with an elephant-shaped food container

Have a great shopping and a happy Baby Shower party!