12 Wall Décor Ideas

It’s highly unlikely that empty walls may inspire somebody to be creative and efficient. However, even if your budget is very tight, you can find great ideas that can transform a room into a cozy and beautiful place. We’ve collected 12 interesting wall décor ideas which will help you fall in love with your living or working space. 

Light wall with photographs and hat

1 Gallery Wall

A stark bare wall can be filled with a couple of vibrant accents:

· small pictures in simple frames for a living room;
· photo collage in a bedroom or study;
· panel full of photos and pictures to create zones in a studio.

You can place images in a random order or form a heart or helices. You can also use a full coverage technique putting photos, posters and pictures one after another without spaces. To make accents look better, the base should be plain and one-colored. A gallery wall looks really creative in any design style.

Gallery wall with eight framed small pictures

2 Stylish Portrait

One of the conventional ideas which still prove to win everybody’s attention is a tradition to decorate wall with paintings. If you’ve chosen classical style but would like to refresh it and make it look more contemporary, you can order a personalized portrait. It’s a fine piece of art made especially for you. Your choice may turn next to a single, family portrait or it might happen that you will find a funny portrait with pets to be your best option. PopArtYou designers will create a stylish artwork that can become a focal point in your living room. 

Portrait of three dogs in historical costumes hanging on a white wall above the fireplaceRoyal Pet Portraits

3 Kingdom of Light

You can decorate a wall of a small room with a unique mirror display. Choose a mirror composition made of several elements or an ornate framed mirror which looks like a true piece of art. Reflecting surfaces will make your room look bigger and more full of light. 

A blue painting hangs on a black wall, three mirrors hang on a white wall

4 Creative Geography

If you love traveling or keeping up-to-date with the latest news, you can put a creative geographic map on a big wall. Choose a vintage map with an effect of antique paper or a stylized variant with some added pictures on the topic. You can use a paper, textile or even painted map, add your travel details and some other decorations to make it more personalized. 

There is a laptop, a mug, an alarm clock and an organizer for stationery on the table, and prints of the continents hang on the white wall.

5 Practical Beauty

Choose laconic shelves as a wall décor and functional item. There you can keep books, candles, plants, cosmetics, figurines and other decorative things. Such variant is ideal for practical organization of limited space. Each item should perform its task to the fullest that is why it’s important to choose not only visually attractive but also functional shelves. 

There are three white shelves on the white wall with flower pots, a vase of dried flowers and a mirror

6 Window to Another World

A dull wall in a room can be figuratively ‘demolished’ with the help of a painted open window showing a flower garden, rainy street, sea landscape or an inspiring city view. You can choose any picture that will relax, energize or inspire you letting your thoughts fly to another world.

There is a niche in the wall in the form of an arch,  and there is a painting depicting a road to the mountains in a niche

7 Eco-Home

Make your home eco-friendlier and add more plants to it. To make dull walls look cozier, try these variants:

 · Stretch wire lath and allow a climbing plant to cover it;
· Make a separate shelf for flower pots;
· Hang several flower pots on different levels.

Plants will refresh walls painted in cold colors and make them look livelier.

A room with a large wall with a jungle print, a sofa on the left, an armchair on the right, and a chest of drawers with photo frames against the wall

8 Carpe Diem!

Motivation is one of the main drivers in our life, that’s why putting wise sayings on a wall may turn out to be a great décor idea. Find an inspirational slogan, add interesting sayings and quotes. Think about the style that will suit your home best. This can be:

· a painted inscription or a sticker made with a beautiful font;
· a neon sign;
· a 3-D wall-art made with rose buds, stars or other tridimensional elements;
· a framed note.

A stylish décor item can be created by an interior or graphic designer who can make a design proof and after your approval create a final product.

Wall with multicolored letters HOME

9 Use Light

To make walls look cozy and stylish not only during the day but also after the sunset, you can put string lights around art objects or hang them on a wall in a creative way. Such arranged lights will look best on a one-colored wall.

Garland with glowing bulbs and photographs on black background

10 Multi Panel Canvas

Pictures of different sizes sharing the same style can become a bright focal point if they are put on one wall. Choose an abstract wall-art, black-and-white or color photos. You can also split one large image into several fragments. 

A girl in a white shirt and blue jeans sits on a high chair near a white wall with pictures

11 Thousand Amazing Pieces

You can create a mosaic from stones, seashells, or mosaic tiles. The image may be abstract or mean something that can inspire you on a daily basis. You can also use contrasting bits of scrap wood to create your design. By combining alternating shades of wood, you can create a beautiful piece of artwork that will look stunningly on any wall. 

The bed stands against a dark wall with a large painting with abstract circles

12 In a World of Your Own

Use your professional activities or hobbies as the source of inspiration for decorating walls. Make an exposition of old photo cameras or handmade items, put musical instruments or vinyl discs on shelves, add inscriptions and pictures and this will truly become your own unique place where you’ll find peace and quiet. 

The armchair stands in the corner of the room, a cat is sitting on the armchair, and two violins and a painting are hanging on the wall.

Focus on things that make you happy and you’ll catch your inspiration!