10 Great Decorating Ideas for Kid’s Room 

Every parent wants to make their kid’s room an attractive and safe space. There are 3 main criteria in the design and furniture choice: comfort, functionality and creativity. Let your child discover the world in the atmosphere of a magic adventure so that they could grow up inspired and energetic. We’ve collected some kid’s room decoration ideas that would suit any budget. 

1 Save Space

Kids need lots of space for their activities so it’s a good idea to choose compact multifunctional furniture. Have a look at a bunk bed under which you can organize space for playing or studying or even put a wardrobe in it. Or you can pitch upon a bed with storage drawers underneath. 

There is a wardrobe with mirrored doors in the bright room, a desk and an armchair, above which there is a second floor with a sleeping place.

Use vertical space. You can use a chiffonier with a climbing frame for a kid instead of a massive dresser. 

2 Make it Cozy

You can decorate the floors with wood, use underfloor heating and do many other things for your kid’s comfort but please remember that children like climbing and also lying down with toys so you can organize a couple of cozy places for playing by adding a fluffy carpet or rag and a couple of cushions with a funny print. 

A white sofa stands against a white wall with a painted tree, and  there is a desk with a monitor and a cabinet with shelves against an adjacent wall with a window
There is a bed with curtains at the headboard in the center of the room with a pink wall, to the left of the bed is a bedside table, to the right are gray and pink cabinets.

3 Create a Focus Point

You can order a kid’s portrait in a Renaissance style showing them as an aristocrat, military officer or princess from a team of designer in PopArtYou. If two of your children live in the same room, you can place their portraits above their beds making each part of the room their own. You can also order a family portrait with grandmas and granddads so that your kid wouldn’t miss them so much. 

A portrait of a girl in a lush pink dress with a hoop in her hands hangs on the wall above the sofaRoyal Children Portraits

Choose a template you like, send good photos and PopArtYou designers will do the rest, adding the faces and seamlessly blending them into a portrait. The final product will look stylish and natural as if it had been painted this way from the beginning. 

A portrait of a man, woman, girl and boy in aristocratic outfits hangs on the wall above the chest of drawers with a book and a vase with dried flowers on it

4 Add Magic

There are some ideas of kid’s bedroom decoration that will make a little dreamer happy:

 · Choose wallpaper with funny prints;
 · Buy star and moon stickers that will glow in the dark;
 · Put a garland with paper flags or flowers on the wall, attach colorful paper butterflies, birds and planes made from toy clay;
 · Buy little cute lanterns. Warm yellow light will be the best but you can choose soft color variants as well.

 Pendent units and soft light will add magic to the room.

There are garlands with bulbs and large stars in the room above the ottoman

5 Extra Physical Activity for Your Kid

It is no secret that our kids require daily dose of exercise in their lives. Regular physical activity provides a valve through which they release all the accumulated steam, helping to lower their anxiety, abolish mood-swings and open the road to a healthier lifestyle. Wall bars occupy very little space, but they will keep your kid occupied for sure! Gymnast rings are perfect for taking a healthy homework break and clearing the mind. Instead of reaching out for the remote control, your child will be reaching out for the rings relaxing and stretching their spine. And if you really want to make an impression on your little one, take the most fun parts of the playground and put them in their bedroom. 

The room has a wooden floor, a bed with a second level, a white wall with a print of tree and animals

6 Enough Room for Trifles

Take heed to create enough space for kid’s things like toys, games and outdoor play accessories. The storage should be situated closer to the floor so that your kid could deal with it in a convenient way. Make a wooden frame with shelves and add pretty containers that you can insert there. These could be rattan baskets, wooden boxes or plastic containers that can be painted according to your style. Place the frame against the longest wall or next to the window. 

The room has a bed and a chest of drawers with wicker drawers, a globe on the chest of drawers, and shelves on the wall

7 Follow the Design Style

Choose the design style and patterns and follow them even in trifles like shades, textures and shapes. Children like to create a mess so it’s better to avoid light colors and go for calm yet rich hues. Neutral colors like blues, greens, beige and yellow shades might suit the bedroom best of all. If you’ve chosen a topic, add home décor items in accordance with it. For example, the sea and the underwater world, geography and traveling, cute animals, the sun and clouds. All these elements can be repeated in prints, furniture stickers, figurines, light decorations and textile. If the walls and the floor have neutral colors, the room will be easily transformed following the age of your child later by simply changing the décor items.

On the wall with wallpaper with rockets hangs a shelf on which there is a mirror and little things

8 Let Your Kid Be Creative

Let your kid make contribution into decoration of their room. Use nontoxic paint to let them leave their palm prints or smiles drawn by them on the walls or furniture. You can also frame their drawings and put their handicrafts on shelves. If your child has a favorite animal or cartoon character, you can order a stencil and allow your kid put colorful images on the walls. It’s not expensive yet it’ll bring joy to your child. 

Two children are sitting behind a folding screen made in the form of a house.

9 Add a Bit of Practicality

Why don’t you teach your kid from an early age? Put images of different animals and birds on the wall, add an English or foreign alphabet or musical notes. Give your child a plant to look after. Let your child learn by playing. If your kid is big enough, add some framed posters with inspirational phrases like ‘Believe in Yourself’, ' The secret of getting ahead is getting started.’, ‘Nothing that's worth anything is easy.’

A child in light clothes with dark hair pokes his fingers at the wall on which the alphabet with pictures is written

10 How do I Look Today?

Don’t forget about a place for self-care. There should be a full length mirror and a table or dresser for toiletry and accessories so that your kid can get dressed on their own. This will help your child to look after themselves, and this skill will become of great help in the future. If your baby is still small, leave some room for a dresser and choose a neutral design so that your kid could choose the décor for it when they grow up.

In the room there is a children's bed with curtains at the headboard, to the left of the bed is a playpen, to the right is a bedside table.