12 Dog’s Birthday Gift Ideas

We’re always happy to celebrate the day when our furry little friend was born or joined the family. On this special day we are happy to treat our dog with something delicious and make this event a memorable one for all participants. Any party has 3 important elements: treats, entertainment and gifts. We’ve collected 12 gift ideas that will make a hit with your beloved pet. 

Brown dog in a party hat eats cream cake from the table

1 Party Cake

Of course we don’t mean regular ‘human’ cakes with chocolate as you can order a special treat with vitamins for your furry friend which won’t harm it in any way. There are several options available: · you can buy a ready-made cake in a local pet shop; · find dog cake mixes with baking accessories and a cooking instruction on a market place; · or cook a birthday treat using your own recipe based on your dog’s preferences. Dogs adore treats so such a tasty gift will be great for your pet even if it doesn’t last long.

2 Royal Status

Dog lovers never miss a chance to create a memento of their pup. One of the great options is to include a canine friend into a custom personalized portrait. Compliment your beloved pup adding it to a Renaissance picture as a king or a fair lady or even as a character in one of Andy Warhol’s artworks. Choose a nice photo of your dog and let PopArtYou designers create a luxurious and a bit ironic piece of art for you. 

T-shirt with a photo of three girls printed on itRoyal Dog Portraits

3 Dog Party

One of the best dog birthday gifts would be throwing a lively party with canine friends. It can be held in the backyard of your house or at a special dog venue like a dog park or a dog beach. Make dog treats, arrange entertainment and bring all the furry company together with their dog parents. Let the dogs cut fully loose, run, tear a couple of carton boxes and enjoy tasty dog biscuits or bones. Cute photos made at the dog party can be a nice bonus for you. 

Two dogs in party caps are sitting on a yellow sofa

4 Photoshoot with Your Pup

Well, to be honest, this is more a gift for a dog parent than a dog. You can order a professional photoshoot with a dog dedicated to any theme. You’d spend quality time with your pet and will get ideal pictures in your photo album

White dog dressed as a samurai sits on the grass under sakura branches

5 Perfect Toy

If your dog is active and joyful, she’ll love a rubber toy or a ball as a birthday gift. Such items are made from durable materials so puppy’s sharp teeth won’t put them on the fritz. One more option that all dogs like is tennis balls. Look for a custom ball with a Happy Birthday inscription. Such pet safe tennis balls are produced in different colors and they are perfect for exercise and training.

Muzzle of a dog with a yellow spiked ball in its teeth

6 Joyful Walk

Birthday is a special occasion when we can afford to do something which we can’t do on an ordinary day. If you’ve been dreaming of visiting an amusement park for dogs, now it’s high time to take your pup there. Let your dog ride down a tube or jump in a pool with balls. Or you can visit a dog park and spend quality time with your pup there. But remember that this type of activity is good for energetic animals. If your dog is somewhat timid, then it’s better not to create extra stress for it on its birthday. 

Black french bulldog sitting on a swing

7 Personalized Dog Bowl

Dog’s personal belongings can also be a great gift. A beautiful personalized dog bowl or a set of them would be a wonderful idea. You can also arrange a custom option with your own photo or photo of the dog to be put on the surface of a bowl. You can order such a gift in a local photo shop.

Two white dog bowls with word

8 Snug Home

One of good gifts for a dog’s birthday is a comfortable dog bed, cushion or rug. Choose a fluffy microfiber lair or well-padded featherbed so that your pupper could have a great rest after fun games and exploration of the neighborhood. To make a gift more custom, you can order a pet name to be embroidered or printed on the pet bed. 

The white dog stands on its hind legs and rests with its front legs on a white chair with a fur cape.

9 Home Sweet Home

Go deep down and build a dog house for your pup. Animals sometimes need to be alone in a closed space, this way they feel relaxed. Help your four-legged friend have a territory of their own and present it a wooden cabin with the pet’s name on it. You can place the dog’s favorite toys and a rug there. 

 A white dog with black ears lies near a red doghouse

10 Fashionista Pup

Birthday is an opportunity to spend more money on your loved ones. Why don’t you buy a new beautiful halter for your dog? Is your furry friend happy-go-lucky, affectionate or daring? Choose your dog’s outfit basing on its personality and let your pup be the most stylish in the neighborhood. 

 Yorkshire Terrier in a red dog harness stands on a field with yellow flowers

11 Souvenir Photo Album

Dog parents will surely enjoy this gift. Collect the cutest and most touching pictures, make a paw print, write down memories of each family member connected with the pet and all cute names they call it. And then make it into a custom Dog Book. You can also entrust its creation to a professional designer. This will be a gift which will be kept in the family for a long time. 

12 Pendant

Buy your dog a nice pendant with its name. Your contact information or warm words of love can be engraved on the back side of the pendant. It can also have a GPS tracker inside allowing you to find your beloved pet if it gets lost. There can also be inscriptions like ‘Nice to meet you, I’m Spot’, ‘Have a great day!’ or ‘Life’s an adventure’. 

 A woman with brown hair, wearing a jacket, holds a ginger dog in a black collar in her arms

The modern world offers you lots of useful dog products that you can buy on a daily basis. So when it’s a dog’s birthday, buy something really special so that your pup could have a great time with the gift.