13 Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

Our grandparents fill our childhood with happiness making days full of warmth and cheer. That’s why we want to express our gratitude with the help of nice gifts especially when Grandparents Day is coming. Accessories for a more convenient life, sentimental souvenirs, and things for quality time spent together, these are 13 interesting gift ideas that might help you find a present that will make your grandparents’ day. 

For a Thoughtful Granny

If your grandmother adores cooking treats for the whole family, buy her some beautiful kitchenware. For example, funny bakery molds, an emoji smiley face pancake pan or confectionary tools for dessert decoration. Such a gift will become a great compliment for her cooking skills and will inspire her to make something tasty for you more often!

A kitchen area with fruits, bottles and a lamp on the counter, and a blender, pot, pan and ingredients on the table

For an Intellectual Granddad

If your grandfather likes spending time with their grandsons playing interesting games and chatting, give him a gift for some quality time together. What do you like most or is there something lacking in your family game collection? Look for a Go or Hive game set with a nice design. Or maybe you’ll like to race your cars in Need for Speed or F1 on your Xbox together. 

Chess board and black chess pieces on orange background

Family Portrait as a Memento

A personalized couple portrait in Renaissance style will become a real surprise gift for your grandparents. Let them feel aristocratic and regal. PopArtYou designers will use photos of your loved ones and add their faces to a chosen template in royal attire or any other outfit of your choice. The result will look splendid and will surely become an endless conversation topic for your grandparents’ friends. 

Portrait of a couple dressed in historical regal clothes hanging on a blue wall over a white table
An elderly couple holding a portrait of themselves dressed in golden royal attires
Queen Victoria and diplomat portrait
Queen Victoria and diplomat portrait
Queen Victoria and diplomat portrait
Queen Victoria and diplomat portrait
Portrait of a couple dressed in historical regal clothes hanging on a blue wall over a white table
An elderly couple holding a portrait of themselves dressed in golden royal attires
Queen Victoria and diplomat portrait
Queen Victoria and diplomat portrait
Queen Victoria and diplomat portrait
Queen Victoria and diplomat portrait

Queen Victoria and diplomat portrait

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New Adventures

Allow your grandma and granddad enjoy themselves and have a wonderful time traveling after the tiresome lockdown period. What do they like more: resting on a seashore, visiting the country’s most famous tourist attractions, or spending a weekend in a big city going out to a theatre show, a gallery exhibition and then to a luxurious restaurant? Choose something that will suit your relatives’ lifestyle, and they will definitely love their gift holiday. 

Sea, sandy beach, palm trees, blue sky with clouds

Body Care

Weariness builds up with age so revitalizers will be a wonderful gift for your grandparents. Buy them orthopedic pillows or massage slippers, a bath set with ultra-nourishing moisturizers and lifting serums. Looking and feeling younger will add your loved ones energy and high spirits. 

Two body care bottles stand on a stone stand

Family Tree

There is an interesting Grandparents Day gift idea for close-knit families - you can create a stylish family tree in the form of a poster, a family album or even 3-D figurine. You can use photos, images, names, dates and facts. Choose a ready-made stylish item that can be filled with your pictures or order your own variant where you can choose all the details based on your own preferences. 

Family tree print on white background

Memorable Moments

If your grandfather or grandmother love taking photos of exciting moments during their travel or at family gatherings, you can give them a high-quality camera as a gift. This will allow your relatives make these mementos even more impressive and colorful. 

There is a camera on a stack of books

Nice Trifles

A Grandparents Day gift doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, it will be enough to express your love and attention to your loved ones. Order a mug with your photo together, a personalized inscription and warm wishes. 

There are a beige mug and a cookie on the table

Warm Memories

Old folks usually say that they've got everything they need so it's really difficult to find a practical gift. However, there’s a way out as you can create a sentimental memento. Make a unique wall-art or some other décor item with your own hands or order something personalized. This could be a stylishly framed image of their very first house, their beloved pet, a place where they’ve met for the first time or these images can become an embroidered picture, finger painting or a wood figurine. Remember to sign the artwork and add a card with warm words. 

Painting depicting a lighthouse, sea and seagulls

Always by Your Side

As Grandparents Day isn’t really a very big holiday like Christmas or Birthday, a small gift expressing your love and gratitude will be enough. What will your relatives want from their grandkid? A grandma may like a pendant with your photo and a grandpa will cherish a bracelet charm which will show them that you are very closely knit even when you aren’t around. 

Golden chain with a heart-shaped pendant

Affectionate Attention

Most probably your granny and granddad have taught you some useful trades and skills which they liked themselves. Why don’t you remember the old days and make a relevant gift? Does your grandma like knitting? Then a selection of high-quality yarn will come in handy. Does your grandpa love puttering around the garage? A new full set of car tools will bring him a lot of joy. Create a new delightful memory of doing things together, and this will become the best gift ever for your beloved grandma and grandpa. 

A hand in a green household glove holds three garden tools

All for House and Home

Express your love and care by giving your grandparents something for their everyday comfort. These could be socks with funny prints, cozy pajamas, or a beer coaster set. When in doubt, go with a funny gift you know will make your grandparents laugh! For instance, a pair of socks for a grandpa which says, “If you can read this, bring me a cold beer.”

Grey-black socks with white lettering

A Bit of Inspiration

If your loved ones keep delaying some new beginnings, you can choose a gift that will encourage and inspire them. They might need a yoga mat or special shoes for dancing classes, an educational book or a tool kit for a new hobby. 

There are red sandals with heels on the floor against the background of white chairs

Choosing a gift remember about your grandparents’ personality, and basing on it make an emphasis on humor, sentimentality or efficiency. And bear in mind that it doesn’t matter how much a gift costs, your love and attention will matter much more than the gift price.