13 Design Ideas for Small Bedroom

There’s no place like home even if you live in a tiny studio or attic. To improve your leisure time spent at home, you can choose an ergonomic and stylish design for it. We’ve prepared 13 simple design ideas for a small bedroom that will make your home cozier and more spacious. 

A bright room with a wardrobe with mirror, a workspace, a sleeping place on the second floor and a window.

1 Minimizing Bed Space

We all love slugging in a large bed but when it comes to a tiny bedroom or studio, it’s better to save as much space as possible. Choose one of the following hacks:

· Use Murphy bed
· Build a raised floor where you can put a comfy rug and cushions for watching movies alone or with friends. Add a pull-out bed below;
· Buy a sleeper sofa.

People who prefer solitude can use classic single beds.

Room with a window, a pull-out bed and a flower in a pot

2 Built-In Drawers

We recommend you to use a small room space to the fullest. Choose a bedside-table, a tea table and even a bed with built-in drawers. You can put your small things in there. 

 A bright room with a large window, a bed with white and blue linens and a bedside table

You can also use open wall shelves in minimalistic design for books, cosmetics and decoration items. Such furniture doesn’t eat up space and allows to use vertical surfaces in the most useful way.

A bright room with a large window, a bed with white and blue linens, a white carpet and shelves on a brick wall

3 Decorations and Wall-Art

Filling up a small room with hundreds of pretty trifles is not a very good idea as it makes the space look really cramped. You can use color accents on vertical surfaces as a decoration technique. One of examples of creative wall-art is a portrait. Designers can add your face and the face of your pet into a Renaissance portrait. Such an artwork will add flair of creativity and humor into your home décor. 

Portrait of two dogs with female bodies in neoclassical style stands on the bedside table next to the bedA room with an abstract pattern on one of the walls and a white wardrobe

Another great idea is to combine plain wallpaper with bright and colorful insertions. This technique will help to divide space and liven it up. If your bedroom has low ceilings, use insertions with vertical lines and patterns. If your bedroom is narrow, you can deepen its space with horizontal lines and patterns. This is one of the ways to freshen up your private space on the budget. 

A room with an abstract pattern on one of the walls and a white wardrobe

There are some more options of how you can decorate walls in your bedroom:

· Curate a gallery wall with photos over your bed.
· Make a mural with big patterns of palm leaves, flowers or abstract shapes;
· Use mirrors and light-reflecting surfaces;
· Order an artwork with an uplifting slogan and a nice design.

Carefully chosen details like a clock or artworks will make your bedroom look cozy and trendy. Choose your style and use your imagination to create your own cubby.

4 Kingdom of Mirrors

You can use big-size mirrors to add more light to a room. There can be a tall and narrow looking-glass near book shelves, a horizontal one over your bed or stylish mirror installation on the main wall. Adding a dressing table in your bedroom is also a good idea. Reflecting surfaces will make your bedroom space look bigger and more full of light. 

 A dark-skinned girl with curly hair lies on a white bed against the background of a mirror and a bedside table with flowers in pots

5 Fairy Garden

Add some tropical plants to your bedroom in order to make it look cozier. They won’t only create a ‘green zone’ there but will also produce oxygen for you. Plants with flowers are better for a living room while plants with big juicy green leaves are better for a bedroom as they create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.  

A flower in a pot stands on a wooden stool next to the bed

Pay attention to the design of flower pots and stands as they are also important design elements of a small bedroom. You can use plant hangers if you don’t want to occupy too much of floor. 

6 Suitable Furniture

Think over your priorities as there are 2 major options in the design interior of a small bedroom. If you need to fit in as many personal belongings as possible, then multifunctional furniture is your best choice. Built-in wardrobes and shelves will organize your space in a great way. 

 Light room with bed and work desk, gray wall with shelves and a picture of a horse

A loft bed with a desk for studying or a wardrobe for clothes below is also a wonderful space saver. If you want to make your room look more spacious and full of light, then convertible furniture, open clothes hanging unit and transparent plastic chairs and a table will suit you best of all. All these items will let the light go through and won’t constrain space that much.

A room with a black partition, from behind which the bed and air conditioning are visible

7 Lighting Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Correct placing of lighting spots can also make small space look bigger. One source of diffused light on the ceiling and a few sconces on different walls will save space and will give the room enough lamplight. And of course there should also be local light spots at your bed and desk. 

The room has a mirror, bedside table, bed and pendant lamp

To create festive and relaxing mood, you can use colorful strings of lights and night illumination near your bed. This will help create intimate space and it’s also a good way out for those who can’t sleep in complete darkness. One more idea of additional lighting design in a small bedroom is the installation of disco lights or a disco ball.

8 Use the Wall

Lots of people don’t use space above their beds. There are several things you can put there. First of all, this can be a mirror, then a shelf for books, plants and small things. But be careful and leave some space between a bed and a wall so that heavy objects wouldn’t hurt you in case a shelf falls. 

 A bed with white linens stands against a white wall with a storage niche and four paintings.

9 Cozy Windowsill

Use all horizontal space in the room. A small area under the window can be turned into a book shelf, makeup table or comfortable daybed. Upholster a windowsill with some comfy fabric or just add cushions or pillows, and voila – your daybed is ready!

 A corner of a room with two windows, a Netflix TV hanging on the wall, a wooden table made from a window sill, and two red chairs.

10 Refined Lines

 White sofa on a wicker rug against a white wall, next to the sofa a table with a white vase

To make the bedroom look more spacious, get rid of solid furniture. If you’ve preferred your bedroom to be in romantic or Provence style, choose fine forged or carved furniture elements for a bedhead, chairs, mirror frame, or balcony railings if you have one. But if your favorite style is modernism or minimalism, then a table and chairs made from transparent plastic are just fine. 

 A bright room in the attic with a white bed and a TV on the wall

11 Door with a Trick

It’s a very simple design idea that not so many people use. Choose a pocket door or a folding one as this will save quite a lot of space which otherwise would have been used for the opening of a standard door. 

12 Heating Ideas

One more idea to save room in a tiny space: replace a standard heater with heat-insulated floor or built-in convectors. You can also place your heater on the wall by the window and not under it so that you can use place under the sill for something else. Choose a modern model of a heater as there is a wide range of its forms and colors.

 There is a white sofa in the window niche, white curtains hang on the window, and a painting on the wall

13 Space Tricks

Choose a high bed frame and organize a storage space underneath. You can also move the bed with its long side to a wall and put a canopy above. 

Two rooms are separated by an arch, one with a wall with paintings and an armchair, the other with a window with pink curtains, a bed with a red bedspread, a desk and bookshelves

And if your landlord allows you to carry out improvements or the house or apartment is of your own, then you can unite several tiny rooms and create a bigger space, for example a bedroom and a closet. Think over every inch of your bedroom and carefully organize your things. Use a balcony if you have one. Put a small table or some green plants there. All in all, no matter what changes you choose to introduce. Remember, there is a solution for everyone. Every small bedroom can be beautiful, if you design it properly.