10 Gift Ideas for One Year Olds

In this article we’ve gathered a few interesting gift ideas for babies who are celebrating their very first birthday. Everybody know that it’s not so easy to choose a beautiful surprise for a baby as a birthday gift should be really special. So, what are the gift options for this wonderful occasion?

Take-Along Shape Sorter

This is definitely a great gift for a one-year-old kid! A small funny set teaches children different shapes: a circle, triangle, heart, oval, star and some others. All parts can be put into a small bag with straps which is convenient for visiting purposes. The whole set is safe for babies and easy to clean. 

Multi-colored rectangles, squares, circles and triangles lie on a wooden surface


A wooden alphabet puzzle will help a child learn letters. It’s interesting, pretty and practical. Such a gift will help prepare for reading step by step and advance abstract thinking. 

A wooden alphabet puzzle lies on the floor, and the hand of the adult and the hand of the child assemble the puzzle

Portrait of a Birthday Baby

Such a personalized gift will be a great surprise for baby’s parents and later for a grown-up baby. You can order a funny portrait of a baby as an aristocrat in a posh outfit or a military officer of the past. This portrait is good for children of any age. The choice of templates is wide and additional amendments are limited by your imagination only. You can also order a family portrait of parents with a baby. 

Portrait of a girl in a lush pink dress with a hoop in her hands hangs on the wall above the gray sofaBlack and white photo of a toy giraffe on wheels

Pets Wheelie Baby Toy

Little children like toys that they can drag along the floor and watch them move very fast. A funny gift will give a baby lots of positive impressions. 

Black and white photo of a toy giraffe on wheels

Farm Playset

Little colorful figurines, horses, pigs, chickens and a beautifully bright barn make up for a perfect gift both for learning and entertainment. A baby learns more about farmers’ work, the way how to look after kettle so by no doubt their horizons will widen. 

Farm playset with two farmers, horses, a dog and two cats

Oversize Soft Panda

A huge and soft panda which is 5 feet tall is a great birthday gift! It doesn’t matter how old your child is as panda will be a wonderful surprise for the whole family. The toy has very soft silky fur, a plush heart and a removable bowtie. 

Plush panda head with big blue eyes

Submarine Bath Toy

Any baby who has turned 12 months old will love bathing with such a gift. A submarine is made of safe materials and paints so it won’t harm a child. And bright colors will bring more joy to having a bath. 

Submarine Bath Toy on the background of other colorful toys

100 Animals Book

This amazing birthday gift will not only introduce a baby to the animal world. It will also produce animals sounds and share some fun facts about the life in the wild. A baby will spend a great time learning lots of new and useful things. The book speaks English and Spanish. 

A baby in a diaper lies and holds a white book in his hands

Memorable Baby Shoes 

About half of one-year-olds can stand unaided, while a quarter start to walk. When it comes to birthday gifts for one-year-old boys, it doesn’t get much cooler than these personalized kicks. They’ll support his first steps, whenever they may be.

Green baby shoes with yellow laces stand on brown and blue fabric

Pottery Barn Kids Fun on the Farm Stacker

Best toys for a lil’ nature lover! Funny animals easily stack into a pyramid and you can use them as comfy colorful cushions for lying on a sofa or floor. Babies like to touch these soft toys with their little hands, watch funny animals’ faces and play a farm or a zoo. All animals are made of delicate fabric, velour or velvet. Your daughter or son will definitely love these plush animals as if they were real pets. 

A pillow in the shape of a cat with a fishtail stands against the wall next to a flower in a pot.

It doesn’t matter which gift you’ll finally choose for a birthday baby, what’s important is to fill this gift with love and care!