We’ve racked our brains to come up with the list of best gifts for dads, and although lots of interesting ideas were found, we’ve decided to limit the number of presents to only ten.

А man holding a portrait of himself dressed in a historical general suit

1. Portrait

Many of people named their own portraits presented to them as the best Father’s day gifts ever. No wonder - old-style royalty or military male portraits bring out the best in men, turning these artworks into a family treasure that their children and grandchildren will be proud of for a long time. So, a personalized dad canvas can be the best idea for a present.

Set of three bottles of wine in a carton box
Set of three bottles of wine in a carton box

2. Wine Set Box

If he cares about the contents of his wine fridge and what he’s putting into his body, a selection of natural wines may be the best option. Appreciating a good glass of wine at the end of a long day will make him remember you… and smile.

Gray hammock with orange edging

3. Hammock

A hammock would surely make Dad’s happy place in the garden even happier, once he’s put the mower away. And he’ll need it as well if he decides to go camping.

Man's leg in white sneakers

4. Sneakers

It’s probably time for a new pair for a dad who loves good footwear. These sneakers will take him anywhere, whether it's a day full of pick-ups and drop-offs, or a long run on the trails.

Blue Portable Cooler with White Cover

5. Portable Cooler

This would be the best present for a dad whose perfect day consists of nothing more than drinking a few beers in the sun. Even if he’s just doing that in his own backyard, the cooler means fewer trips to the fridge (and it will last long enough that he can take it further afield when the time comes).

Black and brown wireless headphones

6. Wireless Headphones

These change the music at the gym but Dad will wear his fave wireless headphones everywhere, all the time, long after the workout is done, especially if they’re making him look so cool.

Swiss Army Knife with inscription

7. Swiss Army Knife

Built for discovery and wanderlust, a Swiss army knife is a great gift for adventurous dads and one that lasts.

Coffee subscription box next to black coffee pot and cup

8. Coffee Subscription Box

Coffee subscription is a perfect choice for Dads for whom a cup of coffee in the morning is the ritual that starts the day. There is a wide range of beans available, even decaf options.

High-Tech Razor on gold background
Old-Style Razor on white background

9. High-Tech or Old-Style Razor

Get dad the latest razor tech which is smoother, faster and easier than anything he’s tried before or an old-style safety razor if he’s up for a more traditional shave. 

Three books in red covers tied with a golden gift ribbon

10. Book

If you truly believe that he would appreciate a book of your choice, go for it. Books, like portraits, stay with us for a long time and become our little treasures.