11 Best Halloween Gift Ideas 2021

Halloween grants us an opportunity to turn something spooky into cute and enjoy its dark beauty. And it’s just the right occasion to choose nice gifts on the budget over expensive ones. We’ve gathered some cute ideas of Halloween gifts to give you some inspiration before the holiday. 

Magic Flavor

Every holiday needs its own décor. Add exciting atmosphere of magic with the help of scented and mold candles. Choose limited edition items with profound fall scents like spiced pumpkin, camphor, wet forest or witch hazel. You can also pay attention to candles in the form of ghosts, black cats or a witch's cauldron with potion inside. Or you may also find attractive lamps and candle holders in the shape of a pumpkin, scull or scary spider. 

Skull, candle and black bottle with bat label

Treats not Tricks

Remember to treat your friends and colleagues with something tasty to avoid meeting their ‘inner demons’. Those who can call themselves a sweet tooth will be pacified with chocolate and gingerbread cookies in the shape of ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins and witches’ hats. Such a treat will be enough for a big company of friends while your soul mates will love fancy chocolate. A wine bottle with a holidays sticker saying ‘Poison’, ‘Bravery Potion’, ‘Immortal Water’ and similar ones will be a great gift for a wine connoisseur.

Cupcakes with bat on a stick decorated with colorful dragee

Magic of Transfiguration

Halloween fans will definitely want to dress up for this holiday so Halloween makeup kit will be a perfect gift for them. Famous brands have already launched holidays collections of makeup palettes and lipsticks and most devoted lovers of impersonation will be mesmerized by professional face paints for creation of their favorite guise. 

 A makeup set sticks out of a cosmetic bag

Spooky or Cute?

A Halloween-based portrait of a furry friend can be a super creative gift for a pet owner. PopArtYou will help you with that, all you need is to send good pet’s photos and the name of the template you’ve chosen. Highly skilled designers will take a pet’s picture and will turn him into a cute monster impersonating Maleficent, Freddy Krueger, Slasher and other bad guys. Such ironic wall art may become a focus point of any room. 

Portrait of a dog with a scythe, dressed in black attire of death, stands on a table near a white vase
Death with a scythe male pet portrait
Death with a scythe male pet portrait
Death with a scythe male pet portrait
Death with a scythe male pet portrait
Portrait of a dog with a scythe, dressed in black attire of death, stands on a table near a white vase
Death with a scythe male pet portrait
Death with a scythe male pet portrait
Death with a scythe male pet portrait
Death with a scythe male pet portrait

Death with a scythe male pet portrait

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Nice Lil’ Things

Those who like to add creepy Halloween notes into everyday life, will also like theme-based jewelry. Bracelet pendant in the form of bats, ghosts, and spider nets, a skull lavalier necklace, skeleton earrings, these are the extraordinary gifts for Halloween that will last for years. But if you aren’t sure that your gift recipient will like such jewelry or your budget is limited, you can simply buy a T-shirt with a funny Halloween print. 

Earrings in the form of a black cat sitting on a pumpkin

Kid’s Happiness

To make your kid’s holiday even happier, give them a stylish treat pail, basket or bag. Let it be something universal in the form of a Jack-o-Lantern or witch’s cauldron. The item can even be personalized with the child’s name. You can also ask your kid who they want to impersonate during Halloween and choose a matching accessory. 

Mystic Souvenirs

If your friend’s into occultism or simply likes mystic souvenirs, All Hallows Eve is an ideal time for spooky gifts. A unique and beautifully decorated deck of Tarot cards, star sign print wall art, mystic figurines, all of these presents will surely inspire a modern witcher. 

Book with pentagrams, skull and candles

Cute and Creepy Home Decorations

Theme-based home decorations can also become a great gift. Make the day of your family with a garland of skeletons, Grim Reapers and Jack-o-Lanterns. Buy lanterns and web netting for decoration inside and outside of your house. Don’t forget about small yet interesting manikins like cake toppers in the form of charming ghosts or guileful crows and also glasses and ice trays with Halloween designs.

On the table is a glass with haunted straws, a plate with multicolored dragees, and a Halloween-print balloon

Treats with Surprise Inside

You can make festive treats with your own hands for your family and friends. But on Halloween, the best treats are also tricks. It's not enough to serve your friends a cake that looks like an eyeball — it's gotta make them squirm a little bit when they lift their slice! Your cake can also be stuffed with lucky charms and black spots. Use tiny sugar hearts and starts as symbol sof luck and a piece of spicy jalapeno as their opposite. 

Two pies and a rolling pin are visible on the table

Mysterious Party Games

Gifts don’t necessarily need to be material. Organize games and activities for your friends and they’ll get a memorable festive experience. Games can be as simple as Halloween Tic Tac Toe so you can use tape to create a grid on a table, then write X's and O's on pumpkins for a fun twist on this party favorite. Or you can make something more complex like a Halloween Movie trivia or even an exciting quest in the form a detective search for UFO abductees or for magic spells which will help to free an enchanted hero. There are many more interesting games for kids and adults so the choice is yours. 

There is a cauldron on a fire, next to it are mushrooms and a bench

For Friends with Steady Nerves

If you think that your friend has a great sense of humor and iron nerves, play a practical joke on them. Send an exact copy of a videocassette from ‘The Ring’, hire an actor or actress to play a role of an exorcist or ghostbuster, organize a scary spirit rapping and see if your friend starts sweating from these suspicious activities. Remember to calm your friend down with tasty treats and a good bottle of beer or a glass of wine afterwards.

On the table is a burning black candle, a feather and a sheet with the alphabet for a haunting

Hang together and all evil spirits will pass at a distance while you’re haveing a happy holiday with your family and friends!